Oval Sapphire Stones

R 820

Oval Sapphire Stones

Dimens 3.0x4.7 3.2x4.3 3.2x5.1 3.5x4.2 3.5x4.5 3.5x5.25 3x4 4x6 5.1x7
Color: Blue
Shape: Oval
Category: Sapphire
Weight: 0.17 0.24 0.24 0.31 0.26 0.34 0.15 0.64 1.09
Price in Rands 1880 2660 3820 3935 3300 2875 1905 10160 30445


Sapphire is a gemstone associated with royalty. Sapphire is believed to be good for attracting abundance, blessings, and gifts. It has been used to protect against negative energies, calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity.

You can make a pendant, ring, or bracelet using this stone, and you can use it in combination with other stones like diamonds opals, or sapphires to create your dream piece of jewelry.

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