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New Products
  • 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings
  • R 13,370.00
    This pair of unusual, bohemian-inspired earrings combine Pearls with hoops, something you don't often see! The 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop carries the beautiful Diamond-Shaped Pearl Cluster. Earrings for every occasion, with a little bit of extra flair.  A Traditional Wedding Occasion item.  Pearl Stars can be removed and the Hoops can be worn naked.
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  • 18kt White Gold Diamond Filigree Pendant
  • R 56,400.00
    Delightfully delicate, like something straight from an English country garden, this 18kt White Gold Sparkling Filigree Diamond Pendant goes by the name 'Look Beautiful'.   Which is what you will do, when you wear it!  136 Diamonds totaling 1.52ct 45 Baguette Diamonds totaling 0.22ct
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  • 18kt Yellow Gold Dress Diamond Ring
  • R 48,300.00
    This stunning 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Ring holds it's Diamonds in a Swiss setting, meaning the diamond is set inside a hole in the metal band. While it is a gorgeous design in itself it also has the added benefit of being wonderfully secure, as the gemstone is held within the metal, protecting it from chipping or from falling out. For the woman on the move! ...
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Cape Diamond Exchange is a jewelry boutique offering a range of jewelry and unique handcrafted pieces, set and unset certified Diamonds and Tanzanite, and a superior selection of stones.
Cape Diamond Exchange was established in 1991. Located in the heart of Cape Town you can find us on the corner of St. Georges mall and Shortmarket Street, a short step from the cosmopolitan bustle on the cobbles of the historical Green Market Square.



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