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    • 50cm Open Link Chain
    • R 43,600.00
      Delicate Modern 9kt Yellow Gold 50cm Open Link Chain worn as unisex.
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    • 45cm Figaro Yellow Gold Chain
    • R 26,600.00
      A Figaro is a popular gold chain design that incorporates a pattern of  three small circular links with one elongated oval link.  This 45cm Yellow Gold  chain is usually worn by men or unisex
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    • 45cm Curb Link Yellow Gold Chain
    • R 61,400.00
      This Unisex 45cm  Curb Link Chain is lovely to be worn alone or with pendant
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    • 50cm Open Link Chain
    • R 43,600.00
      This Beautiful Intriguing Unisex open link chain can be worn on any occasion. 9kt Yellow Gold and 50cm Long 
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    • 45cm Anchor Chain with big links and Signoretti Clasp
    • R 18,000.00
      This Anchor Chain with big Link is a Classic  and is very versatile and can be used as a  chain on it's own with a Signoretti Clasp. Length is 45cm long set in 9kt Yellow Gold
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    • 9 kt White Gold Elephant Necklace set with Cubic Zircon
    • R 39,560.00
      An Exquisite Elephant Necklace is a must take home whether you are a visitor to this wonderful continent, or lucky enough to reside here! A 9kt White Gold piece of Africa,  this Cubic Zircon Necklace with Detailed Elephants is stunning no matter where in the world you take it. It has a matching Bracelet.
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    • 18kt White Gold Diamond Filigree Pendant
    • R 56,400.00
      Delightfully delicate, like something straight from an English country garden, this 18kt White Gold Sparkling Filigree Diamond Pendant goes by the name 'Look Beautiful'.   Which is what you will do, when you wear it!  136 Diamonds totaling 1.52ct 45 Baguette Diamonds totaling 0.22ct
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Circled Two Tone Matt and Shiny Necklace
    • R 137,600.00
      18kt Yellow Gold Necklace. It is two Toned. Links are Yellow Gold Matt and Domes that connect the Links are Shiny and made out of White Gold. It has a matching Bracelet SKU # 18YBR7
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold 45cm Matt and Shiny Cross Over Necklace
    • R 24,750.00
      9 kt, 45cm in length, Yellow Gold Necklace with Matt links in Yellow Gold and Shiny Cross Over in White Gold. It has a matching bracelet SKU # 9YB10. The Bracelet has opposite colors where the links are in White Gold and the Cross Over is in Yellow Gold.
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    • Gucci Link Gold Necklace
    • R 151,800.00
      18 kt Yellow Gold Gucci Gold Necklace. Featuring a few different kinds of links It's length is 45cm or 17.7"
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    • Silver Circled Shaped Necklace
    • R 4,490.00
      We love this Silver Necklace with Rolo links, and we know you will love yourself when you wear it. As perfect against summer skin as it is with warm winter fabrics, this is a stunning item for every season.  Length: 50cm / 19.6"
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    • Silver Beads
    • R 1,810.00
      A darling accessory that can be worn alone, or added to a collection. Makes for a great gift... even for yourself :}}   Silver Beads Necklace. 45cm in length. or 17.7" inches. It has a matching bracelet. Check SKU # SBR78 
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    • 14 kt Yellow Gold with Elephant Hair
    • R 111,300.00
      In African culture, the Elephant is a symbol of beauty, power and strength. This necklace is a pure example of that elegant legacy! Let the Afro Diva in you, come out... This Necklace features Elephant Hair with 14 kt Yellow Gold.
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    • Elephant Hair and Gold Necklace
    • R 44,500.00
      An elegant, edgy, bold and beautiful piece to suit any shade of skin! The Elephant is praised for its stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, size, longevity, and loyalty. A wonderful talisman, a stunning statement. 14 kt Yellow Gold Necklace with Elephant Hair.
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    • Triangle Gold Necklace with Elephant Hair
    • R 41,800.00
      Chic and stylish, this piece is created with Elephant hair, which is traditionally used in Africa, in the crafting of fine jewelry. Made in Africa, worn all over the world.  14 kt Yellow Gold Triangle Necklace, with Elephant Hair.
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    • 14 kt Yellow Gold Rectangle Necklace
    • R 47,700.00
      The people of Africa believe that the Elephant is the connecting factor between heaven and earth. Feel the mysticism....  This striking 14 kt Gold Rectangle Pendant is decorated with Elephant Hair. The chain also has Elephant Hair on the bottom section.
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    • Silver Necklace Big Link
    • R 4,290.00
      Be a big-link babe, in this boss Silver Necklace! The Big Links gleam as you take the lead, or while kicking back watching the sunset, martini in hand!  It has a glam matching bracelet - check SKU # SBR87 Made in Italy.
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    • Gold Necklace with Elephant Hair
    • R 42,500.00
      Two loopy! For when she is feeling whimsically volatile, give her this 2-Loop lovely neck piece. The loops have a brushed finish, while the edges are a polished finish -  a perfect gift for a woman who has many sides to her personality. 14 kt Yellow Gold Necklace with Elephant Hair detail. 
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    • Elephant Hair strings Necklace
    • R 92,700.00
      Bedeck yourself in this resplendent African item! This 14 kt Gold Necklace with Elephant Hair combines the mysticism of old, with a modern flair. Each link is an Elephant Hair string, further hugged by Gold strings.
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Necklace with Diamonds and Sapphires
    • R 42,700.00
      Pleasing on the eye, and incredibly lovely, this 18 kt Yellow Gold Necklace with Diamonds and Sapphires is a versatile piece that will have you carrying beauty with you, everywhere... 48 diamonds totaling 0.24 ct 30 Sapphires totaling 0.30 ct 
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    • Gold Necklace
    • R 45,500.00
      Yellow Gold Necklace with a "Herring Bone" look. Sleek looking Necklace that feels smooth and solid on the neck.
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    • Fancy Link Yellow and White Gold Necklace
    • R 26,900.00
      Positive chains! The details on White Gold Links of this 9 kt Yellow and White Gold Necklace, gives it extra sparkle and style appeal.  Length: 50 cm / 19.6 inches. 
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    • Yellow and White Gold Necklace
    • R 24,300.00
      Mixing it up, with this exceptional chunky necklace. The 9 kt White and Yellow Gold mixed together give it fantatic look - simple, yet ultra sophisticated. 45 cm in length / or in inches 17.7"
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    • White Gold Tube Necklace with Beads
    • R 4,120.00
      A 9 kt White Gold Tube Necklace with small Pearly beads is the perfect accessory for almost any look. This one is 42 cm in length which means that it sits quite snugly around the neck. it has a matching Bracelet in 9 kt White Gold SKU # 9WB11. This Necklace is available in 9 kt Yellow Gold too SKU #9YN29
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    • Pearls and Beads Necklace
    • R 6,640.00
      Giving pearls a new look! This necklace of Pearls with Hematite Beads and Red Beads gives a new twist to a classic feel. A 9 ct Yellow Gold clasp holds it together. Necklace length is 45cm.   Pearls are 5.5mm in Diameter.  
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    • Fresh Water Pearls Necklace
    • R 1,190.00
      A string of pearls brings class and ageless beauty. This Classic Pearl Necklace is 60 cm in length.
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    • Pearl Beads and Gold
    • R 4,120.00
      This is a choice item, a lovely 9 kt Yellow Gold Necklace decorated with little Pearl Beads that gleam beautifully.  42 cm in length, which means that it fits nicely around the neck. This Necklace is available in 9 kt White Gold (SKU # 9WN4) And has a matching Bracelet in 9 kt White Gold SKU # 9WB11.
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    • Yellow Gold loops linked to White Gold balls Necklace
    • R 24,800.00
      Deliciously distinctive, you will love wearing this 9 kt White and Yellow Gold Dainty Necklace. The Oval Yellow Gold links are connected by White Gold dots, giving you an air of casual luxury. Has a matching Bracelet which is sold separately - refer to SKU 9YB47
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    • White and Yellow Gold Cylinder link Necklace
    • R 25,500.00
      It feels good to look good, and with 9 kt Yellow and White Gold Necklace, you definitely will! This intricate but classic design combines Yellow Gold Cylinders and White Gold balls linked by Yellow Gold Rings. Length: 45cm
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    • Elephant Neck piece with Diamonds in the eyes
    • R 33,910.00
      Feel the sunshine of Africa! When you wear this golden Elephant with its Diamond eyes, you will carry that feeling with you, no matter where you go in the world,   18 kt Yellow Gold Elephant pendant, set with 2 Round Brilliant Diamond Eyes totaling 0.02 ct.
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    • White and Yellow Gold Necklace
    • Sold Out
      A bold and chunky piece for when you're in the mood to make a statement!  The Necklace can be worn in two ways, with the Signoretti clasp in front, or at the back. This makes it versatile, and perfect for matching up with different looks.  9 kt Yellow and White Gold  Length: 45 cm / 17.7 inches. Link width: 8mm...
    • White Gold and Diamonds Tennis Necklace
    • R 21,550.00
      What we love about Tennis Necklaces is how versatile they are. This 9kt White Gold Tennis Diamond Necklace will make your feel fabulous on any occasion, wearing anything.... even just going to the shops in your jeans ;}. 8 Diamonds totaling 0.32 ct
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    • Diamond Pendant and Chain
    • R 12,360.00
      A charming and petite pendant that will make you feel delightfully breezy! The small diamonds are set in a way that they give the illusion of one big diamond. Shhh, it will be our little secret... 9kt White Gold Pendant set with Diamonds totaling 0.14ct.  Pendant is connected to the chain. Necklace length is 42cm. Diameter of the pendant is...
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    • Necklace, White and Yellow Gold dots
    • R 25,720.00
      Such a fascinating piece with its big dots in yellow gold and small dots in white gold. It is a bold design, and definitely makes the wearer feel like she has something out of the ordinary! 9 kt Yellow and White Gold  Length: 42cm / about 17 inches. The size of the big dots is about 7mm which is about 0.3...
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    • White Gold links and Yellow Gold small links Necklace
    • R 30,430.00
      This 9 kt White and Yellow Gold Necklace has a wondrously versatile look. The big links are pristine White Gold and the small links are a gleaming Yellow Gold. A Singoretti Clasp adds richness to the necklace... but the wearer adds the ultimate richness of it all! See images for the versatile ways of wearing it.  45 cm / 17.7 inch...
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    • Gucci Necklace in Yellow Gold
    • R 61,800.00
      Show your impeccable style and taste with this 18 kt Yellow Gold Gucci Necklace - it is the kind of piece that looks both classic and fashion-current at the same time!  50 cm long, or about 19.7 inch long Each link is 8mm wide or 0.3 inch wide
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    • Solid Gold Braided Necklace
    • R 68,280.00
      Contemporary and cool, this 18kt Solid Yellow Gold Necklace can be worn every day, and any where. This gorgeous braid design is a perfect match for any outfit. Necklace measures 45cm (17.7") 
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    • Two Toned Delicate Necklace in Yellow Gold
    • R 8,200.00
      This is a divinely different necklace: kind of bohemian, but also timeless in its 9 kt two-toned design. The delicate pattern covers the chest with gold, while not  overdoing it. Will make you feel really arty!  Length: 42cm / 16.5 inches - it sits snug  on the neck. The center design is about 7cm long, or 2.7 inches from left to right. The...
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    • Yellow Gold Belcher Necklace
    • R 41,070.00
      Sometimes you just feel like chains, positive chains ;}}. An any-season item, the 9 kt Yellow Gold Belcher-Designed chain with a Signoretti clasp. This fancy clasp allows one to wear the necklace backwards and forwards. The necklace is 45cm long or 17.7 inches.  
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    • White and Yellow Gold Flower Necklace
    • R 37,400.00
      Shower yourself in Spring feelings when you wear this 9 kt White and Yellow matte Gold necklace made out of softly flowing, gorgeously glowing flower links. Length: 45cm / 17.5 inches  The flowers are about 0.3 inches / 9mm The matte design makes it more intriguing, but it can also be polished to a bright, shiny finish by any Jeweler....
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    • Gold Figaro Chain
    • R 69,540.00
      The light from your personality will glint off this 9 kt Yellow Gold Figaro Necklace. Can be worn by men or women - the only thing you need in common, is style!  Length: 45cm / 17.5 inches. Link width: about 8 mm / 0.39 inches.
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