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Our Story

Cape Diamond Exchange is a jewellery boutique offering a vast range of jewellery and unique handcrafted pieces, set and unset certified Diamonds and Tanzanite, and a superior selection of stones.

Established over 26 years ago, we are located in the heart of Cape Town. Find us on the corner of St. Georges mall and Shortmarket Street, a short step from the cosmopolitan bustle on the cobbles of the historical Green Market Square.

Cape Diamond Exchange owner, the legendary, trusted and beloved Mr. Poldy, has been practicing his diamond and jewellery expertise for over 60 years and is considered an industry authority. His daughter Aviva stands beside him as they enter the second family-owned business generation. Aviva is the director of this gem of a shop and, together with their highly trained sales staff, they offer you unsurpassed services, in the true Cape Diamond Exchange legacy of personal attention.

Cape Diamond Exchange. It’s brilliant.

Certified Tanzanite Stones

Tanzanite is a breath-taking blue-violet gemstone discovered in 1967 by a traveller, near the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. This lustrous stone with its distinct, desirable colours, is a thousand times rarer than a diamond because it is found only within a 4 kilometre radius of the few existing active mines.

Cape Diamond Exchange offers an incomparable range of Tanzanites, both unset, and set in jewellery.

Mr Poldy was the first to identify Tanzanite jewellery as having high value and esteem, and to begin designing exquisite pieces for Cape Town’s international visitors and discerning local clients. Visit us, and take home a vibrant piece of Africa.

Our Tanzanite stones are certified by EGL (European Gemmological Laboratory).

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Cape Diamond Exchange offers you a vast selection of certified diamonds, including ‘fancy’ diamonds. Fancy diamonds have specialised shapes, other than round, and different colors, other than white.

Each diamond has a different ‘finger-print’ to any other, with its inclusions (clarity), cut, color, and carat weight. At Cape Diamond Exchange, you have so many options to spoil a loved one or yourself with the diamond that gives off a brilliance and fire perfected for YOU.

All our Diamonds are certified, with a laboratory certificate from the European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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Certified Fancy Diamonds
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At Cape Diamond Exchange, we satisfy all your style requirements while also considering the economy of a purchase. Our exceptional selection of engagement rings and unset certified diamonds is tailored to suit any finger-size… and budget!

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Product Range

Cape Diamond Exchange is renowned as a jeweller of quality. Here, you can choose from one of our exceptional designs, or bring in your own existing designs for us to make up in accordance to your specific style requirements.

Our unique range of jewellery includes:

  • An array of 9kt, 14kt and 18kt White and Yellow Gold pieces, including Chains, Pendants, Bracelets, Charms, Rings and Earrings.
  • Dazzling stones and beautifully coloured gemstones including Tanzanite, Topaz, Peridot, Rubies, Amethyst, Opal and more. These are set in superb jewellery pieces, and also sold as loose stones.
  • A sparkling selection of Sterling Silver Jewellery
  • A piece of African art to take home: Sterling silver or 14kt elephant hair jewellery and unique African gold-beaded pieces
  • Tennis Bracelets, our best seller
  • Gold and Diamond Brooches
  • Black Diamonds
  • Ocean Pearls
  • Kiddies’ Jewellery

Jewellery Gallery

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