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    • 3 Color Gold Bracelet with Cubic Zircon
    • R 29,200.00
      Who is not fascinated by the big powerful Elephant? This gleaming, beautifully decorated bracelet is not only a precious piece of Africa, but a fantastic talking-piece.  14 kt Three color Matt Elephant detailed Bracelet with Cubic Zircon, that gives it a more dazzling finish.
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    • 9 kt White Gold and Cubic Zircon Elephant Bracelet
    • R 17,930.00
      This  Elegant Elephant Bracelet Is A beautiful piece of Africa, manifested in 9kt White Gold. The Cubic Zircon Elephants are gorgeously details, following one another in a lovely row. It has a matching necklace. 
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    • Gucci style Bracelet
    • R 56,900.00
      Stylish and sophisticated, this piece is also really sexy. The 18kt Yellow Gold of this 19cm Double Belcher Gucci Bracelet is the perfect material for a uniquely feminine appeal. Feel the excitement of the city when you wear it.   Two Open Link Bars.  
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold 19cm Anchor Link Bracelet
    • R 24,500.00
      In today's world men and women have a lot of cross-over fashion and accessories. This Unisex 18kt Yellow Gold Anchor Link Bracelet is a perfect example of a jewelry item that looks perfect on him or on her, whether worn with weekend casuals or to add that special 'pow' to a power suit.  Go for gold. Every day.  Bracelt measures 19cm. ...
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold Curb Link 21cm Bracelet
    • R 7,600.00
      This sleekly streamlined 9kt Yellow Gold Curb Link Bracelet has such gleaming appeal. A stand-out Unisex item, it adds pure pizzaz to anything it is worn with.  Bracelet measures 21cm
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    • Two Colors Gold, Matt and shinny Bracelet
    • R 64,300.00
      18kt Yellow Gold Bracelet. It is two Toned. Links are Yellow Gold Matt and Domes that connect the Links are Shiny and made out of White Gold. It has a matching Necklace SKU # 18YN3
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    • 21cm 9kt Yellow Gold Curb Bracelet
    • R 11,055.00
      Keeping to a bold theme, this Curb Link Bracelet is a perfect fit for any woman or man who likes to feel the weight of something solid on their wrist. Sublimely crafted from 9 kt Yellow Gold. Wear it as a stand-alone piece, or added to a watch or other arm accessories.  Bracelet measures 21cm. 
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    • Silver Circled Shaped link Bracelet with Tiger's Head
    • R 6,140.00
      This Silver Bracelet with Circle-Shaped links has an elegantly ferocious Tiger's Head that makes you feel fierce! Feel like you can take a bite out of any day, with this gorgeous bracelet giving you the strength to conquer anything life throws at you.      
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    • Silver Rolo links Fancy Bracelet
    • R 2,430.00
      In the light of the silvery moon, anything seems possible. The Circled Shaped pieces form an endless silver cycle, and you will feel like you can be, do, or have anything you wish for when wearing this Silver Rolo-Links Bracelet.  Length? 22cm / 8.6"
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    • Silver Fancy Bracelet with a Star Charm
    • R 2,020.00
      Did you ever think it would be so easy to reach for stars... and get them? We love this piece, and you will too. Our Silver Belcher-Link Bracelet has a swinging Star Charm that will raise your spirits every time you see it. A perfect prezzie. 
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    • Silver Infinity Fancy Bracelet
    • R 4,820.00
      This intricately woven Silver Infinity Bracelet is the perfect accessory to an infinitely lovely life! Superbly crafted, elegant, with a touch of bohemian magic.    Feeling fabulous is a sure way to bring more fabulousness into your life, so why not start... right now. 
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    • Bracelet with Heart Shaped Disc
    • R 4,450.00
      This gleaming, gorgeous Silver Silver Belcher Bracelet has some delicious details, including chunky little rings and clasp, and a heart-shaped charm. (It will uplift her spirits every time she looks at it, and thinks of you!)
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    • Silver Beads in Bracelet
    • R 830.00
      A darling accessory that can be worn alone, or added to a collection. Makes for a great gift... even for yourself :}} Slinky Bracelet with Silver Beads. It has a matching Necklace. Check SKU # SCH45
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    • Elephant Hair Strings Bangle
    • R 26,740.00
      This flawless and flexible Elephant Hair Bracelet has a gold frame that allows one to adjust the bangle to any size wrist. Africa is known for it's elephant hair bracelet. The legend of African hair bracelet dates back to about 1500 years ago where is believed that people who wear this hair bracelet are protected against misfortunes, harm, and illnesses.    ...
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    • silver bracelet
    • R 3,640.00
      This bold Silver Bracelet is unisexy! Chunky and funky, it is a classic piece that is also super-modern. An over-sized Singoretti Clasp adds to the allure.
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    • Silver Bracelet, 22 cm
    • R 2,330.00
      Richly intricate, this interwoven bracelet combines many intertwined links, to give you a look of glamour and allure.  A stunning Singoretti Clasp holds it's ends together. 22 cm long / 8.66" in inches    
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    • Silver Bracelet, Big links
    • Sold Out
      Be a big-link babe, in this boss Silver Bracelet! The Big Links gleam as you take the lead, or while kicking back watching the sunset, martini in hand!  Silver Bracelet, 21 cm long or in inches 8.26". It has a glam matching Necklace - check SN27. Made in Italy.    
    • Charms Bracelet
    • R 11,700.00
      This precious 9 kt Gold Charm Bracelet has 5 different and delightful dangly charms that will appeal to any young girl. The Enamel Charms include a blue purse, orange purse, lipstick, comb, and mirror. The length of the bracelet is 18.5 cm OR - about 7.3 inches   
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    • Tennis Bracelet
    • R 71,840.00
      A Tennis Bracelet is so full of diamonds, it brings the ultimate bling! Feel flashy and fabulous every day... you deserve it.  Please note the drop down menu for the selection of Tennis Bracelets that we have. Tennis Bracelet is measured by the number of diamonds and their total Carat weight and this changes the price accordingly.
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    • Yellow and White Gold Bracelet with Elephants
    • Sold Out
      So precious! This 9 kt Yellow Gold and White Gold Bracelet has White Gold Elephants marching all around the wrist, set with small Cubic Zircon stones. The matte Yellow Gold bars remind us of the African sunset... a delicious reminder of this magnificent continent.  We can also do it in a shining finish, just let us know!  
    • Big links gold bracelet
    • R 92,950.00
      We love a chunky piece of statement jewelry! For the times you just feel like being loud and proud, this 18 kt Yellow Fancy Gold Bracelet with big links is absolutely spot on.  Length: 20cm / 7.8".
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    • Gucci Bracelet, 9kt Yellow Gold
    • R 7,500.00
      We love it so much we put it into a heart-shape, and we know you will love it too! On it's own or part of a collection, this 9 kt Gold Gucci Bracelet is glamorous and will make you feel super-stylish.  19cm in length.
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    • White Gold Bracelet with Pearl Beads
    • R 2,470.00
      A touch of romance, in this 9 kt White Gold Tube Bracelet with Pearl Beads. It is simple, but so sweet! Wear alone or in a collection.  It has a matching Necklace, check SKU # 9WN4
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    • Gold Bangle with Elephant Hair
    • R 59,580.00
      This handsome piece is great for wintry clothing, or as a dramatic addition to summer-wear! A 14 kt Yellow Gold Three String Elephant Hair Bangle to start any collection and a great African Souvenir. 
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    • 9 kt Yellow and White Gold oval loops
    • R 9,600.00
      When you want to feel you have something unique, that is still a little understated... this is ideal. Feel classy in this 9 kt White and Yellow Gold Bracelet, with Oval loops in Yellow Gold and dots in White Gold. Pair it with a matching Necklace on SKU # 9YCH29
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet
    • R 71,380.00
      Tennis bracelets are always a hit, and you're hitting it out the park! Versatile and fabulous, this 18kt Yellow Gold Bracelet has Hand-Polished Diamonds giving off the loveliest of twinkles, all the way across the front of the bracelet. The links on the side have petite gold balls in their center.  Diamonds totaling 1.38ct.
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    • Yellow Gold Bracelet with Solid Gold Elephants
    • R 15,760.00
      Even though no-one ever described the majestic elephant as ‘charming’, this bracelet with elephant charms is as cute as it is wild! Enjoy Africa, as these elephants go with you wherever you go... 18 kt Yellow Gold Bracelet with 5 small Solid Gold Elephant charms.  
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    • White and Yellow Gold Bracelet with Brushed finish
    • R 9,900.00
      This lovely two-color gold bracelet is perfect for that everyday classical look. The X-Shaped links in Yellow Gold are super-polished and shining, while the other links have a Matt finish on White Gold.  9 Kt Gold 19 cm in length It has a matching bracelet SKU # 9YN36. The Bracelet has opposite colors where the links are in Yellow Gold and...
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    • Matt Finish White and Yellow Gold Bracelet with Cubic Zircon
    • R 14,500.00
      Feel the fun today, with this flirty 9 kt White and Yellow Gold Bracelet set with Cubic Zircon. The combination of other fun links in a soft Matte finish add to it's happy attitude. It can be customized with a shining finish, or a more brushed finish, for just R150.00
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    • White Gold Bracelet with Cubic Zircon
    • R 14,000.00
      Sensational worn on its own or with a bohemian cluster of other bracelets! This is a beautiful piece for any occasion, and can be worn by any age.  9 kt White Gold bracelet with Cubic Zircon. 
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Bracelet Two Links
    • R 38,950.00
      Definitely an uncommon and eye-catching bracelet, it feels so solid on your arm as it catches the light so stunningly. This 18 kt Yellow Gold Fancy Bracelet features two different links, adding even more interest to an already lovely piece.
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    • White Gold Fope Bracelet
    • R 18,000.00
      Such a fantastic piece, this 9 kt White Gold Fope Bracelet is a stunning accessory for when you're feeling in the mood for your jeans, or for any occasion that deserves a gleaming wrist. 19cm in length.
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    • Yellow Gold Fope Bracelet
    • R 18,000.00
      Living your life like it's golden, with this 9 kt Yellow Gold Fope-Linked Bracelet. You know how good it feels to wear a stunning piece, and this bracelet is certainly that! It will give you a glowing feeling every time you look down and see it.  19 cm in length.
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    • Tennis Bracelet, Alternating Diamond and a gold dot
    • R 58,990.00
      You know you rule the room! An understated and regal piece, with alternating diamonds giving an impressive sparkle to this 18 kt Yellow Gold Tennis bracelet. Diamonds alternate with a bold gold dot. 9 diamonds of 0.05 ct each, totaling 0.45 ct.  Width: 5mm wide / 0.2 inch 
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    • Yellow Gold Africa's Big 5 Animals: Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Zebra.
    • R 118,970.00
      This 18 kt Yellow Gold Bracelet boasts Africa's Big Five, the largest animals in Africa, admired by millions of international visitors. Feel the heat of the continent, with this open-linked bracelet and it's 5 solid gold charms: Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Zebra. The Lion is about 22mm long (head to tail) or 0.9 inch The Elephant, Rhino, Zebra and the...
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    • Yellow Gold Bracelet with Diamonds and Rubies
    • R 123,500.00
      This 18 kt Yellow Gold Rich Bracelet with Diamonds and Rubies is one of our favorite pieces! It has a really world-class Wow factor... same as you :}}.  Diamonds totaling 1.08 ct Rubies totaling 1.44 ct. 9 mm wide or 0.4 inch wide.
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    • Two Color Gold Bracelet
    • R 11,360.00
      Innovative jewelry design for the woman who likes to wear accessories that are out of the ordinary. Such a gorgeous piece, making you feel fabulous every time it catches the light!  9 kt Yellow and White Gold Bracelet Yellow Gold Bigger Dots, White Gold Smaller Dots. Bracelet length: 18 cm / 7 inches  Discs 7mm / about 0.3 inch. Matching Necklace...
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