Mr. Poldy


Has been in the Business for 60 Years. Since his early 20s Mr Poldy has traded and had his own business after spending some years being an acrobat/gymnast in a Circus and a actor/dancer in the Theater. In South Africa he is known as a strong player in the Jewelry and Diamond industry since 1981 and retired at the age of 83 leaving a legacy to Aviva Ezra, his daughter. Sadly, Mr. Poldy passed away at the age of 86. He died peaceful in his sleep in his own bed from old age. 

Aviva Ezra

Aviva Ezra


Aviva Ezra has grown up under the tutelage of her father, Cape Diamond Exchange Founder, Mr. Poldy. 
Aviva gained invaluable experience through working in an array of positions in family businesses throughout her life. 
In 2015, Mr. Poldy fulfilled his dream of handing down his business of 40 years to his only daughter. While she was lucky enough to have his breadth of wisdom passed down first hand, Mr. Poldy was most excited by the fresh energy and ideas she livened Cape Diamond Exchange with. 
Finally fulfilling her passion in the jewelry business, Aviva Ezra is the new Director of Cape Diamond Exchange, and she is doing what she loves every day. 

Carl Schor

Sales Consultant and Stock Controller

Carl has begun working with Mr. Poldy since 1994 in the wholesale business “Poldy Jewellers”. Carl keeps the order in the company in all areas from supplies to jewels to diamonds. He is responsible for the management of our entire range of our wonderful stock, which is no small job! He shares his experience freely with the customer, to offer them the absolute best.

Delphine Quickfall

Administration and Bookkeepe

Delphine keeps us on track and on record! This capable and friendly lady began her career in 1985 with Mr Poldy. She has been with the family for all these years! Her admin expertise and bookkeeping experience is invaluable in helping the company run smoothly.  

Stephanie Gschwandtner

Digital Marketing Strategist

Stephanie is a driven and passionate digital marketing strategist with more than a decade of experience across the fields of online marketing and PR. She came on board with the purpose to design and implement marketing strategies and continue with our brand awareness.

Irit Noble

Social Media Content Creator

Irit has a multimedia background covering theater, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Having taken her comedic performing and writing talents from the spotlight to the social media pages, she has been creating content for Cape Diamond Exchange since 2017.

Thandile Siphukuza

Security and Messenger 

Thandile has been working with Mr Poldy for since 2011, in different position and in the last 6 years as a strong and steady security guard, and swift messenger.


Gordon Murray

Security Guard and Driver

After working for many years as a security guard, Gordon is guarding Cape Diamond Exchange while also helping in distributing our brochures occasionally or being our safe driver as needed.