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Why do we say Diamonds Are Forever?



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I love working with diamonds, they are so interesting. I have learned some fun facts about diamonds over my years in this industry, and I thought I would share some with you.


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Have some sparkling diamond trivia at your fingertips by reading this blog post! And please feel free to add your own, in the comments box.




The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means indestructible and/or invincible. Flowers fade, perfume dries up, clothing gets out of fashion, even cars do not last. But a Diamond… now that is a forever gift, it is true!


I have seen diamonds come into the store to be evaluated or to be reset in a new designed ring, which have been passed from great-grandmothers to daughters of daughters… and the diamond is still beautiful, as sparkling and valuable as when it was first cut.




Since the 15th century, diamond engagement rings were found only among European aristocracy and nobility.


The De Beers Group, established in 1888, is an international corporation that specializes in diamonds. De Beers used its dominant position through the 20th Century to influence and monopolize the international diamond market. They successfully advertised diamonds in such a way as to create a consumer demand, a game that all marketers play. And with this campaign creating a growing public demand, diamonds became ever more popular.


Diamonds are no longer only for nobility and aristocrats.


Moreover, in 1947 De Beers’ marketing efforts changed the diamond world forever when they coined the famous advertising slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’. Half a decade later, in 2000 the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’ was named as the best advertising slogan of the 20th Century, by the magazine Advertising Age.  


One can see why the diamond has become so strongly associated with engagement rings; a diamond represents everything you want to show and give to a loved one – it’s all in one!


Therefore, when you look for that perfect diamond, you want to know that the one you choose is unique and has a special value. When going to buy the engagement ring, bear in mind the meaning of the stone, and what is symbolizes. This will make it easier to decide on the budget, and part with the money!


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