18kt White Gold Round Diamonds with Baguettes Stud Earrings

R 37,000

18kt White Gold Round Diamonds with Baguettes Stud Earrings 

18kt White Gold Round Diamonds Stud Earrings with Baguettes.  Round diamond earrings featuring an X from Baguettes.  This is a fine arrangement of diamonds to create a  distinct x shape in a round frame.  The Center diamond is 0.15ct totaling 0.30ct.  There are 8 baguette diamonds in both earrings totaling about 0.32ct and 16 small round diamonds totaling 0.19ct.  To quickly help you sum the carat weight of the diamonds in this pair - we have 0.71 ct.

The diamond studs have big stabilizers which hold the earring firmly against the ear.  

The earrings are great as an anniversary gift as she will love you forever for getting such a stunning pair where she can feel so proud wearing them on special occasions.

I can also give you the option of switching the center diamonds for any gemstone of your choice, for example, if you are buying this pair as a bday gift, one can choose the birthstone of that month. In this case, we can adjust the price.  

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