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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Circled Two Tone Matt and Shiny Necklace
    • R 137,600.00
      18kt Yellow Gold Necklace. It is two Toned. Links are Yellow Gold Matt and Domes that connect the Links are Shiny and made out of White Gold. It has a matching Bracelet SKU # 18YBR7
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold 45cm Matt and Shiny Cross Over Necklace
    • R 24,750.00
      9 kt, 45cm in length, Yellow Gold Necklace with Matt links in Yellow Gold and Shiny Cross Over in White Gold. It has a matching bracelet SKU # 9YB10. The Bracelet has opposite colors where the links are in White Gold and the Cross Over is in Yellow Gold.
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    • Gold Necklace
    • R 45,500.00
      Yellow Gold Necklace with a "Herring Bone" look. Sleek looking Necklace that feels smooth and solid on the neck.
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    • Gucci Necklace in Yellow Gold
    • R 61,800.00
      Show your impeccable style and taste with this 18 kt Yellow Gold Gucci Necklace - it is the kind of piece that looks both classic and fashion-current at the same time!  50 cm long, or about 19.7 inch long Each link is 8mm wide or 0.3 inch wide
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    • Yellow Gold Belcher Necklace
    • R 41,070.00
      Sometimes you just feel like chains, positive chains ;}}. An any-season item, the 9 kt Yellow Gold Belcher-Designed chain with a Signoretti clasp. This fancy clasp allows one to wear the necklace backwards and forwards. The necklace is 45cm long or 17.7 inches.  
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    • Gold Figaro Chain
    • R 69,540.00
      The light from your personality will glint off this 9 kt Yellow Gold Figaro Necklace. Can be worn by men or women - the only thing you need in common, is style!  Length: 45cm / 17.5 inches. Link width: about 8 mm / 0.39 inches.
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