14kt Tree of Life Pendant

R 10,680

14kt Tree of Life Pendant

14kt Tree of Life Pendant is in yellow gold and is shaped like a tree cut-out.  The size of the pendant is about 2cm in width. This tree of life pendant is a beautiful expression of what you value most - life and prosperity.

The intricate network of branches is also a symbol of the connection to our family. The Tree of Life symbol can therefore also represent re-birth, positive energy, and new beginnings. It is an inspiring, grounding, and calming symbol that has also become very popular in jewelry and will make a beautiful and meaningful gift to anyone on any occasion, like for the sweet 16 bdays or the 21st bday, which in South Africa is a major stepping stone into adulthood. Throughout their lifetime trees grow and change. developing their own characteristics which make them all unique.  The tree of life can also symbolize one's individuality as one grows, develop, and change throughout our lifetime.

The price is for the pendant only. The chain is priced separately. We can discuss chain options to match the pendant.  The pendant can be ordered using any metal (white or gold; 9kt; 14kt or 18kt; silver or platinum.  When ordering, please take into consideration ten business working days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by Whatsapp to start a conversation and ask us any questions you might have.  You can of course use any means of communication like calling or emailing.


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