18 White Gold Amethyst and Diamonds Pendant


R 9,900

18 White Gold Amethyst and Diamonds Pendant

18 karat Pendant with an Amethyst of 1.02 carat and Diamonds totaling 0.06 carat are set in the bail. This is a boss-lady pendant! The piece is perfect for the career woman who wants to be taken seriously but still likes a bit of bling. The stone is actually set different than the usual.  The culet is facing you and not touching your skin as it usually happens.

You can check and see if you like the Amethyst Earrings, not as an exact match but can complement this pendant.  


Size 8mm x 8mm /  0.3 inch x 0.3 inch

Length of the pendant, from the diamond bail, is 17 mm or 0.67 inch

What is Culet?

The culet (pronounced kyoo-lit) of a gemstone or a diamond is the tiny point at the base.

Price excludes the chain.

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