Custom Made Jewelry: Turning Dreams Into Reality!

We Have Been Customizing Jewelry In Cape Town Since 1991

 Do you have any precious stones or metals that you have imagined having made into your dream jewelry pieces? Or some jewelry items that you know you will never wear, but would love to have remade into something you or a loved one would get joy from owning?

 Many of our clients have dream jewelry items in mind but don’t know how to make it come to life.  Some of them have existing stones that are desperate to be set or reset so that they can be worn in their true beauty. I am always so happy to see their images or sketches, or for them to explain even a basic idea of the items they desire because our master goldsmiths have the craftsmanship to make that dream a beautiful reality.

 But pictures speak louder than words, so here are some of our success stories to show you what I mean!

This is our custom-made Citrine Ring and Citrine Pendant Set.

Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Citrine Custom Jewelry


Some years ago, our customer received two large, gorgeous Citrines as a birthday gift from her mother. Although she loved the deep orange glow of these stones, she left them to collect dust because she did not know what to do with them.

As she is a regular customer at Cape Diamond Exchange, one day she realized that all she had to do was bring the Citrines into us so that we could help her to decide how to set these stones into jewelry pieces instead of just lying in her jewelry box unseen. After a fun discussion, it was eventually decided that we would design a wonderful Citrine ring and Citrine pendant. Our trusted jeweler followed the dream idea and we came to these clean, classic, bold designs in white gold.

 Citrine is the November birthstone, as well as being the anniversary stone for the 13th year of marriage. Want to see our Citrine items? Click here for our Citrine Collection


A Wish Comes True With This Custom Made Wishbone Ring!


Another client had some gold of her own, and an idea of a wishbone ring that she wanted. A wishbone ring is designed in a ‘V' shape and named after the shape of a Wishbone. Back in the old times, people believed that if you snap the wishbone with someone, the person left with the bigger piece would have the ‘lucky break' and the wish they made would come true.

And that certainly happened with this lucky lady’s wish! After a process of sketching and chatting, followed by some planning, more sketching, and of course, more chatting, we crafted a ring that made her say “Wow, this is exactly what I wanted.”.

A Custom Made Wishbone Ring  

Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Wishbone Ring_Custom Made


Custom Created Kruger Rand's For Each Lady In The Family...

This is the story of how we made personalized Kruger Rand jewelry for three lovely ladies of one family!  

Gaby visited our website and purchased a Kruger Rand Pendant framed by 2 Elephants from. It was bought as a gift for her daughter’s graduation.

Cape Diamond Exchange_Custom Made Krugar Rand with Elephant frame


Some months later Gaby’s sister Lydia, also living in America, decided to purchase the same one as a gift for Gaby herself. She thought it would be wonderful for mother and daughter to have a matching set, and so she contacted us to order one. We didn’t have any more of the Elephant-framed Kruger Rands left, but we did have just one, the Kruger Rand itself but with a leopard head with one ruby eye.

She loved it so much that she ordered another one for herself so that each of the sisters could have one. We were more than happy to create another one, but to differentiate this one was designed with an Emerald stone eye! Lydia also wanted a chain for Gaby, to match a chain that was given to Lydia by her mother when she was a teenager. This was such a special touch, and even though I had to hunt to find the exact one… I did it, and the sisters were even more thrilled with the end result!

So now all the ladies in this family are sporting jewelry that will become heirlooms: the mom and aunt with their leopards, and the young graduate with her stunning elephant-flanked Kruger Rand.

Cape Diamond Exchange_Custom Made Kruger Rand with Leopard

We Remade These Opal Earrings For A Sensitive Skinned Client

These gorgeously glowing opals were originally set in a rather cheap metal. Our customer loved the Opals but has a sensitivity to anything other than gold and so was unable to wear them without risking an infection.

 Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Opal Earings_Custom Designing (6)

We decided to recreate the mainframe of the earrings. Part of the process is creating a mold.

 Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Opal Earrings_Custom Designing (6)  Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Opal Earrings_Custom Designing (6)

And then we cast the gold into the exact shape desired.

Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Opal Earrings_Custom Designing (6)  Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Opal Earrings_Custom Designing (6)

We recreated the mainframe in silver, with the earring hook in gold. This worked brilliantly! Our happy client now had the design that she wanted, with her beloved opals showing to perfection in metal materials that agreed with her. It was a glorious mix of style and substance.

Custom Making An Engagement Ring With A Pear-Shaped Diamond

As you can see by the special lady’s face, this engagement ring was worth every second that was put into it!

Cape Diamond Exchange_Custom Made Engagement Ring with Pear Shaped Diamond

We used our trusted process to custom make a ring with a gorgeous pear-shaped diamond that sparkles as much as she did when she first saw it. The extra-special part of this story is that the ring was created for my now daughter-in-law so this was really an engagement ring close to my heart.

Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Custom-Made Engagement Ring

My son was tireless in finding a design he knew she would love, and our master jeweler carried out the task with all the care and dedication we offer all our customers…

 What do you think of the result? Please comment, I'd love to hear from you.  

Custom Making An Eternity Wedding Ring

 And here is a custom created wedding ring for the same lucky-in-love lady, in the form of an Eternity Wedding Band. Created from a daydream, a sketch, and the trust that we would create a unique item for the most amazing day of her life, and beyond!  

 Our process is generally the same: it starts with an idea, and then a sketch, and then on to the crafting of the final piece. And the outcome is always something original, something uniquely beautiful, an item that suits the wearer perfectly!

Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Eternity Wedding Band_Custom Made


This is how one fleeting daydream can translate into something that will last the wearer for the rest of her life. For Eternity…

 Cape Diamond Exchange Jewelry_Eternity Wedding Band_Custom Made

Click here to find our engagement ring collection. 

 So these are some pieces we are very proud of having a custom-made for happy customers. Are you thinking about anything you own, that you would like to have customized? Or perhaps there is an item you may have had in mind for years, that you would like to have designed for yourself or a loved one? Call us  021 4222 350 / 021 424 6125 or out of office hours 061 338 7544.

 I look forwards to hearing from you!

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