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    • Yellow Gold Men's Ring
    • R 26,450.00
      The stamp of boldness! This 18 kt Yellow Gold Men's Ring boasts a a 0.03 ct Diamond to give it that extra richness. Wear it like you wear your successes.  Ring size is R 1/2 
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    • Yellow Gold African Bead Ring
    • R 9,150.00
      Can you feel the sun of Africa, beating down on your bare arms? This hand crafted  African Design Ring is made of 14kt Yellow Gold, with a Two-Color Beaded design of rich, authentic colors, blue and red. Carry Africa in your hand!  Ring Size N Ring Cannot Be Re-Sized
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Tiger Eye Ring
    • R 4,000.00
      Remember that song, The Eye of the Tiger? That's how this 9 kt Yellow Gold Tiger Eye Ring will make you feel. Bold. On form. Doing your best!     Ring Size Q    
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    • Silver Ring with Elephant Hair
    • R 900.00
      An eye-catching Silver Ring with strings of Elephant Hair, that can be worn by both men and women. It is chic but understated, with an opening allowing the ring to be adjustable to different finger sizes.  Ring's width is about 8mm (0.3")
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    • Silver Ring with Elephant Hair
    • R 1,580.00
      Wonderful things come in 3's! This unisex ring is one of them, with it's clean, structural design comprising of of three strings of Elephant Hair in gleaming silver.  Africa, adorned.  Ring's width is 9mm or 0.35" Ring size is O.
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    • 14kt Yellow Gold with Elephant Hair
    • R 12,400.00
      This is a kiss, blown from Africa! This fabulous unisex ring is made of Elephant Hair, with a bold gold X to hold it in place while adding a sophisticated detail. Enjoy, X!  14 kt Yellow Gold  The ring has an opening, and it can be adjusted to any size.  
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    • Gold Ring with Elephant Hair that can be adjusted
    • R 15,400.00
      This Ring is Unisex, perfectly suited to the man or woman who loves the thrill of travel. This is also a great gift idea both for men and woman: anyone who wears it wears the golden sunset of Africa, illuminating the majestic Elephant in it's glow.  14 kt Yellow Gold Ring with one string of Elephant Hair and Twisted Edges....
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    • Elephant Hair Ring
    • R 10,500.00
      No matter how far you may be from Africa, this elephant hair ring will help keep your memory sharp! Oh, and of course, keep you looking sharp too.  14 Kt Yellow Gold Ring with Braided Elephant Hair.  Rings Size. O
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    • Men's Ring with a center diamond
    • R 78,200.00
      The name's Bond. What do you think of my ring? Classic-shaped Men's Ring, also worn brilliantly by women. The Diamond is held in place by 4 claws, in a square shape setting; a distinctive design crafted to make the diamond appear even larger.  18 kt White Gold Ring with a center diamond of 0.55 ct S13 Color G Ring Size...
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    • Men's Signet Ring
    • R 9,800.00
      Bold! Really bold. Like you. Excellent for personal engraving, this 18 kt Yellow Gold Signet Ring makes no excuses.  Ring size is R.
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    • White Gold Ring with a Round center Diamond and side Baguettes
    • R 174,600.00
      18 kt White Gold Ring that has a center diamond of 0.80 ct SI1 color I. It has 10 Baguettes on the each side totaling 0.60 ct. Ring size is T 1/2
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    • Princess Cut Diamond Ring
    • R 93,500.00
      Bold, streamlined, and thoroughly modern! You will feel the beat of the city with this 18 kt White Gold unisex Ring.  0.61ct VS2 color G Certified Diamond. Ring size is O.
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    • White Gold Ring with Princess cut Diamonds Brush finish - unisex
    • R 33,060.00
      Make your mark, with this plush piece! This bold unisex ring is designed to be worn by women as well as men, with a brush finish on the 18 kt white gold that gives it an uber modern feel.  It has 2 diamonds of 0.02 ct on each side totaling 0.08 ct. The center features a square of 9 Princess cut...
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    • Platinum Men's Diamond Ring with a center diamond and baguettes on the sides
    • R 180,250.00
      This Platinum Diamond Ring with a Center diamond is a real treat for the man who wants to spoil himself. You deserve it, man! Center Diamond 0.90 ct Color E and clarity of I1. Side Diamonds are 7 baguettes on each side (14 in all) totaling 0.48 ct.   Ring size is N 1/2
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    • Unisex Ring, White Gold and Tanznite
    • R 36,770.00
      Put your stamp on it! This 18 kt White Gold Men's Tanzanite Ring is very special,  because of the rarity of Tanzanite being used in men's rings. That said, this ring can be Unisex - as style has no limits!  Round Tanzanite stone of 1.24ct, comes with a certificate. Ring size is M 1/2
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