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    • Golfer Brooch with Diamonds and Gemstones
    • R 14,600.00
      Take a swing at this fun 18 kt Yellow Gold Golfer Brooch. With its +/- 34 small diamonds totaling 0.17 ct, and 7 other Gemstones, it really brings out your playful mood. Also a fab, fun gift for a friend!  25mm in lengh and 9mm (from elbow to far ear) 1" by 0.35".
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    • crab brooch with Emeralds
    • R 15,280.00
      So utterly cute! Feel the call of summer with this 18 kt Yellow Gold Crab Brooch set with green-glowing Emeralds. 25mm width by 12mm length / about one inch by half an inch.
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    • Tennis Racket Brooch
    • R 22,700.00
      Let's play! This Tennis Racket Brooch with its Diamonds all around and Rubies at the bottom, will just bring out your playful spirit. Diamonds total 0.46 ct Rubies total 0.12 ct  45mm (1.77") length and 17mm (0.69") the widest point. We have a variation - the same Tennis Racket Brooch that has a Tennis Ball on the Racket in the form...
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    • Yellow Gold Tiger's Brooch with Diamonds and Rubies and Onyx
    • R 58,600.00
      This brooch is fierce! But you will tame the tiger and make it purr against your chest. A superb piece made of Yellow Gold with Onyx, Rubies and Diamonds; it has a bail so can be worn as a pendant too. Diamonds totaling 0.96 ct Rubies totaling 0.92 ct. 27mm (1.06") from head to neck  25mm (1") from mouth to back...
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    • Yellow Gold, Diamonds and Rubies Tennis Racket Brooch
    • R 25,800.00
      9 kt Yellow Gold Tennis Racket Brooch with Diamonds and Rubies. Tennis Ball in the form of a diamond on the Racket. Diamonds around are 0.46 ct, middle diamond is 0.10 ct (0.56 ct diamonds total) and Rubies totaling 0.12 ct  45mm (1.77") length and 17mm (0.69") the widest point. A variation in Stock is the same Tennis Racket Brooch...
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    • Yellow Gold Scorpion Brooch
    • R 36,980.00
      A fun yet sexy piece, this 18 kt Yellow Gold Scorpion Brooch has Sapphires, Diamonds, and 2 little Rubies for eyes. Perfect for decorating winter woolies, or summer tees!  Diamonds totaling 0.18 ct Sapphires totaling 1.80 ct. 37mm (1.45") from tail to claws and about 16mm (0.62") width.  
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    • Cameo Brooch
    • R 11,130.00
      Classically the designs carved onto cameo stones were either scenes of Greek or Roman mythology or portraits of rulers or important dignitaries or Royalty. These antique cameos, some more than 2000 years old, are either displayed in museums or are in private collections.  Get a Vintage looking Cameo, in Yellow Gold, which has a bail too and therefore can be...
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    • Yellow Gold Cello Brooch
    • R 20,800.00
      14 kt Yellow Gold Cello Brooch. The size of the brooch is about 5.5cm in length and about 2.5cm at the widest side of the Cello. 2.16" by about 1"
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    • Cat Brooch
    • R 33,800.00
      18 Kt Yellow Gold Cat Brooch with Diamonds and 2 cute green eyes. Diamonds are 0.12 ct. 23mm from tail to chest and 28mm from head to toe. 0.91" by 1.10" (from head to toe)
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    • White Gold and Diamonds Brooch
    • R 49,500.00
      Get yourself on the move with this super-snazzy brooch. Because sometimes you need to feel the freedom! 18 kt White Gold Diamond Brooch. 0.86 ct of Diamonds. 38mm by 13mm 1.5" by 0.5"
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    • Brooch with Rubies and Diamonds
    • R 8,800.00
      9 kt Gold Bow Brooch with Diamonds and a touch of Rubies in the middle and at the fringe.  Diamonds are 0.17 ct and Rubies are 0.10 ct.  18mm by 22mm  0.70" by 0.86"
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    • Yellow Gold fancy Brooch with Rubies and Diamonds
    • R 15,200.00
      Feel like a gorgeous present, about to be unwrapped. This twinkling Bow Brooch is a gift-box of 9 kt Yellow Gold filled with Rubies and Diamonds. Perfect for a gift for someone else, or to spoil yourself!  1.82 ct of Rubies. 0.12 ct in Diamonds. Size is 26mm width and 18 mm in length. 1.02" width and 0.7" length.
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