How Much Should an Engagement Ring cost?



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So many people come to us for advice on engagement rings, so I thought it would be a good first topic to discuss…  




Historians believe that the tradition of the engagement ring originated from a Roman custom, in which a man would present his prospective bride with an engagement ring once she had accepted his marriage proposal.

When she responded positively, he would present the gift. But today, a man presents the ring at the same time as he asks the question “will you marry me?”. Perhaps men feel that a little help from the diamond will encourage their lady-loves to say “yes”!


And so it all comes down to the diamond. This can put pressure on a man to impress with a stone that might be beyond his budget.


But it should not be like that.


The engagement ring is a symbol of love, and commitment, and a beautiful new beginning. It is not a symbol of money in the bank.




Plain and simply put, my honest advice is to buy a ring that you can afford. All the jewelry shops would like to sell a bigger and more expensive diamond. In order that you can buy one they may advise you to seek financing, but I truly think that an engagement ring is a symbol of the beautiful journey that two people embark upon when they decide to spend their lives together. Therefore, you do not want the ring to be a constant reminder of financial distress.


Also, it is not advisable for a young couple to start their life-journey together with a big debt that could have been avoidable.


There are options for absolutely beautiful and perfect engagement rings, that can fit any budget.


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We are always here for you! Keep your eye on this blog for lots of engagement ring, and other jewelry, advice.


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