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    • Doggy Pendant
    • R 2,200.00
      Doggy Pendant for Dog Lovers, and a lovely gift for Children and Teenagers. 9 kt Yellow Gold.  
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    • Bracelet with Heart Shaped Disc
    • R 4,450.00
      This gleaming, gorgeous Silver Silver Belcher Bracelet has some delicious details, including chunky little rings and clasp, and a heart-shaped charm. (It will uplift her spirits every time she looks at it, and thinks of you!)
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    • Heart Shaped Pendant with Diamonds
    • R 20,400.00
      A heart of gold, that's what you have! Keep the light alive with this vivacious Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Pendant, with diamonds nestled at the core surrounded by gleaming gold.  18kt Yellow Gold. Diamonds totaling 0.11ct. Price excludes chain. 
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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Sapphire Ring
    • R 6,690.00
      Retro romantic, this Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring is fashioned into a heart shape, pressed with deeply glowing sapphires.  Perfect for the woman who carries love with her wherever she goes!  9kt Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Diamonds totaling 0.04ct  Princess Cut Sapphires totaling 0.68ct Ring Size is M.  
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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,260.00
      Imagine looking down to see a Ruby and Diamond flower sparkling up at you from a golden heart... it can only make you feel wonderful, right?  An undeniably special gift.  9kt Yellow Gold Diamonds totaling 0.03ct Ruby flower with five petals totaling 0.10ct The ring size is = M    
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    • 9kt Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,380.00
      The deep Yellow Gold of this Heart Shaped Ring shows off the Diamonds and Rubies, which give off a gorgeous display of light. Yes, this heart IS made of stones... but it burns brightly with the warmest love!  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds totaling 0.05ct Rubies totaling 0.12ct. Ring Size is M Hight of ring: 22mm or 0.86"Width of ring: 19mm or 0.74"
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    • Rubies and Diamonds set in a Heart Shaped Ring
    • R 3,980.00
      We have our hearts set on this Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring Heart Shaped Ring! Wearing it means feeling the sweet touch of romance no matter where you are, or who you are with. A perfect gift.  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamond Totaling 0.01ct Rubies Totaling 0.12ct  Height of ring: 20mmWidth: 18mm  
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    • Fancy 18kt Stud Earrings
    • R 5,200.00
      Pop that fiery color, flash that energy all day! These White Gold stud earrings bring vibrancy to every move you make, with those flashes of deep orange in each ear.  18kt White Gold  Stone totaling 1.18ct  
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    • Silver Locket with butterfly decoration
    • R 2,890.00
      So very precious! This finely engraved Silver Locket shines through a fluttering butterfly decoration. The locket can be opened, and is waiting for her most treasured tiny photo to be enclosed in it!  Length 26mm (about 1") Width 21mm (0.8") Price excludes chain.
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    • Silver Dragon Fly
    • R 3,050.00
      See her eyes light up, when you give her this delicious Silver Pendant in the shape of a Dragon Fly. A gift that will bring out her inner light!  Dragonfly touched by Enamel in various colors. Price excludes chain. Measurements: 40mm (1.57") head to tail, wing-span 43mm (1.7")
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    • Football pendant
    • R 1,350.00
      Get in the game, with this 9 kt Yellow Gold American Rugby ball pendant! Designed for fun and conversation, this is sure to kick off some cute conversations.
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    • Silver Bracelet, Big links
    • Sold Out
      Be a big-link babe, in this boss Silver Bracelet! The Big Links gleam as you take the lead, or while kicking back watching the sunset, martini in hand!  Silver Bracelet, 21 cm long or in inches 8.26". It has a glam matching Necklace - check SN27. Made in Italy.    
    • Yellow Gold Signet Ring
    • R 4,650.00
      You know you can do anything; the power is all in you! Let the world know your name, with this 9 kt Yellow Gold Signet Ring with a small flash of Cubic Zirconia for some 'jazz'. It has space to initial or to even write a full name. Ring Size N.    
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    • Sweet 16 Heart Pendant
    • R 2,300.00
      You don't need to tell her she's sweet, she knows! Charming and mod, this 9 kt Yellow Gold Heart is embellished with White Gold scrolling script simply saying:  "Sweet 16". A perfect gift for a perfect young lady! 
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    • Gold and Elephant Hair and Lion's Claw
    • R 12,400.00
      A pendant to bring out the lion in you! The Pendant is a 9 kt Gold Frame, on a Lion's Claw with Elephant Hair. It hangs majestically on a rubber chord which is held with a 9 kt Gold clasp. Price excludes rubber chord.
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    • Gold Hat Pendant
    • R 1,500.00
      9 kt Gold Hat pendant.
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    • Gold Fish Gold Ring
    • R 850.00
      A little girl's dream of a magical gold fish-ie, come true! This is a real, gold, fish. This Girl's Gold Fish Ring is cute and dainty, and made out of 9 kt Solid Gold. Ring Size H
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    • Gold Charm Bracelet
    • R 11,700.00
      This precious 9 kt Gold Charm Bracelet has 5 different and delightful dangly charms that will appeal to any young girl. The Enamel Charms include a blue purse, orange purse, lipstick, comb, and mirror. The length of the bracelet is 18.5 cm OR - about 7.3 inches   
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    • Yellow Gold Buckle RIng
    • R 3,000.00
      Such a precious little flight of whimsy! Feel like (a good) Marie Antoinette, swanning around in this 9 kt Gold Buckle Ring with it's sparkly Cubic Zircon. Ring Size O 1/2
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    • Yellow Gold Soccer Bal
    • R 2,800.00
      Are you feeling the whimsy, or are you just having a ball?  This is so much fun! Nothing like a 9 kt Yellow Gold Soccer Ball Pendant to make you feel playful, while looking fabulous. 
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Bracelet with Elephant charms
    • R 15,760.00
      Even though no-one ever described the majestic elephant as ‘charming’, this bracelet with elephant charms is as cute as it is wild! Enjoy Africa, as these elephants go with you wherever you go... 18 kt Yellow Gold Bracelet with 5 small Solid Gold Elephant charms.  
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    • Yellow Gold and Diamond Circle Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Much like women, circles can go on forever! And sometimes, we all need to spoiled... so these 9kt Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings are a simply spectacular gift for the special girl or woman who is part of your circle of life. Set with 30 x 0.005 diamonds totaling 0.15ct. With Hand-Crafted Yellow Gold Butterflies.
    • Dragon Fly Diamond Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Feel like you're hovering above life, with these 9kt White Gold Dragon Fly Earrings! They make a delightful gift anyone would be thrilled to recieve. 16 Diamonds of 0.005ct, totaling 0.08ct. A handmade butterfly secures each earring.