18kt Leopard Brooch

R 36,590

18kt Leopard Brooch

18kt Leopard Brooch.  This 18-carat yellow gold Brooch has sparkling diamonds embezzled around the collar and at the side of the leg totaling 0.06ct.   The leopard's radiant eyes have emerald stones totaling 0.05ct and they add a subtle pop of color giving off a feeling of power and grace to the wearer. The body of the leopard is covered in black enamel spots. As the saying goes a leopard never changes its spots. 

Brooches are back!

This Leopard brooch is a vintage accessory that offers endless styling opportunities. 

For centuries, brooches have been worn as a practical approach to fastening clothes. 

However, in a fashion-forward modern world, it has now become the ultimate fashion accessory to upgrade a simple assemble and make it "Très chic" 

And the best part -  There are absolutely no rules when it comes to wearing them.


Brooches look the coolest when styled unexpectedly. You can use them as a closure for a sexier top,  scarves, or any other custom.   This Brooch is an ideal gift for any age group which will remind them that this original piece of jewelry is almost the essence of Africa,  and it is also a lovely souvenir to take home from your trip from Africa. This African animal brooch can be gorgeously worn for any occasion

The Measurements of the Leopard Brooch are about 4cm long.

The brooch can be ordered using any metal (white or yellow gold; 9kt 14 or 18kt; silver or platinum). When ordering, please take into consideration ten business working days.

You also have the option of switching the diamond for cubic zirconia or any gemstone of your choice, everything can be customized to your wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us below by Whatsapp to start a conversation and ask us any questions you might have. You can of course use any other means of communication like calling or emailing. 


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