Silver Pendant with Elephant Hair Springbok

R 2,100

Silver Pendant with Elephant Hair Springbok

Silver Pendant with Elephant Hair Springbok, are two silver plates, securing the strands of elephant hair between them, exposing the elephant hair under the leaping  Springbok. The rock art design is uniquely African.

 Wearing a pendant like this inspires gratitude. The Springbok symbolizes excitement and a reminder to find happiness in the little things. You can however request a different animal on the pendant - maybe you prefer a giraffe or a bushman or a dancing lady. Scroll through the Elephant Hair collection to see what else can inspire you or which other item can match this piece.

The pendant can be made in any metal of your choice (9kt, 14kt, 18kt in white, yellow, or rose gold, and silver of course). This is upon request and can be customized to your wishes.

This pendant is part of a set fit for a queen, which includes earings, and your choice of either a bangle or bracelet. 

This unique pendant belongs to our signature elephant hair collection. There are some wild chokers, rings,  pendants, and bangles. Once you own one piece, you'll need to own them all. 

Like with human hair, you can bathe or swim with it, enjoy the jacuzzi or sauna. To condition, you can put a drop of olive or coconut oil on it.

The price for the pendant does not include the chain and we will gladly show you some possibilities.

When ordering, please take into consideration (10) ten business working days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp click on the button to start a conversation and ask us any questions you might have. 



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