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    • Cushion Cut Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 17,800.00
      Simple, stunning, and simply stunning. This contemporary-design pendant boasts a Cushion-Cut Tanzanite set in 4 the claws of a 9 kt White Gold frame. Tanzanite Stone of 1.65 ct, with a size of about 7mm / 0.27 inch. Comes with a verification card.
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    • crab brooch with Emeralds
    • R 15,280.00
      So utterly cute! Feel the call of summer with this 18 kt Yellow Gold Crab Brooch set with green-glowing Emeralds. 25mm width by 12mm length / about one inch by half an inch.
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    • Diamond Mabe Pearl Pendant in a frame
    • R 4,950.00
      Lady's Gorgeous Mabe Pearl Pendant with an enhancer frame and  with Diamonds Around. Diamonds Totaling 0.03ct
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    • Doggy Pendant
    • R 2,200.00
      Doggy Pendant for Dog Lovers, and a lovely gift for Children and Teenagers. 9 kt Yellow Gold.  
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    • 14kt Yellow Gold Baboon Pendant
    • R 24,200.00
      This Baboon Pendant decorated with African beads is a perfect gift from South Africa. Because we should celebrate not only our playful natures, but also the solemnity of this ancient land. A beautifully unusual gift to take to anyone anywhere in the world.  The Pendant is solid 14kt Yellow Gold. Price excludes chain.
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    • Golden Globe Yellow Gold Pendant.
    • R 3,800.00
      Did you ever wish for the world on a string? Well, here is something even better! This glamorous and unusual 9 kt Yellow Gold Globe Pendant can be worn for for any occasion, grand or casual. And wherever you are, or wherever you roam, you feel so good you call the entire world your home.  Just be you.  Chain not...
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    • 18kt White Gold Diamond Filigree Pendant
    • R 56,400.00
      Delightfully delicate, like something straight from an English country garden, this 18kt White Gold Sparkling Filigree Diamond Pendant goes by the name 'Look Beautiful'.   Which is what you will do, when you wear it!  136 Diamonds totaling 1.52ct 45 Baguette Diamonds totaling 0.22ct
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    • Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Pendant
    • R 24,200.00
      Options, options, options... that's what makes one's heart happy!  Let your heart take flight with this gleaming, glamorous Yellow Gold Heart-Shaped Pendant. You can have a different pendant everyday, simply by changing your heart's direction. So much fun to have!! 18kt Yellow Gold  Price excludes chain. Height from top of bale to bottom point of heart height = 33.2mm or 1.3 inches...
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    • Yellow Gold Pendant set with Cubic Zirconia
    • R 3,400.00
      So stunning! This stylish Yellow Gold Pendant is set with a lustrous Triangle Citrine and small round Cubic Zirconia. For the woman who likes to make a statement. You don't need to wear big jewelry to make a big statement! Feel tremendous and fashion-forwards with this sparkly Pendant winking in the light.   Equilateral 9 kt Yellow Gold triangle measures 1.50 cm...
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    • Black Diamond Halo Pendant
    • R 17,400.00
      Black Diamond Halo Pendant set in 18 kt White Gold.  Black Diamond is 1.00 ct and there are 18 Diamond around equaling 0.07 ct. Price is excluding the chain.
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    • Silver Locket with butterfly decoration
    • R 2,890.00
      So very precious! This finely engraved Silver Locket shines through a fluttering butterfly decoration. The locket can be opened, and is waiting for her most treasured tiny photo to be enclosed in it!  Length 26mm (about 1") Width 21mm (0.8") Price excludes chain.
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    • 14 kt Yellow Gold Rectangle Necklace
    • R 47,700.00
      The people of Africa believe that the Elephant is the connecting factor between heaven and earth. Feel the mysticism....  This striking 14 kt Gold Rectangle Pendant is decorated with Elephant Hair. The chain also has Elephant Hair on the bottom section.
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    • Platinum Pendant with Diamond in the front
    • R 19,750.00
      A tiny flight of fancy... that's all it takes to make a girl feel sweet in this world again! This little vintage dream comes in the form of a Platinum Pendant with diamonds down the front, and a smoothly gleaming back. Price excludes chain.
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    • Platinum Pendant with a center diamond in Yellow Gold
    • R 49,500.00
      So deliciously dainty, this will have you floating like a glamour hippy, all through your day. Floating Platinum Pendant with small diamonds around it, and a center diamond in a Yellow Gold Setting. Diamonds totaling 0.82 ct. Price excludes chain.
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    • Sweet 16 Heart Pendant
    • R 2,300.00
      You don't need to tell her she's sweet, she knows! Charming and mod, this 9 kt Yellow Gold Heart is embellished with White Gold scrolling script simply saying:  "Sweet 16". A perfect gift for a perfect young lady! 
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    • Gold and Elephant Hair and Lion's Claw
    • R 12,400.00
      A pendant to bring out the lion in you! The Pendant is a 9 kt Gold Frame, on a Lion's Claw with Elephant Hair. It hangs majestically on a rubber chord which is held with a 9 kt Gold clasp. Price excludes rubber chord.
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    • Cross Pendant with Elephant Hair and Gold
    • R 18,900.00
      Two magnificent emblems, in one stunning piece! Wearing a jewelry item like this will embolden you with its striking looks and ancient symbolism.  14 kt Sold Gold Pendant  Cross with Elephant Hair. Price exclude the chain.
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    • Yellow Gold Soccer Bal
    • R 2,800.00
      Are you feeling the whimsy, or are you just having a ball?  This is so much fun! Nothing like a 9 kt Yellow Gold Soccer Ball Pendant to make you feel playful, while looking fabulous. 
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    • 1/10th oz. Kruger Rand
    • Sold Out
      The Kruger Rand has become a favorite of coin collectors all over the world. Feel the rich heritage! This 1/10th oz Kruger Rand is 22kt Gold, sitting in a 18kt Yellow Gold Frame -  featuring elephants on each side and two 0.01 ct Diamonds on top. Price excludes chain. 
    • White Gold Floating Diamond Pendant
    • R 59,400.00
      It's in the detail! Feel the delicate beauty as it reflects off your skin... this 18 kt Gold Pendant has a Tube setting that houses a glittering, light-catching Diamond. Diamond: 0.52 SI2 color I With a certificate.
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    • 6.02 ct Tanzanite Stone in a Halo style Pendant
    • R 91,930.00
      Liz Taylor would love this Tanzanite Pendant, with it's glittering, brilliant diamonds surrounding the lustrous blue light. Feel the celebrity beauty!  Tanzanite 6.02 ct Stone Diamonds totaling 0.28 ct. The Pendant is 18 kt White Gold. The price excludes chain.
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    • White Gold Pendant with a Pear Shape Diamond
    • R 193,300.00
      So alluring! This 18 kt White Gold Pendant set with a Pear Shape Diamond is an intriguing piece, that will complement all skin tones, ages, and outfits. Diamond is 1.02 ct VS2 color J. At the top of the Pear shaped diamond, a small 0.04 ct diamond is added to make a perfect pendant. Price excludes chain.
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    • Cluster Pendant Gold and Diamonds
    • R 15,300.00
      A cute and charming 9kt Yellow Gold Cluster Pendant. A little piece that will brighten up your day and make you feel as light as air!  Diamonds totaling 0.40 ct. Price excludes chain
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    • Silver Pendant with Rockart and Elephant hair
    • Sold Out
      Just a fantastic design, in this Rock-Art Silver Pendant with Elephant hair. A unique piece as a souvenir for travelers, or for African locals!  Chain not included.
    • Black and White Diamonds set in White Gold Pendant
    • R 29,100.00
      Deco love, worn near your heart. This 18 kt White Gold - Black and White Diamonds pendant is timelessly elegant, and will draw every eye in the room. Centre Diamond Certified 0.20ct SI2 G. Surrounded by 27 Black Diamonds totaling 0.58ct, and White diamonds totaling 0.22ct. Chain not included
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    • Halo Round Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 10,100.00
      Delicate and detailed, this lovely 9 kt White Gold Pendant is set with a luminous Round Tanzanite. A special piece for a precious person.  Tanzanite 0.63 ct Diamonds totaling 0.18ct  Price excludes Chain
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    • Halo Pendant Pear Shape Tanzanite and Diamonds
    • Sold Out
      Beware, this pendant comes with celebrity status! The chic and sophisticated curves of this piece will make you feel as lovely as you look, magazine-ready.   The bail holding this 18 kt White Gold Pendant has a certified Pear shape Tanzanite stone and brilliant Diamonds. The Tanzanite is 3.45 ct 25 diamonds totaling 0.25ct. Price excludes chain.
    • Elephant Pendant with Diamonds and Ruby eyes
    • R 71,840.00
      Elephant has a lot of meaning in African culture. They are respected for their exceptional valor and bravery in war.   The irresistible charm of this eye-pleasing little elephant owes its  sparkle to it's pave-set round brilliant diamonds, all hand set! Such a darling little piece with it's twinkling Ruby eye, it will lift the mood of anyone who sees it -...
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    • Platinum Diamond Pendant
    • Sold Out
      A perfect pop of light! This beautiful Hand-Made Platinum pendant gives a brilliant, classic sparkle to any look. Diamond 0.33ct SI2 GIA certified. Price excludes chain. 
    • Owl Pendant with Sapphire and Diamond and Ruby eyes
    • R 35,640.00
      We also come alive at night! Show your individuality with this Exclusive Hand-Made Piece, a stunning 18kt White Gold Owl Pendant set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. A real conversation-starter.  Diamonds totaling 0.14ct, Rubies 0.08ct Sapphires 0.78 ct  Price excludes Chain  
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    • Square Diamond Pendant in White Gold and A Princess Cut center diamond
    • R 19,100.00
      So square and so spot-on! This is a perfect piece for day or night, sure to make you feel like you can do absolutely anything, any time. 18 kt White Gold Fancy Sparkling Pendant with a Princess cut center Diamond. 10 Diamonds totaling 0.10 ct. Price excludes Chain.  
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    • 6091e0_8de3419b010f4952aaae27a754c76cf1~mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2.jpg
    • R 8,500.00
      Flower power! You will feel as charming as this dainty dangling pendant, when you pop it around your neck. Sparkling with diamonds and a fabulous Sapphire, it is made of 18kt White gold. Depending what you wear it with, it can be worn for day or night! Sapphire 0.56ct. Diamonds totaling 0.05ct Chain not included.
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    • 6091e0_999419224069489e9412994c826d3c4f~mv2.jpg
    • R 4,600.00
      For when you are in the mood to give it straight, you can draw the parallel lines at fashion! This is a 9kt Yellow Gold Modern Pendant with Cubic Zircon that will help you do that while looking your most beautiful. Chain not included.
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    • Silver Pendant with Rockart and Elephant hair
    • R 1,310.00
      Elephants are often elements in modern artistic works and creations. This Silver Pendant featuring African Rock Art with Elephant hair is a brilliant souvenir, or just a perfect gift for male or female wear. Show your love of Africa! Price excludes chain.
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    • 14 kt Yellow Gold Springbok pendant with beads
    • R 17,800.00
      Put a spring in your step with this exquisite pendant! It is as cute as a bokkie, and makes a perfect holiday giftie. The springbok is the national animal of South Africa. It has been adopted as a mascot by several sports teams, most famously by the SA National Rugby team!  14 Kt Yellow Gold Springbok Pendant with hand-set beads.   Chain not...
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    • White Gold Doggy Pendant with Diamonds
    • R 37,100.00
      The dog days are far from over, with this super-cute little version of girls best friend. It is light and airy and makes a fantastic feel-good jewelry gift.   18kt White Gold 3-D Dog Pendant, set with 59 Diamonds totalling 0.72ct . A Total of Cuteness and Glamour. Chain not included.
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    • Diamond Pendant and Chain
    • R 12,360.00
      A charming and petite pendant that will make you feel delightfully breezy! The small diamonds are set in a way that they give the illusion of one big diamond. Shhh, it will be our little secret... 9kt White Gold Pendant set with Diamonds totaling 0.14ct.  Pendant is connected to the chain. Necklace length is 42cm. Diameter of the pendant is...
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    • Marquise shape Red Garnet surrounded by diamods put into a pendant
    • R 9,200.00
      This heirloom quality 18 kt White Gold Pendant has an utterly lovely 1.20ct Marquise-shaped Red Garnet and 0.05ct Diamonds. It is timeless in its beauty. Like the woman you are. Price excludes chain. 0.6 inch long x 0.38 inch wide 15mm long (excluding link) x 10mm wide
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    • Tanzanite and Diamonds Pendant
    • R 9,630.00
      You little vintage vixen! So cute, but with a lovely retro feel. This 18 kt White Gold Delicate Blue Tanzanite Pendant features a 0.30 ct Tanzanite, and Diamonds  totaling 0.02 ct. Measures 17mm long x 9mm wide, from bottom Pendant up, excluding the bail on top.   0.68 inch long x 0.35 inch wide Price excludes Chain. Matching Earrings SKU #...
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    • Equilateral Triangle Pendant of White Gold with a Tanzanite center stones and Diamonds around
    • R 9,850.00
      Such a mesmerizing little piece! This 9 kt Fancy White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Pendant makes a wonderful gift for a loved one... or for your fabulous self! Diamonds totaling 0.10 ct Tanzanite stone is 0.30 ct equilateral triangle: 10mm / 0.4 inch 
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    • White Gold Octagon Shape Pendant with Tanzanite
    • R 14,300.00
      Pert and flirty, don't you just want to slip it around your neck and feel the fun? 18 kt White Gold Octagon Shape Pendant with a Round Tanzanite, weighing 0.26 ct. Price excludes Chain. 0.37 inch long x 0.37 inch wide  /  9mm long x 9mm wide Matching Earrings SKU # 18WET89
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    • Yellow Gold Map of Africa with Elephant
    • R 3,870.00
      This 9 kt Yellow Gold Map of Africa Pendant is a prime piece of Africa! A gleaming map with a cut-out of an Elephant is just a wonderful way to keep your memories of this beautiful continent. Width: 23mm long and 20mm at the widest point of Africa Or 0.9 inch long by 0.78 inch wide Price excludes Chain.
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    • Yellow Gold Southern Cross Pendant
    • Sold Out
      18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Southern Cross Pendant, 5 Small Diamonds of 0.01ct each. Totalling 0.05ct set in Tube settings. Price excluding Chain. 1 inch long and 0.75 inch wide or about 26mm long and 19mm wide
    • White Gold and Diamonds pendant
    • R 6,650.00
      This delicate, radiant pendant will give you the feeling of wearing something special, any day of the week. Because it's shaped like a Diamond, it will give you the Diamond Life!  9 kt White Gold  Diamonds totaling 0.02 ct Price excludes Chain
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    • Amethyst and Diamonds Pendant
    • R 9,900.00
      This is a boss-lady pendant! 18 kt White Gold set with Amethyst and Diamonds, this piece is perfect for the carreer woman who wants to be taken seriously but still likes a bit of bling.  Diamonds totaling 0.06 ct Amethyst is 1.02 ct Size 8mm x 8mm /  0.3 inch x 0.3 inch Length of the pendant, from the diamond bail,...
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    • Heart Shape diamonds covered with Diamonds
    • R 44,600.00
      This succulent Heart Shaped Pendant is made of 18 kt Yellow Gold, encrusted with 46 delightfully sparkling Diamonds. Let your own inner  shine sparkle along with them!  Each Diamond is in a Parvé Setting, and 0.01 ct each, with a total of 0.46 ct  Heart is 14mm long x 14 mm wide 0.5 inch long x 0.5 inch wide. Price excludes chain.
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    • Tanzanite Pendant of 3 size stones with a small diamond on top
    • R 17,200.00
      So spirited! That's how you feel when you wear this 9 kt White Gold Pendant. The intensely colored, round Tanzanites, topped by the Diamond, just have a way of making the wearer feel special - and when you feel special, you look special.  Tanzanites totaling 1.24 ct. Diamond 0.04 ct  Pendant length: about 18 mm / 0.7 inch, measured from...
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    • Halo Pendant of Tanzanite and Diamonds
    • R 84,500.00
      Time-honored and tasteful, but completely modern, this necklace is a stunner and will have you turning heads. This flawless, intensely colored Oval Tanzanite will make you will feel like royalty... so feel free to wave! 18 kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite Halo Pendant with Diamonds. Oval Tanzanite weighs 4.19 ct EGL Certified. It has 24 Round Brilliant Diamonds all around...
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    • 6091e0_6d04d18276954662abe329598435d07d~mv2.jpg
    • R 9,200.00
      The delicately retro look of this rectangular pendant with its  Emerald-Cut Tanzanite makes a lovely glow against the skin. Feel pretty, while you take over the world! 9 kt White Gold 10 small Diamonds totaling 0.04 ct. Tanzanite stone 0.29 ct, set in tube setting  Tanzanite measures around 10mm x 8mm / 0.37 x 0.3 inch  Price excludes chain.
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    • Two color Gold, 3 circles Pendant, with Diamonds
    • R 31,400.00
      Mixing in the right circles! This stylishly stunning geometric two-toned pendant is simply covered in Diamonds, but still a perfect piece form more informal occasions. It has a total of 0.90ct of small diamond covering the half sphere on top and the two circles attached. The Yellow Gold Circle emphasizes the whiteness and the sparkle of the diamonds. The diameter...
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    • Diamond Flower cluster holding a White and Yellow Gold Pear Shape pendant with diamonds
    • Sold Out
      This glittering, tear-shaped pendant is so utterly exquisite it will make you feel totally spoiled, no matter what your mood! On top you have a flower cluster of diamonds holding a diamond bar. From this bar 3 tear drops of varying sizes dangle freely. The middle drop is rose gold, and all the drops are fully set with diamonds all...
    • White Gold Ring with Cushion Cut Tanzanite held by Double claws
    • R 23,280.00
      Contemporary design has never been more fabulous! Put it on, and feel part of the current fashion movement.  18 kt White Gold Ring with a Cushion cut Tanzanite Stone of 1.06 ct, comes with a Certificate. Set in double claw settings. Ring size is O.
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    • 9 kt White Gold Pear Shape Tanzanite and Diamonds Pendant
    • R 13,900.00
      Radiant jewels make the wearer feel radiant! Like this 9 kt White Gold Pear-Shape Tanzanite and Diamonds Halo Pendant, that envelopes you in its sparkling glow. Tanzanite Stone is 1.32ct There are 20 diamonds totaling 0.12 ct. Comes with a verification card.
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    • Elegant Pendant of White Gold and Diamonds, 2 Piece dangling drops and a circle.
    • R 82,200.00
      Bling Bling Bling! This drop long pendant is so beautiful! Each piece dangles from  the piece above it. The Center diamond is also dangles free, catching the light as you move.  Center diamond in the bottom circle is 0.52ct, Color G, Clarity SI2. The rest of the pendant has 47 diamonds totaling 0.52 ct. The whole pendant is 1.04 ct. Price...
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamonds Fancy Pendant
    • R 31,700.00
      This is one eye-catching pendant! Feel like the center of attention with this sparkling diamond drop pendant nestling against your skin. The center diamond is 0.22ct color F and clarity SI2. The pendant has 29 small diamond totaling about 0.50ct. All set in 18 kt White Gold. Price does not include chain.
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    • white gold and diamonds pendant
    • R 20,400.00
      One of our favorite pieces, this 18 kt White Gold pendant is charming and girly. But strangely, makes you feel all woman! Each section has its own diamond; sections dangle off each other connected by links. Total of all the diamonds is 0.28ct. Price does not include the Chain.
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    • White Gold and Diamonds Pendant
    • R 26,200.00
      This elegant, dainty 18 kt White Gold Marquise-Shaped Frame Pendant is guaranteed to make you feel, and look, stunning! The top rectangle frame of diamonds is connected, by a link, to a Marquise Shape Frame of diamonds. The center bar is connected to the Marquise structure, while the diamond dangles off the bar, sparkling with your every movement.  Center Diamond is 0.20ct Color F,...
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