Which Engagement Ring Do You Prefer?

Choosing between Engagement Ring Styles

With so many engagement ring options out there it can get confusing to choose a ring. Here at Cape Diamond Exchange we have selected our favorite and most popular styles of engagement rings from our spectacular collection to help you choose the ring of your dreams! 

Engagement Ring Solitaire with four claws

Deriving from the French term meaning ‘alone‘ a solitaire ring is a diamond that is set on its own, it’s usually set high which allows maximum light to enter, enhancing its scintillation and fiery brilliance. Below is a beautiful solitaire that is held by four claws, simple in design and chic in nature.


Engagement Ring Solitaire with six claws

As one of the most popular styles of engagement rings the solitaire is a refined and traditional style ring.  Below is a stunning six-claw setting keeping its diamond safe and secure. A six-claw setting adds extra style and finesse to your ring while keeping it secure without compromising the brilliance of the diamond.



Engagement Ring Single Solitaire with Bezel Setting

Also known as a tube setting by goldsmiths, the bezel setting is a raised metal collar that wraps the rim of the diamond in a complete metal edging, it is the most reliable setting protecting the diamond better than other types of settings and when a diamond is set in white gold or platinum the reflection from the metal can make the diamond appear whiter and bigger than it actually is, making this ring a win-win for the glamorous but sporty girl on the go.

Tube Setting Solitaire Ring


Engagement Ring Solitaire with Micro-Pavé Shoulders

A carpet of small diamonds surrounds the intricate shoulders of this single solitaire ring by droplets of metal also known as Pavè setting. This ring is the ultimate in Sophistication and Elegance and makes for the perfect engagement ring for the modern woman.

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Pave Setting


Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Also known as a trilogy or trinity ring, this design supports three diamonds with deep symbolic meaning for you and your beloved to share your past, future, and present together.  The center diamond is usually set higher to bring attention to its beauty and add depth to the ring. This ring is definitely ideal for the sentimental woman who cherishes her memories.

Trilogy Engagement Ring


Halo Engagement Ring

The halo ring is definitely as romantic as it sounds and what better way to make a center diamond appear larger and bolder. This setting encircles a center solitaire with a ring of endless round micro-pavé diamonds, but why stop at one circle when you can make it a double or even more, or spilling some diamonds onto the band, creating an even larger and bigger appearance. 

Halo Enagagement Ring

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There are of course more variations, but with this knowledge and with the budget in mind, you can come to visit our store and have a look at our range and choose the ring that you think she will like.

Congratulations and may you both live Happily Ever After.

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