Pearls and Gold Bracelet

R 700

Pearl and Gold Bracelet 

This Bracelet features 6.5mm glass pearl beads and hematite stones painted gold in between. 

Pearl and Gold bracelet, sophistication at its most appealing. This bracelet is something that can be dressed up or down giving the wearer that air of grace and confidence. Every powerful woman out there needs for today's busy living.

We are making sure that these special designs are now accessible to everyone. No matter the budget we can accommodate almost every dream. Every woman needs a string of pearls.  Follow this link to see the matching necklace. 

This piece is part of a very versatile collection, suited for any pocket. The glass pearl beads in this bracelet can be swapped out for genuine pearls at any size or color and the hematite beads painted gold can be real 9kt or 18kt gold, silver, or even platinum. 

We also service all pearl jewelry. If you need restringing, as well as clasp replacement - it is all possible. 

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