Yellow Gold Tube Necklace with Pearl Beading

R 4,945

Yellow Gold Tube Necklace with Pearl Beading

A lovely 9 karat yellow gold necklace decorated with little pearl beads that gleam beautifully. It is 42 cm in length, which means that it fits nicely around the neck. It's minimalist design gives it a look of classic beauty couples with youthful excitement. 

Another option that you can consider is getting another necklace and wear two of them together. It could be a bit sassier. so please check this necklace which is also available in 9 karat white gold, and you can click here to view and let your imagination do the rest.

More than that - it has a matching bracelet in 9 karat white gold. Now this could be a bit braver to mix and match the colors. Imagine yourself with a matching design necklace and bracelet but one is yellow gold and the other one is white gold. If you wish to have a look at the bracelet - click here.

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