Split-band White Gold Diamond Ring


R 8,600

Split-band White Gold Diamond Ring

Split-band White Gold Diamond Ring - this 9 karat white gold metal features split-band where the diamond meets at the center and the setting is above the band, making it a truly distinctive solitaire design . The diamond is 0,16 carats.

This engagement ring is an expression of love and appreciation by a partner. When she wears this ring -  it serves as a reminder of your never-ending love for her. It will be hard to take this wedding band off.

The ring can be made for any finger size. When ordering, please take into consideration ten business working days.

The center diamond can be bigger or smaller as the budget permits and adjustments to the base price will be discussed. This ring can also be ordered in yellow gold.

Please do not hesitate to contact us below by WhatsApp to start a conversation and ask us any questions you might have.

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