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    • Diamond Mabe Pearl Pendant in a frame
    • R 4,950.00
      Lady's Gorgeous Mabe Pearl Pendant with an enhancer frame and  with Diamonds Around. Diamonds Totaling 0.03ct
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    • Mabe Pink Pearl Ring
    • R 5,600.00
      Gorgeous Pink Mabe Pearl Ring Set in 9 kt Yellow Gold. Ring Size O 1/2
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    •  Mabe Pearl Pendant with detailed  Yellow Gold
    • R 6,600.00
      This Lovely Precious Mabe Pearl Pendant Handcrafted with 9 kt Gold.
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    • Mabe Pearls Earrings With Diamonds
    • R 5,410.00
      Pair of Mabe Pearl Stud Earrings With Diamonds set in 9 kt Yellow Gold. Clip/pin closure which makes it Comfortable To wear. These Mabe Pearls Stand-Out With Great Elegance And Beauty. Diamonds Totaling 0.06ct
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold Mabe Pearl Ring
    • R 9,890.00
      If you like all eyes on you, this utterly gorgeous, stand-out ring is your perfect choice! The broad 9kt Yellow Gold band gleams as the light hits it, capped by this bold and lustrous Mabe Pearl. Ring Size P1/2
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings
    • R 13,370.00
      This pair of unusual, bohemian-inspired earrings combine Pearls with hoops, something you don't often see! The 18kt Yellow Gold Hoop carries the beautiful Diamond-Shaped Pearl Cluster. Earrings for every occasion, with a little bit of extra flair.  A Traditional Wedding Occasion item.  Pearl Stars can be removed and the Hoops can be worn naked.
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    • Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings
    • R 2,170.00
      9 kt Yellow Gold  Fancy Pearl Earrings.
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    • White Gold Bracelet with Pearl Beads
    • R 2,470.00
      A touch of romance, in this 9 kt White Gold Tube Bracelet with Pearl Beads. It is simple, but so sweet! Wear alone or in a collection.  It has a matching Necklace, check SKU # 9WN4
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    • Gold Shell with a Pearl
    • R 3,650.00
      Peekaboo pearl in a charming 9 kt Yellow Gold Shell! A delightful pendant, that makes you feel cute and fabulous!  Price excludes chain.
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    • White Gold Tube Necklace with Beads
    • R 4,120.00
      A 9 kt White Gold Tube Necklace with small Pearly beads is the perfect accessory for almost any look. This one is 42 cm in length which means that it sits quite snugly around the neck. it has a matching Bracelet in 9 kt White Gold SKU # 9WB11. This Necklace is available in 9 kt Yellow Gold too SKU #9YN29
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    • Pearls and Beads Necklace
    • R 6,640.00
      Giving pearls a new look! This necklace of Pearls with Hematite Beads and Red Beads gives a new twist to a classic feel. A 9 ct Yellow Gold clasp holds it together. Necklace length is 45cm.   Pearls are 5.5mm in Diameter.  
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    • Fresh Water Pearls Necklace
    • R 1,190.00
      A string of pearls brings class and ageless beauty. This Classic Pearl Necklace is 60 cm in length.
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    • Pearl Studs
    • R 2,010.00
      Simple. Stylish. Timeless. Stud Pearl Earrings, with the Pearls sitting in a 9 kt Yellow Gold base.
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    • Pearl Beads and Gold
    • R 4,120.00
      This is a choice item, a lovely 9 kt Yellow Gold Necklace decorated with little Pearl Beads that gleam beautifully.  42 cm in length, which means that it fits nicely around the neck. This Necklace is available in 9 kt White Gold (SKU # 9WN4) And has a matching Bracelet in 9 kt White Gold SKU # 9WB11.
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    • Mobe Pearl Earrings in Yellow Gold
    • Sold Out
      A drop from the ocean! Feel the sea breeze flowing, which these 9 kt Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Pearl Earrings Clip pin closure. 2.4 cm in length.