18kt Map of Africa with an Elephant embossed

R 19,440

18kt Map of Africa with an Elephant embossed

18kt yellow gold Map of Africa pendant is showing the outline only of the map with the mighty elephant embossed and occupying the upper part of Africa filling up most of the space of North Africa till about the middle of the map, leaving the space from the middle line to the tip of Africa bare. Elephant's head is pointing upwards and his trunk is reaching the Morrocan shores. His front two feet are resting on the Ghana coastline and Gabon. His back feet are resting in Kenya.

One of our big 5's, the mighty elephant with his thunderous roar of rumblings and his warning sounds of trumpeting. Our gentle giant of Africa.

This is a perfect gift for him, for his birthday or as a souvenir from the trip to Africa.

The price is for the pendant only. The chain is priced separately. We can discuss chain options to match the pendant.

Please do not hesitate to contact us below by Whatsapp to start a conversation and ask us any questions you might have.


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