Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring


R 8,300

Rose Gold Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

9 karat Rose Gold bypass engagement ring with a center diamond of 0.38 carat. 

Rose Gold has a romantic, vintage look - with the wonderful benefit of matching ALL skin tones!

This particular engagement ring seems to have been made for the hand of a lady who likes unique designs. It is a little quirky, a little unusual, and a lot beautiful - just like most relationships. 

What Is Rose Gold? 

To achieve this Rose Gold color, we mix pure gold with copper. This process reduces the portion of Yellow gold and the copper added brings out the Rose color. In the mixture of gold the manufacturer might also add some silver or nickel and by that achieve the exact color needed.

This ring is available in Yellow Gold and White Gold too. 

The ring is made for finger size N can be adjusted to any finger size.

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