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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Sapphire Ring
    • R 6,690.00
      Retro romantic, this Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring is fashioned into a heart shape, pressed with deeply glowing sapphires.  Perfect for the woman who carries love with her wherever she goes!  9kt Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Diamonds totaling 0.04ct  Princess Cut Sapphires totaling 0.68ct Ring Size is M.  
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    • White Gold and Sapphire Ring with Baguettes side decoration
    • R 20,400.00
      Sapphire, so good! Feeling crisp and sparkly, with this gorgeous blue bling to keep you feeling bright. 18 kt White Gold Ring with ,Oval Sapphire and Diamond decoration on the side. The Sapphire weighs 0.68 ct and the 4 baguettes on the side total 0.12 ct.  Ring Size N
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    • Yellow Gold Scorpion Brooch
    • R 36,980.00
      A fun yet sexy piece, this 18 kt Yellow Gold Scorpion Brooch has Sapphires, Diamonds, and 2 little Rubies for eyes. Perfect for decorating winter woolies, or summer tees!  Diamonds totaling 0.18 ct Sapphires totaling 1.80 ct. 37mm (1.45") from tail to claws and about 16mm (0.62") width.  
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Necklace with Diamonds and Sapphires
    • R 42,700.00
      Pleasing on the eye, and incredibly lovely, this 18 kt Yellow Gold Necklace with Diamonds and Sapphires is a versatile piece that will have you carrying beauty with you, everywhere... 48 diamonds totaling 0.24 ct 30 Sapphires totaling 0.30 ct 
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    • Owl Pendant with Sapphire and Diamond and Ruby eyes
    • R 35,640.00
      We also come alive at night! Show your individuality with this Exclusive Hand-Made Piece, a stunning 18kt White Gold Owl Pendant set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. A real conversation-starter.  Diamonds totaling 0.14ct, Rubies 0.08ct Sapphires 0.78 ct  Price excludes Chain  
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    • 6091e0_8de3419b010f4952aaae27a754c76cf1~mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2.jpg
    • R 8,500.00
      Flower power! You will feel as charming as this dainty dangling pendant, when you pop it around your neck. Sparkling with diamonds and a fabulous Sapphire, it is made of 18kt White gold. Depending what you wear it with, it can be worn for day or night! Sapphire 0.56ct. Diamonds totaling 0.05ct Chain not included.
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    • 6091e0_aee07d29b8004331b20ff4dbb5432cda~mv2_d_1726_1977_s_2.jpg
    • R 61,700.00
      Decorate your ears with high style and spectacular design. These 18 kt Yellow Gold  Intrigue Hoop Earrings with Sapphire and Diamonds will have you feeling haute!  Total of diamonds is 0.76 ct Total of Sapphire is 1.86 ct. Lenghth 22 mm  /  7/8" 
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    • Yellow Gold leafy style Earrings with Diamonds and Sapphire center stone
    • R 14,100.00
      The graceful curves of these 18 kt Yellow Gold Half-Hoop Earrings are designed to make the lights catch that Sapphire and all those Diamonds. With the design of leaves on each side lending an antique air to your style, you will walk with your head held high!   Total diamonds is 0.12 ct Total Saphires is 0.90 ct 0.65 inch long x 0.31...
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    • 18 kt Gold  Drop Earrings with a Diamond and 3 Color Stones : Sapphire, Ruby and Emearald.
    • R 11,200.00
      These earrings are so stylish, with their gleaming, uniquely designed drops of Red, Blue, Green and A sparkling diamond. Any age of woman will feel like her collection is completed, when her happy eyes see these!  18kt Yellow Gold  Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire total 0.28 ct Diamonds total 0.10 ct. 15mm long x 0.14 0.60 inch long x 3.70
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    • 6091e0_6eec75fe527b466a9971c0b048ad2b18~mv2.jpg
    • R 12,360.00
      An intricate leaf-design makes this 9kt Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring an exceptional jewelry item. It looks wonderful, and will fill you with wonder!  16 small Diamonds totaling 0.10ct Sapphire size 0.48ct Width: 8mm / 0.3 inch  Two rings are available: Size M and size L and a half Matching Earrings are available SKU # 18YEDG1
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