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    • Princess Cut Diamond Ring
    • R 93,500.00
      Bold, streamlined, and thoroughly modern! You will feel the beat of the city with this 18 kt White Gold unisex Ring.  0.61ct VS2 color G Certified Diamond. Ring size is O.
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    • Ribbed 9kt Yellow Gold Green Stone Ring
    • R 3,300.00
      If you like the color green gemstone, you'll love a Tsvarite  which is fascinating and rather Unique Unisex Ring with ribbs or gaps 9kt Yellow Gold Ring Size Q1/2
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    • Rubies and Diamonds set in a Heart Shaped Ring
    • R 3,980.00
      We have our hearts set on this Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring Heart Shaped Ring! Wearing it means feeling the sweet touch of romance no matter where you are, or who you are with. A perfect gift.  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamond Totaling 0.01ct Rubies Totaling 0.12ct  Height of ring: 20mmWidth: 18mm  
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    • 9kt Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,380.00
      The deep Yellow Gold of this Heart Shaped Ring shows off the Diamonds and Rubies, which give off a gorgeous display of light. Yes, this heart IS made of stones... but it burns brightly with the warmest love!  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds totaling 0.05ct Rubies totaling 0.12ct. Ring Size is M Hight of ring: 22mm or 0.86"Width of ring: 19mm or 0.74"
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    • Silver Ring with Elephant Hair
    • R 1,580.00
      Wonderful things come in 3's! This unisex ring is one of them, with it's clean, structural design comprising of of three strings of Elephant Hair in gleaming silver.  Africa, adorned.  Ring's width is 9mm or 0.35" Ring size is O.
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    • Silver Ring with Elephant Hair
    • R 900.00
      An eye-catching Silver Ring with strings of Elephant Hair, that can be worn by both men and women. It is chic but understated, with an opening allowing the ring to be adjustable to different finger sizes.  Ring's width is about 8mm (0.3")
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    • White Gold Diamond Ring with Diamonds on Side
    • Sold Out
      An engagement ring is not always easy to choose... but when you both see this one with its gorgeous Center Diamond and Diamonds down each side, the choice will have been made! Bring your love to sparkling life with this finely detailed 9kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring  9kt White Gold Centre Diamond: 0.61ct 3 side diamonds: 0.06ct each - totaling...
    • African Design Ring Yellow Gold
    • R 11,200.00
      African Design 14 kt Yellow Gold Ring with Elephant Hair strings. This ring cannot be sized. 
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    • Yellow Gold Buckle RIng
    • R 3,000.00
      Such a precious little flight of whimsy! Feel like (a good) Marie Antoinette, swanning around in this 9 kt Gold Buckle Ring with it's sparkly Cubic Zircon. Ring Size O 1/2
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    • Gold Ring with Elephant Hair that can be adjusted
    • R 15,400.00
      This Ring is Unisex, perfectly suited to the man or woman who loves the thrill of travel. This is also a great gift idea both for men and woman: anyone who wears it wears the golden sunset of Africa, illuminating the majestic Elephant in it's glow.  14 kt Yellow Gold Ring with one string of Elephant Hair and Twisted Edges....
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    • Gold Fish Gold Ring
    • R 850.00
      A little girl's dream of a magical gold fish-ie, come true! This is a real, gold, fish. This Girl's Gold Fish Ring is cute and dainty, and made out of 9 kt Solid Gold. Ring Size H
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    • Silver Ring with Elephant Hair and Rock-Art Design
    • R 1,290.00
      Ever since a time when elephants were represented by ancient cave rock carving art, African people included elephant in every part of art, including jewelry. This arty Silver Ring with strings of Elephant Hair, boasts a Silver Rectangle engraved with cut-out Rock-Art. Ring is split at the bottom to allow adjustment to different finger sizes. Ring width is 6mm. Rectangle is 8.61mm...
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    • Wide 14 kt Yellow Gold Ring with Elephant Hair
    • Sold Out
      Yes, everybody loves the mythical, dignified Elephant! This 14 kt Yellow Gold Ring has strings of Elephant Hair to make it special, and an undeniably exceptional ring souvenir from Africa. And hey, sometimes we just need a wide ring :}}  Ring size ajustable.
    • Elephant Hair Ring
    • R 10,500.00
      No matter how far you may be from Africa, this elephant hair ring will help keep your memory sharp! Oh, and of course, keep you looking sharp too.  14 Kt Yellow Gold Ring with Braided Elephant Hair.  Rings Size. O
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    • 14kt Yellow Gold with Elephant Hair
    • R 12,400.00
      This is a kiss, blown from Africa! This fabulous unisex ring is made of Elephant Hair, with a bold gold X to hold it in place while adding a sophisticated detail. Enjoy, X!  14 kt Yellow Gold  The ring has an opening, and it can be adjusted to any size.  
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