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    • crab brooch with Emeralds
    • R 15,280.00
      So utterly cute! Feel the call of summer with this 18 kt Yellow Gold Crab Brooch set with green-glowing Emeralds. 25mm width by 12mm length / about one inch by half an inch.
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    • 6091e0_ccfc64430ec243279e332de87893b13b~mv2_d_1500_1500_s_2.jpg
    • Sold Out
      These huggie earrings are startlingly beautiful, with the enthralling Emeralds and tantalising Diamonds. Express your inner creativity with these exceptional designs! 18kt Yellow Gold. 0.82 ct Diamonds in total 0.84 ct Emeralds in total 0.73 inch long x 0.4 inch wide 18mm long x 10.5mm wide
    • Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamonds
    • R 47,300.00
      An outstanding design, these earrings bring to mind Cleopatra or a host of other stunning women who made history. It combines bold drama with an utterly feminine feel.  18 kt Yellow Gold Unblemished Emerald and Baguette-Cut Diamonds. Diamonds totalling 0.58 ct and Emerald totalling 0.78 ct. Pin/clip closure system. 19mm long x 11 mm wide, at the widest point (sides of the Emerald)...
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    • White Gold Earrings with Emeralds and Diamonds
    • R 47,400.00
      These Egyptian-inspired 18 kt White Gold huggie Earrings will make you feel like a movie star. Brazilian Hand-Cut Emeralds and Hand Polished Diamonds come to life, and so will you, when the lights shine!  Clip-and-pin fitting. Diamonds total 0.18 ct Emeralds total 2.04 ct 0.71 inch long x 0.35 inch wide 18.10 mm long x 9.3 mm wide
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    • 18 kt Gold  Drop Earrings with a Diamond and 3 Color Stones : Sapphire, Ruby and Emearald.
    • R 11,200.00
      These earrings are so stylish, with their gleaming, uniquely designed drops of Red, Blue, Green and A sparkling diamond. Any age of woman will feel like her collection is completed, when her happy eyes see these!  18kt Yellow Gold  Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire total 0.28 ct Diamonds total 0.10 ct. 15mm long x 0.14 0.60 inch long x 3.70
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