Gifts For Her On Anniversary Milestones

Why do we celebrate anniversary milestones?

Marriage is a symbol of two individuals uniting in their love for one another, to live the rest of their lives supporting each other, growing together, and expanding their family. Anniversary milestones are a fantastic way to acknowledge all that your partner has done for you over the years and a romantic way to keep the flame in your marriage alive.

The Marriage and keeping the relationship going, through all the ups and downs; better and worse; richer and poorer; sickness and in health IS a major feat - it's an achievement that requires great courage, skill, and strength and therefore should and must be acknowledged. Well done to both of you for another successful year! 

What is the right gift for your 1st year Anniversary?

I recommend Silver Jewelry because... 

Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity so why not add some spark to your relationship by gifting your partner with sliver jewelry. It’s easy on the eye and friendly on the wallet.

Silver Selection

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What is the right gift for your 5th year Anniversary?

I recommend Hoop Earrings because... 

As a circle represents wholeness and completeness so you and your partner complete each other! What better way to celebrate 5 years of marriage with a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings.

Also - the possibility is that you have a kid already and now you are "a whole family".

Hoop Earrings 

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What is the right gift for your 10th year Anniversary?

I recommend Diamond Earrings because... 

You’ve made it to the 10-year mark and like diamonds nothing can scratch your relationship, honor this with a beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings that will transcend all fashion trends and only mature with age.

Diamond Earrings

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What is the right gift for your 15th year Anniversary?

I recommend an Eternity Band because...

Add more sparkle to your existing wedding ring and get some excitement back into your marriage by adding an extra eternity band. Eternity bands come in a variety of designs and the choices are endless.

Eternity Bands

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What is the right gift for your 20th year Anniversary?

I recommend A Tennis Bracelet because... 

No outfit is complete without some arm candy. Add drama to your outfit with a tennis bracelet by getting creative and pairing it with an evening watch, stack them with different wrist accessories or keep it classy and wear this versatile accessory with your wedding ring.

Tennis Bracelet

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What is the right gift for your 25th year Anniversary?

I recommend a Necklace because... 

After a grateful 25 years with your spouse say thank you by gifting a gorgeous necklace that can be added and matched with her already existing jewelry bought lovingly by you over the years ;)

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What is the right gift for your 30th year Anniversary?

I recommend Pearls because... 

Your wife has always been the pearl in your life! Surprise her with beautiful pearl jewelry and remind her of the little pearls of wisdom that she has provided for you over the years.

Pearl Jewelry   

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What is the right gift for your 35th year Anniversary?

I recommend a Brooch because...  

Brooches are a fantastic way to look dressy and show your personality without wearing too much jewelry. Wear a brooch to express your inner animal sign or to add extra character to your outfit.


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For your 40th year Anniversary and more - hopefully, you both got there healthy and strong, her jewelry Treasure Chest is nice and full, the best gift is to take her, the children and the grandchildren for a long weekend. These pleasure moments are for both of you but more than that - it will be pleasure moments that your children and grandchildren will remember for a long long time as "that great weekend with grandma and grandpa".

Cheers and Sparkle on!

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