Pear Shape Tanzanite Gemstone and Diamonds Halo Pendant

SKU: 18WPT97

R 48,200

Pear Shape Tanzanite Gemstone and Diamonds Halo Pendant

The bail is holding a White Gold Pendant which holds a certified Pear shape Tanzanite stone and brilliant Diamonds. And the Tanzanite stone is 3.45 ct and the 25 diamonds totaling 0.25ct. 
Beware, this pendant comes with celebrity status! The chic and sophisticated curves of this piece will make you feel as lovely as you look, magazine-ready.  

Please note that this item has been SOLD, but a similar item can be custom-made, using any other stone in a different cut.

The price of the item will vary according to your requirements.  A Quote will be worked out for the item you dream of.

Check out our loose gemstone collection, and in particular our Tanzanite Collection of loose stones.  Click here.

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