White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Halo Ring

SKU: 18WRT79

R 39,820

White Gold Pear Shaped Tanzanite Grooves Ring

Gorgeous 18-karat White Gold ring set with one 1.98-carat Violet Blue pear Tanzanite surrounded by a carved grooves frame shows off the magnificence of this rare stone making you feel on top of the world while adding that touch of glamour to any occasion, without diamonds. In conclusion, the ring is available for a finger size N and a half and can be adjusted to fit without limitations, so don't wait for that special occasion, get it because you can.

You can also check a matching pendant here to get yourself a gorgeous set. That will make you complete! The fact that there are no diamonds set makes the set toned down and prevent the feeling that it might be "too much" to have both a ring and a pendant to match.

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