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    • Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Ring set in 18kt White Gold
    • R 43,000.00
      A stunning Oval Center Tanzanite Ring with a Oval Diamonds on either sides Handcrafted in 18kt White Gold. Oval Tanzanite 0.92ct Two Diamonds Totaling 0.35ct Ring Size L1/2 
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    • Pear Shaped Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
    • R 34,620.00
      An Exquisite Tube Setting Ring Handcrafted in 9kt White Gold with a Magnificent Pear Shaped Tanzanite with Diamonds on either sides. Pear Tanzanite 2.00ct Six Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size P
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    • 18kt White Gold Diamond and a Round Tanzanite Ring
    • R 34,050.00
      A Single Round Tanzanite is in this Beautiful Ring with Diamonds on Either sides Especially for her. Round Tanzanite =  2.00ct Six Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size Q1/2
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    • 18 kt White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Ring
    • R 104,130.00
      This is a Beautiful Luxurious White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Ring. It is 18 kt White Gold. Tanzanite 4.60ct Ring Size L
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    • 18kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite Ring with Diamonds
    • R 24,100.00
          18kt  White Gold Tanzanite Stone: 1.11ct  8 Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size N
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    • Three Diamonds on Each Side decorating a Round Tanzanite set in a Ring
    • R 27,500.00
      Feel like carrying heaven with you? Do it, with this deep blue, beautifuly rounded Tanzanite, and the diamonds that flash like stars in it's sky! This handcrafted item is made of 18kt White Gold that offsets the stones in a spectacular manner.  18kt White Gold  Tanzanite weighs 1.14ct Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size Q
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    • 18kt White Gold Halo and Tanzanite
    • R 68,450.00
      Royal. Fabulous. Two words that perfectly describe this piece. Oh, and perfectly exquisite too ;}}.  This White Gold Ring has a lower level of Diamonds in a Halo setting, beneath the heavenly Cushion Cut Tanzanite. 18kt White Gold Cushion Cut Tanzanite Stone of 2.61ct 52 Diamonds totaling 0.82ct  
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    • 18 White Gold Ring with an Oval Tanzanite and Baguettes
    • R 40,710.00
      An absolute cut above, this White Gold Ring is set with an Oval Shaped Tanzanite, decorated with 16 Baguettes on the sides. It is a piece of jewelry for the woman who knows how special she is... but doesn't mind being reminded ;}}.  18kt White Gold Oval Shaped Tanzanite of 1.21ct 16 Baguettes totaling 0.86ct. Ring Size N
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    • 18kt White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite
    • R 47,140.00
        She wears it well.  18kt White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Stone of 2.74ct Ring Size N 1/2
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    • White Gold Ring with an Oval Tanzanite
    • R 38,630.00
      My blue heaven! This White Gold Ring with an Oval Tanzanite Stone has a divinely retro flavor and an absolutely heavenly design.  Oh, my Tanzanite delight...  18kt White Gold Ring Oval Tanzanite Stone of 2.62ct Weight Ring Size N 
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    • Pear Shape Tanzanite set in White Gold
    • Sold Out
      Some things in life are meant to bring happiness! This is a perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, or any occasion! 18 kt White Gold Halo Tanzanite Ring. The Pear Shaped Tanzanite is 3.73 ct. Diamonds around the Tanzanite totaling 0.30ct  Ring Size O
    • Halo Oval Tanzanite and Diamonds Ring
    • R 115,600.00
      Grace Kelly would have been proud to wear this ring. It is crafted from 18ct White Gold, with a 4.70 ct EGL certified Oval Tanzanite stone surrounded by 26x 0.01ct diamonds. Movie star quality, at your fingers... Ring size O  
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    • Trillian Tanzanite Stone set in White Gold ring
    • R 18,850.00
      Absolutely trilliant! This Tanzanite ring is meant to be worn by someone with a sense of style, who enjoys sleek design. Slip it on your finger, and feel your inner movie star come to life. 9kt White Gold Trilliant Tanzanite 0.85ct Ring. Ring Size N
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    • Oval Shape Tanzanite Stone set in White Gold Ring
    • R 78,800.00
      Tanzanite is known to imbue good feelings in the wearer, so spoil yourself and feel good ALL the time with this timeless classic 18Kt White Gold Tanzanite Ring. Giving a new meaning to the term 'feeling blue'.   This phenomenal Oval Tanzanite is an Intense Blue with a hint of Violet. It weighs 4.58ct and comes with an EGL certificate. Ring Size...
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    • White Gold Halo Ring of Tanzanite and double row of diamonds
    • Sold Out
      This sensational piece is handcrafted in 18kt White Gold with a magnificent Pear shaped Tanzanite flaunting it's light in the center. Suits you perfectly! Tanzanite 4.24ct EC-VB-I, surrounded by double row of Round Brilliant Diamonds totalling 0.68ct. Ring Size N and a half
    • Yellow Gold Tanzanite and Diamonds Ring
    • R 47,590.00
      This ring is a work of art, with 100 diamonds and a startlingly blue Tanzanite bringing it to brilliant life! Feel what it means to own something absolutely unique... to suit your personality. 18 kt Yellow Gold Tanzanite Ring with 100 cushion cut diamonds on the sides. Each diamond is 0.02 ct totaling 2.00 ct Diamonds for this ring. Center...
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    • Cushion Cut Tanzanite Halo Ring with Diamonds
    • Sold Out
      Unique design and superb detail. Perfect for you! Just for the times when you feel like showing off your excellent taste ;}. 9kt White Gold Ring Cushion-Cut Tanzanite weighs 1.02ct Diamonds 0.14ct  Ring Size N
    • Oval Tanzanite in Tube setting Ring
    • R 29,360.00
      This 18 White Gold Oval Tanzanite Ring with its distinctive detailed Tube setting and tapering ring shank is just a magnificent piece of jewelry. What woman wouldn't want to wear something that makes her feel utterly gorgeous, and flawlessly stylish?   The Tanzanite weighs 1.25 ct. Oval Tanzanite, with tube, about 8mm in length x about 6 mm wide / 0.3...
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    • White Gold Ring with a Tanzanite center stone
    • R 16,020.00
      Petite and charming is this 18 kt White Gold Ring with Tanzanite and Diamonds. The Tanzanite is set in a Tube setting, making it a beautifully crafted piece. You'll feel great, whether in jeans or an evening dress!  Tanzanite is 0.40 ct with a deep purple color. There are 6 Diamonds totaling 0.06 ct, set on the sides to add...
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    • Round Tanzanite Center Stone Ring
    • R 28,120.00
      Alluringly detailed, this 18 kt White gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring has an air of vintage diva about it. The details in between the sides of the stone and the row of Diamonds adds extra interest to it's look, and definitely will add interest to yours!  A round shimmering Tanzanite stone of 1.24 ct is held in position by 4...
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    • Pear Shape Center Tanzanite Stone Tube setting Ring
    • R 39,150.00
      Breathtaking! A 18 kt White Gold Pear shaped Tanzanite and Diamond handcrafted ring to make your heart race (and maybe someone else's, too). The sleek Tanzanite Stone is 2.07ct and comes with a Certificate. Stone is set in a tube setting. There are 6 small diamonds of 0.01ct each. Size of the ring is N 1/2.
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    • Oval Shape Tanzanite Ring and Diamonds on the side
    • R 43,260.00
      Deliciously delicate, and exquisite formed, this classic ring is destined to make you feel like you can do anything! After all, dynamite comes in small packages, right? 18 kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Diamonds. Oval Tanzanite center stone of 1.53 ct 14 diamonds of 0.01 totaling 0.14 ct Ring size is N
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    • White Gold Ring with a Round Tanzanite center stone and Baguettes
    • Sold Out
      Feel the glowing beauty of Tanzanite wrap its healing light around you. This gorgeously crafted 18 kt White Gold Tanzanite and Baguette Diamond Ring is more than a piece of jewelry, it is a stone with mystical qualities as well. Some things in life are more than beautiful!  A stunning Center round Tanzanite stone of 2.57 ct. On either side...
    • Diamond and Tanzanite Ring
    • R 49,900.00
      Impressive sophistication, and international glamour! You wont find a ring to match this, anywhere on your travels.  20 sparkling diamonds totaling 0.42 ct decorate the side-bands with a slight knife edge shape. The deeply gleaming Tanzanite is held in position with a 4-claw setting. 18 kt White Gold  Tanzanite stone is a Cushion cut of 1.72 ct with certificate Ring size N
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    • Oval Tanzanite in White Gold ring
    • Sold Out
      A sophisticated setting around an exceptional stone; this ring may just give the wearer secret powers! We love it, don't you?  Tanzanite solitare 18 kt White Gold Ring. Featuring an oval Tanzanite of 3.065 ct, with a certificate. Stone is held in position by 4 round claws. Ring size is N.
    • White Gold Ring with Cushion Cut Tanzanite held by Double claws
    • R 23,280.00
      Contemporary design has never been more fabulous! Put it on, and feel part of the current fashion movement.  18 kt White Gold Ring with a Cushion cut Tanzanite Stone of 1.06 ct, comes with a Certificate. Set in double claw settings. Ring size is O.
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    • Round Tanzanite in White Gold Ring With Six flat Claws
    • Sold Out
      Feel the fresh air and raw beauty of Africa, with this Protea Style 18kt White Gold ring. A stand-out peice, with its lustrous Round Tanzanite stone of 3.06 ct. Stone set in 6 flat looking claws. Comes with a Certificate by E.G.L. Ring size is M.
    • Round Tanzanite Stone set in White Gold Ring
    • R 40,070.00
      A timeless design that will never date, and make you feel like a classic beauty for ever! This divine Solitaire Ring of 18 kt White Gold has a perfect, deeply colored Round Tanzanite. Six Round Claws hold the Tanzanite in position.  Round Tanzanite stone is 2.13 ct comes with a certificate. Ring size is N 1/2.
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    • Unisex Ring, White Gold and Tanznite
    • R 36,770.00
      Put your stamp on it! This 18 kt White Gold Men's Tanzanite Ring is very special,  because of the rarity of Tanzanite being used in men's rings. That said, this ring can be Unisex - as style has no limits!  Round Tanzanite stone of 1.24ct, comes with a certificate. Ring size is M 1/2
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    • Cushion Cut Tanzanite Stone in a Ring
    • R 22,000.00
      Tanzanite is not only absolutely gorgeous to look at, it also brings peace, focus, and lovely energy to the wearer. This 9 kt White Gold Cushion-Cut Tanzanite ring is exactly what you need to look lovely, and feel even lovelier on the inside.  Tanzanite stone is 1.70ct. The size of the stone is about 7mm or 0.27 inch. Ring size...
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    • Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring
    • R 12,600.00
      This is a stand-out piece of jewelry with a prime  stone. And when you are wearing it you will be the one standing out! Hope you don't mind being noticed, with this 9 kt White Gold Tanzanite Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Ring. Tanzanite 1.06 ct Comes with a verification card.
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