Genuine Pearls and Hematite Necklace

R 1,800

Genuine Pearls and Hematite Necklace

Genuine Pearls and Hematite Necklace.  An all-time favorite Pearl with Hematite necklace always gives that wow factor. The length of the Pearl necklace is 39cm and adjusted to 44cm long.  

This fashionable pearl necklace is lustrous with black hematite beads.  The pearl necklace is dreamy, and elegant and will add just the right touch of elegance to your "little black dress. 

You might want to get a matching bracelet.  Check the bracelet.

Have a look at the picture of the clasp. The clasp is adjustable letting you decide which length you want to wear for which outfit, therefore, giving you flexibility.

According to history,  pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. The gems are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. They are well-known for their calming effects and the  Hematite is grounding and also protection.

We also service all pearl jewelry. If you need restringing, as well as clasp replacement - it is all possible. 

This Hematite and Pearl Necklace has been SOLD and a similar one can be ordered for you 

The price of the item will vary according to your requirements.  A quote will be worked out for the item you dream of.

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