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    • Mabe Pearls Earrings With Diamonds
    • R 5,410.00
      Pair of Mabe Pearl Stud Earrings With Diamonds set in 9 kt Yellow Gold. Clip/pin closure which makes it Comfortable To wear. These Mabe Pearls Stand-Out With Great Elegance And Beauty. Diamonds Totaling 0.06ct
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings
    • R 13,370.00
      This pair of unusual, bohemian-inspired earrings combine Pearls with hoops, something you don't often see! The 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop carries the beautiful Diamond-Shaped Pearl Cluster. Earrings for every occasion, with a little bit of extra flair.  A Traditional Wedding Occasion item.  Pearl Stars can be removed and the Hoops can be worn naked.
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    • 18kt Gold Two Color Knot Pin/Clip Earrings
    • R 39,000.00
      Perky and cute. Understated yet so interesting. These are our Classic Knot Earrings, fashioned out of Two-Color 18kt Gold. Perfect for the gal on the move, getting things done while feeling fabulous!  And the pin/clip fastenings mean never losing another earring butterfly ever again. 
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    • 18kt Gold White Gold and Yellow Gold Pin/Clip Earrings
    • R 23,100.00
      Inspired by nature! For any woman who likes to highlight her natural beauty with a bit of man-made accessory, these 18kt White Gold and Yellow Gold leafy Pin/Clip Earrings will give you exactly what your heart desires. Keeping it real. Real gorgeous!  Oh, and the Pin/Clips are so helpful in making sure you can live your crazy, active life, while keeping...
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    • 9kt White Gold Pear Shape Hanging Tanzanite Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Heavenly. Out of this world. Pure divinity! Bring out your inner beauty with these 9kt White Gold Dangling Pear-Shape Tanzanite Earrings. Tanzanite works wonderfully to harmonize the spirit... so you will be walking on a cloud all day...  Two Pear-Shaped Tanzanites Totaling 1.67ct
    • Fancy Orange 18kt Stud Earrings
    • R 5,200.00
      Pop that fiery color, flash that energy all day! These White Gold stud earrings bring vibrancy to every move you make, with those flashes of deep orange in each ear.  18kt White Gold  Stone totaling 1.18ct  
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    • Yellow Gold and Diamond Circle Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Much like women, circles can go on forever! And sometimes, we all need to spoiled... so these 9kt Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings are a simply spectacular gift for the special girl or woman who is part of your circle of life. Set with 30 x 0.005 diamonds totaling 0.15ct. With Hand-Crafted Yellow Gold Butterflies.
    • 18 kt White and Yellow Gold Triangle Earrings
    • R 33,000.00
      Mix it up, with gorgeous mixed metals! These pretty earrings will keep you confident that you always look the part, be it at work, at casual or formal events.   18 kt two-color trend setting triangle Earrings, with a pin clip enclosure.
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    • Yellow Gold Bracelet with Solid Gold Elephants
    • R 15,760.00
      Even though no-one ever described the majestic elephant as ‘charming’, this bracelet with elephant charms is as cute as it is wild! Enjoy Africa, as these elephants go with you wherever you go... 18 kt Yellow Gold Bracelet with 5 small Solid Gold Elephant charms.  
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    • Yellow Gold Equilateral Earrings with Cubic Zirconia in white and Citrine color
    • R 6,300.00
      The intense deep orange pops of color gleaming out from these 9 kt Yellow Gold Triangle Earrings suits your alluring personality. Because sometimes you don't mind being the center of attention! Citrine Cubic Zircon and White Cubic Zircon. Equilateral triangle each side: 1.50 cm / just over 1/2" long. This item has a matching pendant on SKU # 9YP350
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    • Yellow Gold Square Earrings with Aquamarine color Cubic Zirconia and White Cubic Zirconia
    • R 7,800.00
      A statement design on each ear, with these 9 kt Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Aquamarine Earrings. The stones gleam and glitter, giving you a an air of glamour, and a touch of drama! Square zise: 11mm along each side / just under 1/2"
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    • Half hoop earrings with cubic zirconia in red and white
    • R 7,000.00
      Dress up any look, with the gorgeous symmetry of these 9 kt Yellow Gold Fancy Half Hoop Earrings, with their gleaming Purple and White Cubic Zircons. Dress to impress... you're the best!  Length: 2.00 cm / about 6/8"
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    • Yellow Gold Square Earring with Cubic Zircon in Purple and White colors
    • R 8,100.00
      Purple reign! These 9 kt Yellow Gold Square Earrings with their White and Deep Purple Amethyst Cubic Zircon, lend a flash of drama to the day and give you that extra 'zing' of confidence. Square of just under 1/2" / 11mm long each side
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    • Yellow Gold Triangle Earrings with Cubic Zircon in White and Aquamarine color
    • R 6,560.00
      Arty and inspired, these 9 kt Yellow Gold Triangle Earrings with Aquamarine Cubic Zircon and White Cubic Zircon are unusual and extraordinary - for the days when you just need to show your individuality!  Equilateral triangle sides are 1.50 cm / just over 1/2" 
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    • 6091e0_aee07d29b8004331b20ff4dbb5432cda~mv2_d_1726_1977_s_2.jpg
    • R 61,700.00
      Decorate your ears with high style and spectacular design. These 18 kt Yellow Gold  Intrigue Hoop Earrings with Sapphire and Diamonds will have you feeling haute!  Total of diamonds is 0.76 ct Total of Sapphire is 1.86 ct. Lenghth 22 mm  /  7/8" 
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    • Garnet and White Gold Earrings
    • R 9,900.00
      These luxurious 18 kt White Gold Marquise Cut Garnet Earrings have a classic design and a richly lustrous beauty. Be the glamour you want to see in the world!  13 mm long x 8 mm width / about 1/2" long x 5/16" width
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    • 18 kt Gold 3 colors Fope Link Earrings
    • R 46,200.00
      Show off the arresting fabulousness of these 18kt White,Yellow and Rose Gold Fope-Link Earrings. They are irresistible. Wear them out, and see how irresistible they make you! Pin clip closure  1.2 inch long x 0.5 inch wide /  31mm long x 12mm wide
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    • Hoop Gold Earrings with colored cubic zirconia in black, red and white
    • R 6,950.00
      Chic and stylish, these 9 kt Yellow Gold Half-Hoop Earrings have an air of supreme sassyness! Feel the playfulness of their color stones in red, black and white Cubic Zirconia. Length: 0.67 inch  x 0.22 inch / 17.04mm long x 5.60 wide  
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    • White Gold Earrings with Emeralds and Diamonds
    • R 47,400.00
      These Egyptian-inspired 18 kt White Gold huggie Earrings will make you feel like a movie star. Brazilian Hand-Cut Emeralds and Hand Polished Diamonds come to life, and so will you, when the lights shine!  Clip-and-pin fitting. Diamonds total 0.18 ct Emeralds total 2.04 ct 0.71 inch long x 0.35 inch wide 18.10 mm long x 9.3 mm wide
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    • Yellow Gold Earrings with Diamonds a Sapphire
    • R 14,100.00
      The graceful curves of these 18 kt Yellow Gold Half-Hoop Earrings are designed to make the lights catch that Sapphire and all those Diamonds. With the design of leaves on each side lending an antique air to your style, you will walk with your head held high!   Total diamonds is 0.12 ct Total Saphires is 0.90 ct 0.65 inch long x 0.31...
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    • 18 kt Gold  Drop Earrings with a Diamond and 3 Color Stones : Sapphire, Ruby and Emearald.
    • R 11,200.00
      These earrings are so stylish, with their gleaming, uniquely designed drops of Red, Blue, Green and A sparkling diamond. Any age of woman will feel like her collection is completed, when her happy eyes see these!  18kt Yellow Gold  Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire total 0.28 ct Diamonds total 0.10 ct. 15mm long x 0.14 0.60 inch long x 3.70
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    • Gold Earrings with Oval Garnet and Diamonds around creating a Vintage look
    • R 17,300.00
      Oval Garnets are classics, like these 18 Kt Yellow Gold Garnet earrings with the Soft Hand-Polished diamonds around them which create a Vintage look. You can always travel in time to different fashions. ;}} Total diamonds 0.16 ct 11mm long x 9 mm wide 0.425 inch long x 0.37 inch wide
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    • 6091e0_ccfc64430ec243279e332de87893b13b~mv2_d_1500_1500_s_2.jpg
    • Sold Out
      These huggie earrings are startlingly beautiful, with the enthralling Emeralds and tantalising Diamonds. Express your inner creativity with these exceptional designs! 18kt Yellow Gold. 0.82 ct Diamonds in total 0.84 ct Emeralds in total 0.73 inch long x 0.4 inch wide 18mm long x 10.5mm wide
    • Trillion earrigs in White Gold with Tanzanite and Diamonds
    • Sold Out
       A soft and delicate look, with these 9 kt White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Earrings. For when you want to feel like you can just relax and be your softest self. Diamonds totaling 0.30 ct Tanzanites totaling 0.42 ct  0.4 inch / 10 mm equilateral triangle Matching Pendant SKU # 9WPT13  
    • Leaf Wave Yellow Gold and Diamond Earrings
    • R 61,800.00
      Live a life of texture, with 18 kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds earrings. Small, solid, stylish! Their funky design consists of half in Yellow gold with a mat finish, and the other half of snugly-set Diamonds. 1.04 ct diamonds in total, on both earrings. The earrings are about 20mm length by 15mm wide / 0.8 inch in length and 0.6 inch...
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Earrings
    • R 32,000.00
      Feel the breezy sunshine when you wear these textured 18 kt yellow and white gold round wavy earrings. They have a silky finish on the white gold, with the yellow gold having a sleek and shiny finish. The diameter of the earrings is about 19mm or 0.75 inch . The mechanism is clip and pin for extra security and better...
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