My First Diamond

Diamonds are exceptional. Diamond jewelry is memorable.

There are lots, loads, tons of types of jewelry. Endless. All kinds of jewelry made from many different types of materials. This is not new to anyone, right? But there is nothing like wearing a real diamond! Let me explain why.


Jewelry Collection

Researching the origins of jewelry wearing...

Jewelry has been around for many years, for “forever”!

I searched the internet to learn about the history of jewelry.

One piece of information I liked that I noted is that shell necklaces were found dating back to over 100,000 years ago. Incredible! People used to make jewelry from shells, bones, tusks, claws, teeth, wood, and anything else they could find.

Jewelry was (and still is) a symbol of status.

  • Jewelry showed accomplishment – like the person who finished a course and got a pin for it, differentiating him from the rest.
  • Jewelry had a financial value – the bigger the stone, the better the investment.
  • Jewelry had a social financial value J– the bigger the diamond, the more people think thought you were rich…
  • Jewelry was a spiritual symbol – the diamond engagement ring can be an example.

So, people loved jewelry for hundreds of thousands of years. They love it now, and they will continue to love it in the future. It is one of the things that make people happy. Wearing jewelry is one of the joys of life.

Do you still have your first Diamond?

Little girls start their collection of jewelry from the age of two probably. Girls love their plastic pink beads, or big dangling plastic earrings, usually clip-ons (that hurt their ears, but they still wear them). Then, they have the big bangles that keep on sliding off. And so it goes... Girls collect their jewelry, and they have a little jewelry box where they keep their treasures.

Baby love Jewelry

My daughter had her ears pierced when she was 10 or so, and that year, for her birthday, for anyone that asked her what she wanted for her birthday, the answer was always earrings. Everyone got her earrings, and she suddenly had this lovely big collection of earrings, and she would change them daily, and match, and have fun.

A girl’s treasure is really her little jewelry box that grows bigger as she becomes a teenager and a young adult. Jewelry might change, but most girls have that treasure box as a possession.

While it is great to have different jewelry made of different materials, I am writing this blog post to encourage you all to wear diamonds!

Yes, let’s wear diamonds!

Diamonds are magical, and you can have this magic at an early age. Diamonds don’t necessarily mean very expensive! And you don’t have to wait to get your diamonds from your boyfriend. You don’t have to wait for the engagement ring to have your first diamond.

The purpose of this blog is not to push for feminism, independence, etc. I am simply letting you know about a product that will make you feel special. Just like owning a pair of shoes can make you feel special, but a diamond

A Diamond is a tiny possession with huge power.

While there is no scientific study I can direct you to, many ladies worldwide have given unequivocal evidence from their coffee table conversations that there is just a special X factor, a unique feeling, that comes from wearing a diamond.

But… the best is to try it for yourself! Go out there and walk into the first jewelry shop you see and ask to try a ring on.

You do not have to try on the biggest, the most expensive ring; you don’t have to try on an engagement ring even. Just try to find something that you can afford. Imagine yourself having this diamond ring and report to yourself how you feel.

Now, put on a ring that isn’t with a real diamond, also affordable, and see how it feels. Report to yourself.

Because what is important here is how you feel.

If you feel that magic of wearing a diamond, you can start by getting yourself a small diamond – a pendant or a ring. If the diamond ring is too small for your liking, wear it with another one of your rings. Then you have two on a finger – but the diamond is there!

Later on you can match a little diamond pendant. It does not have to be the only item on your chest – you can layer it – have another necklace or chain and pendant; but the diamond is there. Check this pendant as your first diamond Pendant.

Later you can get yourself a pair of earrings. Earrings are usually a bigger investment because it is two diamonds. In a case like this, you can buy 2 small diamonds. If you like to wear bigger earrings, you can always wear the small diamond earrings on the 2nd piercing – but the diamonds are there.


You can then get a diamond bracelet with a small diamond. I guarantee that it will match all the other bracelets that you want to put on your wrist; or wear it together with a watch – but the diamond is there.

Slowly, you can grow your collection! Make it a meaningful collection.

Then you will see that you feel different about yourself, not only because of the diamonds but because you are accomplishing one of your dreams, a beautiful jewelry collection.

Some benefits of Diamonds... 

  1. And the great thing about it is that all this jewelry goes with everything:
  2. A Diamond matches every outfit. It can be dressy or casual.
  3. A Diamond is applicable for all the events 
  4. A Diamond is always in style.
  5. A Diamond is suitable for day or night, it is perfect all the time!
  6. A Diamond is wonderful on its own, and it can be great as an addition to any other jewelry you wear.
  7. Diamonds do not damage!! Whether you are swimming in the ocean, skiing on the slopes, relaxing in a jacuzzi, or taking a bath.

Really... a Diamond is simply perfect and will make you feel perfect too!!

And there is another bonus – it is forever!

Diamonds are forever. You know that, right?

This cute collection can be passed on to your daughter. You cannot pass on a pair of shoes the same way…

The special items get passed down the generations – a special piece of art, or a silver cutlery set. There are lots of items. But diamond jewelry is right on top of that list.

Diamonds are special forever!

And I end with a quote from Donatella Versace: 

My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants, and I wear diamonds.

Thank you for reading this; you are welcome to ask questions below or to just comment.

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