White Gold Men's ring with a Tanzanite Stone

R 34,770

White Gold Men's Ring with a Tanzanite Stone

This 18 kt White Gold Men's Tanzanite Ring is very special,  because of the rarity of Tanzanite being used in men's rings. There are not a lot of Tanzanite Men's rings, so grab it as soon as possible... with that being said, this ring can be Unisex - as a style has no limits! Round Tanzanite stone of 1.24 carat is in "Tension setting".

What is a tension setting ring?

A tension ring is a type of ring that holds a gemstone in place by pressure rather than prongs, claws, tube setting or any other mounting. The metal arrangement is actually spring-loaded to exert pressure onto the gemstone, and tiny etchings or grooves in the metal create a shelf that supports the gemstone's edges.

 The ring is for finger size is M 1/2 and it can be resized.

Please note that this item has been sold, but a similar item can be custom-made, using a Round cut stone, or any other stone in a different cut.

check our loose gemstone collection, and in particular our Tanzanite Collection of loose stones.  Click here.

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