yellow gold diamond ring 

Cape Diamond Exchange is renowned as a jeweler of quality. Here, you can choose from one of our exceptional designs, or bring in your own existing designs for us to make up in accordance to your specific style requirements.

Most of our items are one-of-a-kind. When an item is sold we usually do not replace it. 

Our items hit many different styles, with the hope that there could be an item for everyone's preference. These can vary from Vintage to sparkly, to minimalist to bold or they could be for a larger budget and for a smaller budget. We also have items that are with stones and others are the metal only (gold or silver).

The website is a small representation of our range. The store has the full selection of items, so if possible - please do come to visit us.

Cape Diamond Exchange - Store frontWe are located in the center of Cape Town Business District. St. George's Mall corner ShortMarket St.

Please note that when a replacement is needed - it is most likely that the same item cannot be found because most diamonds and gemstones are different and have different sizes, sparkle, proportions and carat weights, but we can always do our best to match what is needed.

Items that are SOLD OUT on the website, can be custom made to create a similar item, again as said - we will do our best to source a stone that is as close as possible to the original or even nicer! 

Our unique range of jewelry includes: