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    • 3 Color Gold Bracelet with Cubic Zircon
    • R 29,200.00
      Who is not fascinated by the big powerful Elephant? This gleaming, beautifully decorated bracelet is not only a precious piece of Africa, but a fantastic talking-piece.  14 kt Three color Matt Elephant detailed Bracelet with Cubic Zircon, that gives it a more dazzling finish.
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    • Cushion Cut Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 17,800.00
      Simple, stunning, and simply stunning. This contemporary-design pendant boasts a Cushion-Cut Tanzanite set in 4 the claws of a 9 kt White Gold frame. Tanzanite Stone of 1.65 ct, with a size of about 7mm / 0.27 inch. Comes with a verification card.
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    • Pear shape Tanzanite and Diamonds Halo earrings
    • R 23,200.00
      I can see your halo... as you feel heavenly in these Halo Tanzanite Earrings. The Pear Shape Tanzanite's are out of this world, and you will feel that as soon as you put them on!  Tanzanite stones equaling 1.30ct. Pear shape Stone is 7mm x 6 mm / 0.27 x 0.23 inches Around the Tanzanite are 34 diamond stones totaling...
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    • Citrine and Diamond Earrings
    • R 14,850.00
      Flashes of orange fire, glowing from your gorgeous ears! These Cushion-Cut Citrine are an intense color, set off by the brilliance of the Diamonds. Fashion forwards!  9 kt Yellow Gold Citrines totaling 3.02 ct Diamonds equal 0.04 ct 10.7mm long (from the diamond to the end) x 88 mm wide 0.4 inch long (from the diamond to the end) x...
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    • Golfer Brooch with Diamonds and Gemstones
    • R 14,600.00
      Take a swing at this fun 18 kt Yellow Gold Golfer Brooch. With its +/- 34 small diamonds totaling 0.17 ct, and 7 other Gemstones, it really brings out your playful mood. Also a fab, fun gift for a friend!  25mm in lengh and 9mm (from elbow to far ear) 1" by 0.35".
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    • crab brooch with Emeralds
    • R 15,280.00
      So utterly cute! Feel the call of summer with this 18 kt Yellow Gold Crab Brooch set with green-glowing Emeralds. 25mm width by 12mm length / about one inch by half an inch.
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    • 14 kt Gold Diamond Ring, a combination of small Diamonds to give an illusion of a big Diamond.
    • Sold Out
      This is an Illusion Ring, which means that several small diamonds are grouped together, to create one big sparkler. Everyone wants a big diamond, and this is a showpiece item that will make you stand out in any ritzy crowd! This 14 kt White Gold Illusion diamond Ring combines 9 small diamonds in a special setting to create the illusion of a...
    • Silver Ring with Elephant Hair and Rock-Art Design
    • R 1,290.00
      Ever since a time when elephants were represented by ancient cave rock carving art, African people included elephant in every part of art, including jewelry. This arty Silver Ring with strings of Elephant Hair, boasts a Silver Rectangle engraved with cut-out Rock-Art. Ring is split at the bottom to allow adjustment to different finger sizes. Ring width is 6mm. Rectangle is 8.61mm...
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    • Yellow Gold Men's Ring
    • R 26,450.00
      The stamp of boldness! This 18 kt Yellow Gold Men's Ring boasts a a 0.03 ct Diamond to give it that extra richness. Wear it like you wear your successes.  Ring size is R 1/2 
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    • V Shaped Cubic Zircon 9kt Yellow Gold Ring
    • R 2,250.00
      A dainty, handcrafted Luxurious Ring decorated with delicate Cubic Zircon Stones in a V Shape. Ring Size M1/2
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    • Diamond Two Color Swirl Ring
    • R 14,200.00
      This Two Color 18kt Yellow Gold  Swirl Diamond  Ring is Unique and can be worn as a Dress Ring. Diamonds Totaling 0.06ct Ring Size N1/2 
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    • 45cm Figaro Yellow Gold Chain
    • R 26,600.00
      A Figaro is a popular gold chain design that incorporates a pattern of  three small circular links with one elongated oval link.  This 45cm Yellow Gold  chain is usually worn by men or unisex
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    • 50cm Open Link Chain
    • R 43,600.00
      This Beautiful Intriguing Unisex open link chain can be worn on any occasion. 9kt Yellow Gold and 50cm Long 
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    • 45cm Anchor Chain with big links and Signoretti Clasp
    • R 18,000.00
      This Anchor Chain with big Link is a Classic  and is very versatile and can be used as a  chain on it's own with a Signoretti Clasp. Length is 45cm long set in 9kt Yellow Gold
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    • Ribbed 9kt Yellow Gold Green Stone Ring
    • R 3,300.00
      If you like the color green gemstone, you'll love a Tsvarite  which is fascinating and rather Unique Unisex Ring with ribbs or gaps 9kt Yellow Gold Ring Size Q1/2
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    • Cubic Zircon Yellow Gold Gaps Ring
    • R 6,300.00
      This intriguing ring with Cubic Zircon has an unusual design with Gaps, and it's in Yellow Gold. Ring Size P1/2
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    • Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Ring set in 18kt White Gold
    • R 43,000.00
      A stunning Oval Center Tanzanite Ring with a Oval Diamonds on either sides Handcrafted in 18kt White Gold. Oval Tanzanite 0.92ct Two Diamonds Totaling 0.35ct Ring Size L1/2 
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    • Pear Shaped Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
    • R 34,620.00
      An Exquisite Tube Setting Ring Handcrafted in 9kt White Gold with a Magnificent Pear Shaped Tanzanite with Diamonds on either sides. Pear Tanzanite 2.00ct Six Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size P
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    • 18kt White Gold Diamond and a Round Tanzanite Ring
    • R 34,050.00
      A Single Round Tanzanite is in this Beautiful Ring with Diamonds on Either sides Especially for her. Round Tanzanite =  2.00ct Six Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size Q1/2
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    • Diamond Mabe Pearl Pendant in a frame
    • R 4,950.00
      Lady's Gorgeous Mabe Pearl Pendant with an enhancer frame and  with Diamonds Around. Diamonds Totaling 0.03ct
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    • Mabe Pink Pearl Ring
    • R 5,600.00
      Gorgeous Pink Mabe Pearl Ring Set in 9 kt Yellow Gold. Ring Size O 1/2
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    • Mabe Pearls Earrings With Diamonds
    • R 5,410.00
      Pair of Mabe Pearl Stud Earrings With Diamonds set in 9 kt Yellow Gold. Clip/pin closure which makes it Comfortable To wear. These Mabe Pearls Stand-Out With Great Elegance And Beauty. Diamonds Totaling 0.06ct
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    • Two Color Oval Hoop Earrings
    • R 11,900.00
      Elegantly Oval Shaped Two Color 9ct Yellow Gold Hoops.
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    • Doggy Pendant
    • R 2,200.00
      Doggy Pendant for Dog Lovers, and a lovely gift for Children and Teenagers. 9 kt Yellow Gold.  
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    • Filigree Diamond and Garnet Ring
    • R 6,790.00
      An Unique Antique Looking  Three Stone Garnet and  Diamond Filigree Ring. Diamonds Totaling 0.02ct Garnets Totaling 1.10ct Ring Size L1/2  
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    • Vintage Aquamarine Ring
    • R 5,930.00
      An Aquamarine Vintage Looking 9kt Yellow Ring  with Pattern Detailed. Ring Size P1/2   
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    • 14kt Yellow Gold Baboon Pendant
    • R 24,200.00
      This Baboon Pendant decorated with African beads is a perfect gift from South Africa. Because we should celebrate not only our playful natures, but also the solemnity of this ancient land. A beautifully unusual gift to take to anyone anywhere in the world.  The Pendant is solid 14kt Yellow Gold. Price excludes chain.
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    • Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 239,400.00
      This is perfect for the woman who loves her jewelry to reflect her inner joy. Like the 3 little words you speak to her, the trio of diamonds will last forever. Six Claws carry the three winking White Diamonds as they sparkle merrily against the 18kt Yellow Gold. Pure happiness!  2 x Diamonds Totaling 0.14ct 1 x Diamond 0.91ct Ring Size N
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    • 14kt Yellow Gold Two Color African Beads Butterfly Ring
    • R 16,580.00
      African nature, right there on your finger! This is an 14kt Yellow Gold, African Art Ring with Two-Color Beads forming the gorgeous abstract Butterfly design. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of your own better nature, and the calm of a hot African afternoon. Ring size L
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    • Two Color Beaded African Ring
    • R 17,300.00
      The Spirit of African sings through this authentically designed African Two-Color Beaded Ring. The 14kt Yellow Gold  is fashioned into a twisted detail that further enhances the truly African feel of this gorgeous item. It will make you feel as plentiful as the land of Africa itself.  Ring Size M Ring Cannot Be Re-Sized.
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    • Yellow Gold African Bead Ring
    • R 9,150.00
      Can you feel the sun of Africa, beating down on your bare arms? This hand crafted  African Design Ring is made of 14kt Yellow Gold, with a Two-Color Beaded design of rich, authentic colors, blue and red. Carry Africa in your hand!  Ring Size N Ring Cannot Be Re-Sized
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    • Oval Tanzanite and Diamond drop earrings
    • R 60,050.00
      Pure taste, with a touch of royalty. These lovely Blue Oval Tanzanite Drop Earrings are designed with a classical eye. The 18kt White Gold is offset by 6 beautifully sparkling Diamonds, (totaling 0.06ct) and the Tanzanite stones bring a touch of deep blue drama. Oval Tanzanite Totaling 3.47ct    
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    • Golden Globe Yellow Gold Pendant.
    • R 3,800.00
      Did you ever wish for the world on a string? Well, here is something even better! This glamorous and unusual 9 kt Yellow Gold Globe Pendant can be worn for for any occasion, grand or casual. And wherever you are, or wherever you roam, you feel so good you call the entire world your home.  Just be you.  Chain not...
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    • 9 kt White Gold Elephant Necklace set with Cubic Zircon
    • R 39,560.00
      An Exquisite Elephant Necklace is a must take home whether you are a visitor to this wonderful continent, or lucky enough to reside here! A 9kt White Gold piece of Africa,  this Cubic Zircon Necklace with Detailed Elephants is stunning no matter where in the world you take it. It has a matching Bracelet.
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    • 9 kt White Gold and Cubic Zircon Elephant Bracelet
    • R 17,930.00
      This  Elegant Elephant Bracelet Is A beautiful piece of Africa, manifested in 9kt White Gold. The Cubic Zircon Elephants are gorgeously details, following one another in a lovely row. It has a matching necklace. 
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    • 18kt White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring
    • R 19,200.00
      18kt White Gold  Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring. Diamond 0.20ct Ring Size L
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    • 18kt White Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring
    • R 59,800.00
      Half Diamond Eternity Ring.  The Setting is in 18kt White Gold. Eternity Rings for Woman are Always Forever. 6 Diamonds Totaling 1.00ct Ring Size L
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Buckle Like Ring
    • R 36,800.00
      If you like to feel utterly, elaborately fabulous, you will be in your element wearing this ring. The Buckle is crusted with glittering diamonds, perfectly offset by the 18kt Gold of the funky band. The pattern etched into the  sides of the ring adds further texture to this ornate little piece.  27 Diamonds totaling  0.30ct Ring Size M
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    • 18kt White Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring
    • R 56,300.00
      An Infinity Ring well know as a Eternity Ring Comprising a Band. The Metal is White Gold With A Line Of Identically Cut Diamonds To Symbolize Never Ending Love. 8 Baguette Diamonds Totaling 0.80ct Ring Size P
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    • Gucci style Bracelet
    • R 56,900.00
      Stylish and sophisticated, this piece is also really sexy. The 18kt Yellow Gold of this 19cm Double Belcher Gucci Bracelet is the perfect material for a uniquely feminine appeal. Feel the excitement of the city when you wear it.   Two Open Link Bars.  
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    • 18kt Two Tone Diamond Eternity Ring
    • R 23,400.00
      Such a distinctive item, this is really a stunning take on the everyday eternity ring. The Two Tone Diamond Eternity Ring holds 14 flashing diamonds that are set in a unique formation. A strong look, for a wonderfully strong woman!  14 Diamonds Totaling 0.36ct Ring Size R 
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    • 18kt White Gold Six Claw Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 13,700.00
      Chic and twinkling, this 18kt White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring holds its light-catching diamond in a Six-Claw setting. A perfect balance of delicate beauty and integral strength. Just like your lady-love.  Diamond 0.16ct Ring Size N
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl Ring
    • R 9,890.00
      If you like all eyes on you, this utterly gorgeous, stand-out ring is your perfect choice! The broad 9kt Yellow Gold band gleams as the light hits it, capped by this bold and lustrous Mabe Pearl. Ring Size P1/2
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Dress Diamond Ring
    • R 48,300.00
      This stunning 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Ring holds it's Diamonds in a Swiss setting, meaning the diamond is set inside a hole in the metal band. While it is a gorgeous design in itself it also has the added benefit of being wonderfully secure, as the gemstone is held within the metal, protecting it from chipping or from falling out. For the woman on the move! ...
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    • 18kt White Gold Diamond Filigree Pendant
    • R 56,400.00
      Delightfully delicate, like something straight from an English country garden, this 18kt White Gold Sparkling Filigree Diamond Pendant goes by the name 'Look Beautiful'.   Which is what you will do, when you wear it!  136 Diamonds totaling 1.52ct 45 Baguette Diamonds totaling 0.22ct
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings
    • R 13,370.00
      This pair of unusual, bohemian-inspired earrings combine Pearls with hoops, something you don't often see! The 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop carries the beautiful Diamond-Shaped Pearl Cluster. Earrings for every occasion, with a little bit of extra flair.  A Traditional Wedding Occasion item.  Pearl Stars can be removed and the Hoops can be worn naked.
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    • 18kt  Two Tone Lace Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 27,500.00
      This whimsical, romantic design comes in 18kt Two-Tone Golds; the band in Yellow Gold and the Top of White Gold. A delicious combination that makes the perfect Lace Friendship or Engagement Ring. The stunningly set, scintillating Diamonds will elegantly illuminate any union. 9 Diamonds Totaling 0.28ct  Middle diamond is round, set in a square setting.
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold 19cm Anchor Link Bracelet
    • R 24,500.00
      In today's world men and women have a lot of cross-over fashion and accessories. This Unisex 18kt Yellow Gold Anchor Link Bracelet is a perfect example of a jewelry item that looks perfect on him or on her, whether worn with weekend casuals or to add that special 'pow' to a power suit.  Go for gold. Every day.  Bracelt measures 19cm. ...
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    • 18kt White Gold Round Tanzanite And Diamond Earrings
    • R 8,700.00
      An unusual design, so elegantly executed. If you love something that flirts with fashion while retaining a vintage aesthetic, you will be thrilled with these 18kt White Gold Kite Shaped Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings. Round Tanzanite 0.91ct Diamonds Totaling 0.04ct
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    • 18kt Gold Two Color Knot Pin/Clip Earrings
    • R 39,000.00
      Perky and cute. Understated yet so interesting. These are our Classic Knot Earrings, fashioned out of Two-Color 18kt Gold. Perfect for the gal on the move, getting things done while feeling fabulous!  And the pin/clip fastenings mean never losing another earring butterfly ever again. 
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    • 18kt Gold White Gold and Yellow Gold Pin/Clip Earrings
    • R 23,100.00
      Inspired by nature! For any woman who likes to highlight her natural beauty with a bit of man-made accessory, these 18kt White Gold and Yellow Gold leafy Pin/Clip Earrings will give you exactly what your heart desires. Keeping it real. Real gorgeous!  Oh, and the Pin/Clips are so helpful in making sure you can live your crazy, active life, while keeping...
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    • 14kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Halo of Diamonds Stud Earrings
    • R 25,900.00
      Retro chic has never looked this good. Inspire your inner Grace Kelly with these 14kt White Gold Earrings. The classic Oval Tanzanites are encapsulated within a glittering Halo of Diamonds, bringing timeless appeal and absolute beauty. .  Tanzanite Totaling 0.85ct 36 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.13ct
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    • 9kt White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Drop Earrings
    • R 8,600.00
      You know those days when you just feel good for no reason? THAT'S how these will make you feel. Get that swingy sensation every time you don these delightful Round Tanzanite and Diamond Drop Earrings.  Two Tanzanites Totaling 0.19ct Diamonds Totaling 0.02ct
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    • 9kt White Gold Pear Shape Hanging Tanzanite Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Heavenly. Out of this world. Pure divinity! Bring out your inner beauty with these 9kt White Gold Dangling Pear-Shape Tanzanite Earrings. Tanzanite works wonderfully to harmonize the spirit... so you will be walking on a cloud all day...  Two Pear-Shaped Tanzanites Totaling 1.67ct
    • 9kt Yellow Gold Curb Link 21cm Bracelet
    • R 7,600.00
      This sleekly streamlined 9kt Yellow Gold Curb Link Bracelet has such gleaming appeal. A stand-out Unisex item, it adds pure pizzaz to anything it is worn with.  Bracelet measures 21cm
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Circled Two Tone Matt and Shiny Necklace
    • R 137,600.00
      18kt Yellow Gold Necklace. It is two Toned. Links are Yellow Gold Matt and Domes that connect the Links are Shiny and made out of White Gold. It has a matching Bracelet SKU # 18YBR7
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold 45cm Matt and Shiny Cross Over Necklace
    • R 24,750.00
      9 kt, 45cm in length, Yellow Gold Necklace with Matt links in Yellow Gold and Shiny Cross Over in White Gold. It has a matching bracelet SKU # 9YB10. The Bracelet has opposite colors where the links are in White Gold and the Cross Over is in Yellow Gold.
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    • Platinum Engagement Ring With Diamonds in Four Claw Setting
    • R 106,500.00
      For someone who knows how to make a style statement, while remaining true to a  classic aesthetic. Fierce without being flashy, the gorgeous design of this magnificent Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring is truly a cut above.  Twelve Side Diamonds Totaling 0.22ct Centre Diamond 0.72ct Ring Size N
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    • 18 kt White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Ring
    • R 104,130.00
      This is a Beautiful Luxurious White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Ring. It is 18 kt White Gold. Tanzanite 4.60ct Ring Size L
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    • 9 kt White Gold Baguette Diamond Ring
    • R 6,100.00
      Oooh-la-la, this 9 kt White Gold Baguette Diamond Ring is so simple and elegant one may almost call it divinely French!  It takes a woman of true style to carry it off, and any woman will feel truly stylish when she does.  Diamond 0.12ct Ring Size P
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    • White Gold Diamond Full Eternity Ring
    • R 43,800.00
      This  Sparkling Full Eternity Ring with beautiful Diamonds Set In 18kt White Gold Diamonds Totaling 0.72ct. Diamonds are set right around. Ring Size O
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring
    • R 44,200.00
      Sparkle all around the clock, with sparkles all around your finger! We love the word Eternity, and this 18 kt White Gold Eternity Ring encapluates that word. With its Round, Brilliant Diamonds, it will reflect the light you give off, endlessly.  20 Diamonds Totaling 0.92ct Ring Size M
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring.
    • R 15,700.00
      A modern look ring for a girl who keeps things simple but with a sense of chic style. It is an exquisite Diamond Engagement Ring, created in a tube setting, with 18 kt White Gold. Ask her: she will say Yes!  Diamond 0.15ct Ring Size M  
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Four Claw Setting
    • R 25,650.00
      Ooooh-lala! This Beautiful Sparkling Diamond Engagement Ring is so pretty, with a  White Gold band showing off the Side Diamonds and a center Diamond showing off its lovely light from its Four-Claw Setting. Middle Diamond 0.24ct 8 Side Diamonds Totaling 0.04ct Ring Size P  
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Curved Ring set with Diamonds
    • R 9,100.00
      We love a fortunate twist of fate, and a twist of gold is even better! This Intriguing Diamond Ring has a wonderfully unusual design, raised slightly off the finger but still discrete. And of course Yellow Gold is always in style. Diamond Totaling 0.12ct Ring Size P
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Bow Ring Set with Diamonds
    • R 4,350.00
      So charming, so cute! every gift should have a golden bow on it.... like this Yellow Gold Ring, crafted with a delicate bow, and set with 2 glittering little Diamonds. Give a gift of love, for a lady of any age.  Diamonds Totaling 0.02ct Ring Size M
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Tiger Eye Ring
    • R 4,000.00
      Remember that song, The Eye of the Tiger? That's how this 9 kt Yellow Gold Tiger Eye Ring will make you feel. Bold. On form. Doing your best!     Ring Size Q    
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Ring with Cubic Zircon.
    • R 12,700.00
      Broad band is always best, right? Even in jewelry! This 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Ring is divinely wide, with the Cubic Zircons bouncing light on each side, and a Pear Shape Cubic Zircon sitting on top. Be flashy, it’s allowed! Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Ring
    • R 5,500.00
      The dainty design of this 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Ring is the perfect form if you like jewelry that brings delicate style to a bigger, bolder look.   Make a statement, while being understated! Size N
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Patterned Ring Set with Cubic Zircon
    • R 5,300.00
      Finely detailed, sweet and sparkling, this 9 kt Yellow Gold Ring has an eye-catching cross-over detail. The Cubic Zircon brings it a little touch of flash. A perfect, memorable gift! Size O
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    • Cubic Zirconia Ring
    • R 11,400.00
      A perfect mix of shapes, this 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Ring offers a geometric center, softened by the curvy shapes surrounded it. Not too flashy, but certainly sparkling! Wear it when you feel like mixing business and pleasure ;}. Ring Size O  
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Tube Setting Ring
    • R 5,500.00
      A perfect circle, with a sparkling stone! This deliciously simple 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Tube Ring will make you smile every time it catches your eye. It reminds one that the best things in life are simple, and sincere! Ring Size P
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    • 9 kt White Gold Dress Ring With Cubic Zircon In Middle With Small Cubic Zircon On The Sides
    • R 8,600.00
      Bold without being overwhelming, this broad band of gleaming 9 kt White Gold is created with a scintillating sparkle of Cubic Zircon. A stylish, stunning Dress Ring, to make you feel like you won the day, every day!  Ring Size M
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Fancy Dress Ring
    • R 11,700.00
      A real conversation piece, this ring is for a woman who likes to wear unusual jewelry. The 9 kt Yellow Gold is emblazoned with a geometric overlay, showing off the Cubic Zircon Centerpiece.  Ring Size N1/2
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Groove Ring Set With a little Diamond
    • R 4,000.00
      A delicate band of 9 kt Yellow Gold forms this delicious Diamond Ring. The slim design holds fine diamonds that twinkle up at you. This ring can be easily worn as a Wedding Band! Two Diamonds Totaling 0.01ct Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Ring
    • R 3,500.00
      9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zircon Ring, Diamond shape face. Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt White Gold Diamond Four Claw Engagement Ring
    • R 27,620.00
      9 kt White Gold Diamond Four Claw Engagement Ring Diamond 0.32ct Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt Eternity Ring with Diamonds set in White and Yellow Gold
    • R 5,100.00
      With the diamonds deep-set into this stylish Yellow Gold band, this classic design is one that will last forever. Some styles just last forever... and this is a lovely, perfect piece to pass down to your daughters! 9 kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds Totaling 0.04ct Ring Size P 1/2
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    • 18 kt Eternity Ring cast in White Gold and Diamonds
    • R 38,320.00
      18 kt White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring Diamonds Totaling 0.75ct Ring Size O  
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    • 18 White Gold Fancy Flower like Ring with Diamonds.
    • R 99,350.00
      So alluring, as the detailed design of this lovely ring comes alive with a sparkle of one hundred diamonds. Be intrigued, be beguiled...  18 kt White Gold   Centre Diamond 0.62ct 108 Diamonds Totaling 0.66ct Ring Size M
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamonds Frame and Square Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 81,580.00
      it is chic to be square! Unusually stunning, this gleaming, deeply blue Tanzanite is perfectly cased in a White Gold frame boasting 28 flashing Diamonds. Such a statement piece.  18 kt White Gold  Tanzanite Weight 2.68ct 28 Diamonds Totaling 0.28ct Price excludes the chain
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold Ring with Grooves and Diamonds
    • R 5,700.00
      Do you love Deco design as much as we do? And does this not remind you of those gorgeous flowing curves? This gold ring has a sweet appeal and a retro feel. A perfect present for a woman who enjoys the romantic feelings of a by-gone era.  9 kt Yellow Gold  3 Diamonds Totaling 0.03ct Ring Size P
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Fancy Diamond Ring With Bars on the sides.
    • R 6,800.00
      This is such an interesting, stylish ring! The 9 kt Yellow Gold is crafted into two semi- circles crusted with scintillating Diamonds. Arty yet timeless, this is a really eye-catching piece.  8 Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring
    • R 5,880.00
      Just the light you want to bring into the world! This 9 kt Yellow Gold Diamond Half- Eternity Ring carries 10 sparkling diamonds that throw lights all around you, every time you move your hand. Feels good, yes? 9 kt Yellow Gold  10 Diamonds Totaling 0.10ct Ring Size P
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    • Silver Circled Shaped Necklace
    • R 4,490.00
      We love this Silver Necklace with Rolo links, and we know you will love yourself when you wear it. As perfect against summer skin as it is with warm winter fabrics, this is a stunning item for every season.  Length: 50cm / 19.6"
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    • Silver Circled Shaped link Bracelet with Tiger's Head
    • R 6,140.00
      This Silver Bracelet with Circle-Shaped links has an elegantly ferocious Tiger's Head that makes you feel fierce! Feel like you can take a bite out of any day, with this gorgeous bracelet giving you the strength to conquer anything life throws at you.      
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    • Silver Rolo links Fancy Bracelet
    • R 2,430.00
      In the light of the silvery moon, anything seems possible. The Circled Shaped pieces form an endless silver cycle, and you will feel like you can be, do, or have anything you wish for when wearing this Silver Rolo-Links Bracelet.  Length? 22cm / 8.6"
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    • Silver Fancy Bracelet with a Star Charm
    • R 2,020.00
      Did you ever think it would be so easy to reach for stars... and get them? We love this piece, and you will too. Our Silver Belcher-Link Bracelet has a swinging Star Charm that will raise your spirits every time you see it. A perfect prezzie. 
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    • Three Diamonds on Each Side decorating a Round Tanzanite set in a Ring
    • R 27,500.00
      Feel like carrying heaven with you? Do it, with this deep blue, beautifuly rounded Tanzanite, and the diamonds that flash like stars in it's sky! This handcrafted item is made of 18kt White Gold that offsets the stones in a spectacular manner.  18kt White Gold  Tanzanite weighs 1.14ct Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size Q
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    • White Gold Diamond Ring with Diamonds on Side
    • Sold Out
      An engagement ring is not always easy to choose... but when you both see this one with its gorgeous Center Diamond and Diamonds down each side, the choice will have been made! Bring your love to sparkling life with this finely detailed 9kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring  9kt White Gold Centre Diamond: 0.61ct 3 side diamonds: 0.06ct each - totaling...
    • Bracelet with Heart Shaped Disc
    • R 4,450.00
      This gleaming, gorgeous Silver Silver Belcher Bracelet has some delicious details, including chunky little rings and clasp, and a heart-shaped charm. (It will uplift her spirits every time she looks at it, and thinks of you!)
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    • Heart Shaped Pendant with Diamonds
    • R 20,400.00
      A heart of gold, that's what you have! Keep the light alive with this vivacious Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Pendant, with diamonds nestled at the core surrounded by gleaming gold.  18kt Yellow Gold. Diamonds totaling 0.11ct. Price excludes chain. 
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    • Diamond Square Shaped Ring
    • R 16,800.00
      A slim but bold piece, this Yellow Gold Diamond Ring has one square set into another, set at an angle and fabulously filled with diamonds. One the move, but still want to make a statement? This ring is perfect for you!  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds Totaling 0.24ct Ring Size N
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    • Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Pendant
    • R 24,200.00
      Options, options, options... that's what makes one's heart happy!  Let your heart take flight with this gleaming, glamorous Yellow Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant. You can have a different pendant everyday, simply by changing your heart's direction. So much fun to have!! 18kt Yellow Gold  Price excludes chain. Height from top of bale to bottom point of heart height = 33.2mm or 1.3 inches...
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    • Diamond Heart Shaped Stud Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Smiling from ear to ear, shining with love in these stunning White Gold Diamond Heart Shaped Earrings! See those hearts dangling in the centers so prettily? They are sparkling just for YOU.   18kt White Gold  Diamonds totaling 0.28ct Height = 12.09mm or 0.47 inches  Width = 11.2mm or 0.44 inches
    • Rubies and Diamonds set in a Heart Shaped Ring
    • R 3,980.00
      We have our hearts set on this Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring Heart Shaped Ring! Wearing it means feeling the sweet touch of romance no matter where you are, or who you are with. A perfect gift.  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamond Totaling 0.01ct Rubies Totaling 0.12ct  Height of ring: 20mmWidth: 18mm  
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    • Fancy Orange 18kt Stud Earrings
    • R 5,200.00
      Pop that fiery color, flash that energy all day! These White Gold stud earrings bring vibrancy to every move you make, with those flashes of deep orange in each ear.  18kt White Gold  Stone totaling 1.18ct  
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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,260.00
      Imagine looking down to see a Ruby and Diamond flower sparkling up at you from a golden heart... it can only make you feel wonderful, right?  An undeniably special gift.  9kt Yellow Gold Diamonds totaling 0.03ct Ruby flower with five petals totaling 0.10ct The ring size is = M    
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