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    • Pear shape Tanzanite and Diamonds Halo earrings
    • R 23,200.00
      I can see your halo... as you feel heavenly in these Halo Tanzanite Earrings. The Pear Shape Tanzanite's are out of this world, and you will feel that as soon as you put them on!  Tanzanite stones equaling 1.30ct. Pear shape Stone is 7mm x 6 mm / 0.27 x 0.23 inches Around the Tanzanite are 34 diamond stones totaling...
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    • Oval Tanzanite and Diamond drop earrings
    • R 60,050.00
      Pure taste, with a touch of royalty. These lovely Blue Oval Tanzanite Drop Earrings are designed with a classical eye. The 18kt White Gold is offset by 6 beautifully sparkling Diamonds, (totaling 0.06ct) and the Tanzanite stones bring a touch of deep blue drama. Oval Tanzanite Totaling 3.47ct    
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    • 18kt White Gold Round Tanzanite And Diamond Earrings
    • R 8,700.00
      An unusual design, so elegantly executed. If you love something that flirts with fashion while retaining a vintage aesthetic, you will be thrilled with these 18kt White Gold Kite Shaped Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings. Round Tanzanite 0.91ct Diamonds Totaling 0.04ct
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    • 18kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Diamonds Cluster Earring
    • R 29,050.00
      These 18kt White Gold Cluster Lady Di Earring gleam and flash with their exquisite Diamonds and Tanzanite. Bring back the glamour of yesterday, with your feet firmly planted in today. Be that modern woman who gives a nod to history.  Diamonds Totalling 0.48ct  Oval Tanzanites Totaling  0.97ct
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    • 14kt White Gold Pear Tanzanite and Diamond Drop Earrings
    • R 21,500.00
      Feel the timeless delight of a true blue hue. Tanzanite is a stone that is revered for it's mystical qualities as well as it's modern-day beauty. These classically designed 14kt White Gold Drop Earring bear sparkling Diamonds in a perfect frame around deep blue, Pear-Shaped Tanzanites.   Tanzanites Totaling 0.91ct  34 Diamonds Totaling 0.13ct
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    • 14kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Halo of Diamonds Stud Earrings
    • R 25,900.00
      Retro chic has never looked this good. Inspire your inner Grace Kelly with these 14kt White Gold Earrings. The classic Oval Tanzanites are encapsulated within a glittering Halo of Diamonds, bringing timeless appeal and absolute beauty. .  Tanzanite Totaling 0.85ct 36 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.13ct
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    • 9kt White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Drop Earrings
    • R 8,600.00
      You know those days when you just feel good for no reason? THAT'S how these will make you feel. Get that swingy sensation every time you don these delightful Round Tanzanite and Diamond Drop Earrings.  Two Tanzanites Totaling 0.19ct Diamonds Totaling 0.02ct
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    • 9kt White Gold Pear Shape Hanging Tanzanite Earrings
    • Sold Out
      Heavenly. Out of this world. Pure divinity! Bring out your inner beauty with these 9kt White Gold Dangling Pear-Shape Tanzanite Earrings. Tanzanite works wonderfully to harmonize the spirit... so you will be walking on a cloud all day...  Two Pear-Shaped Tanzanites Totaling 1.67ct
    • 9 kt Oval Tanzanite Hoop Earrings set in White Gold
    • R 14,990.00
      These 9 kt White Gold Oval Hoop Tanzanite Earrings have class and sass! Perfect for those days when you want to dress your denim up, and also for those nights when you just want to stun! 10 Tanzanites Totaling 1.68 ct    
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    • Oval Tanzanite and Diamond drop earrings
    • R 29,400.00
      Don't you love these 9 kt White Gold Vintage-Inspired Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings? The Oval Tanzanites have a deep, rich color made even more lustrous by the twinkling diamonds that surround them. Put them on, and see your beauty reflected right back at you.  Tanzanites totalling 1.42ct 48 Diamonds totaling 0.19ct
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    • 18 kt White Gold and Tanzanite, Diamond Earrings
    • R 18,000.00
      Quintessential retro style and timeless beauty in Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings. The softly curved, gorgeously detailed designs will set off any look, to perfection! 18 kt White Gold, Tanzanite totaling 0.28 ct Diamonds totaling 0.04 ct 0.60 inch long x 0.35 inch wide 15mm long x 9mm wide  Matching Pendant SKU #18WPT111
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    • Trillion earrigs in White Gold with Tanzanite and Diamonds
    • Sold Out
       A soft and delicate look, with these 9 kt White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Earrings. For when you want to feel like you can just relax and be your softest self. Diamonds totaling 0.30 ct Tanzanites totaling 0.42 ct  0.4 inch / 10 mm equilateral triangle Matching Pendant SKU # 9WPT13  
    • White Gold and Tanzanite Dangling Earrings
    • R 25,750.00
      Such a gorgeous pair of Tanzanite earrings, you just have to have them! Dainty and delicate and light as a feather, they are the perfect addition to any look.  18 kt White Gold hanging Tanzanite Earrings with Tanzanites totaling 0.54 ct. 0.37 inch long x 0.37 inch wide 9mm long x 9mm wide Matching pendant SKU # 18WPT105
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    • Dangaling Tanzanite earrings
    • R 26,400.00
      Three divine drops of heaven! These 9 kt White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond  Dangling Earrings will have you walking on air. 6 Tanzanite stones totaling 2.56 ct Diamond on top carat weight totaling 0.06ct Length: about 0.67 inch / 17 mm. Matching pendant SKU # 9WPT292
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    • Earrings, Tanzanite and Diamonds around
    • Sold Out
      It's about the way things make you feel. And these 18 kt White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Halo Earrings will make you feel vibrantly glamorous!  Tanzanite stones total 6.42 ct set in a 4 claw setting Each Tanzanite stone has 22 diamonds, totaling 0.44 ct. With a butterfly at the back. See the matching pendant, which creates a dramatic set...