Gold Chain, 9 karat Yellow Gold

R 5,780

Basic 9 Karat Yellow Gold Chain

This 9 karats yellow gold chain matches most pendants. Pendants that are not too heavy and not too bold can hang on this basic chain that is both neutral in its design and unisex. The length of the chain is 45cm.

This chain is not too thin to break with the slightest pull; it is strong but delicate.

If you are buying a gift, then there is definitely no need to worry if this chain will be liked by the receiver. This chain is a no-brainer... 

This Chain has been SOLD and a similar one can be ordered for you in any metal (9, 14, or 18kt) in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

The price of the item will vary according to your requirements.  A quote will be worked out for the item you dream of.


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