Some History? 

Cape Diamond Exchange is a jewelry boutique that was established in 1991 by my beloved father Mr. Poldy, a legendary authority in the local and international diamond & jewelry industries. Mr. Poldy was both a wholesaler and a retailer. As a wholesaler, he imported jewelry from overseas and also manufactured jewelry locally that he supplied throughout South Africa. As a retailer, he had several shops at which he offered his imported and local range of fine jewelry as well as some unique handcrafted items. And of course, one could also get loose diamonds, Tanzanite & gemstones - which we still offer today!

Where are we located?

Since 1991, our gem of a jewelry boutique has nestled in the heart of Cape Town, around the corner from the historical Green Market Square, in the center of the famous St. George's Mall. We are not far from the beautiful Company Gardens, Cape Town's oasis right in the middle of town where one can take a walk and enjoy some sun, nature, and even feed the squirrels. There are many other hotspots around, which we would love to tell you about!

What now and what about the future?

Mr. Poldy left the boutique in my hands, which is an honor I treasure since 2015. I welcome you to come and visit me. Getting to know our clients, answering your questions, and learning what customers are looking for is my pleasure.These days, my emphasis is to create special pieces that will resonate with you and be memorable for you. I would like to create an intimate connection between you and the item you are getting. It must hit that specific soft spot and answer the reason why you are purchasing the item. That is my vision!


For quite some time now I have been building this website that you are visiting, as well as creating a social media presence. Spreading and sharing our boutique's special pieces has been a joy, and I am trying to convey that these pieces are unique and that most of the items are one-of-a-kind.


In addition to that, I am currently busy establishing a second location for Cape Diamond Exchange at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Granger Bay, Moullie Point in Cape Town. With this, I am expanding our family of customers. While I am yet to learn the items that the hotel guests will like, I am excited, and I see it as another reason to encourage the guests to come and see me.

My mission is to add sparkle to your life with a fine piece of jewelry that is distinctive. I would like to make the purchase experience personal for you, and we are here to help you fulfill one of your dreams of owning a piece of forever! In addition, if we do not have the item you have in mind, we are going to try our best to find it for you, or create it for you.

I invite you to contact me for any needs, or to answer any questions.

You are welcome to come and visit us at our shops, and my staff and I are always here for you and eager to help.

Warmest Regards, 
Aviva - Director


Tanzanite is a breath-taking blue-violet gemstone discovered in 1967 by a traveler, near the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. This lustrous stone with its distinct, desirable colors, is a thousand times rarer than a diamond because it is found only within a 4 kilometre radius of the few existing active mines. Cape Diamond Exchange offers an incomparable range of Tanzanites, both unset, and set in jewelry. Mr Poldy was among the firsts to identify Tanzanite jewelry as having high value and esteem, and to begin designing exquisite pieces for Cape Town’s international visitors and local customers. Visit us, and take home a vibrant piece of Africa. Our Tanzanite stones are certified.
Diamond Ring


Cape Diamond Exchange offers you a vast selection of certified diamonds, including ‘fancy’ diamonds. Fancy diamonds have specialized shapes, other than round, and different colors, other than white. Each diamond has a different ‘finger-print’ to any other, with its inclusions (clarity), cut, color, and carat weight. At Cape Diamond Exchange, you have so many options to spoil a loved one or yourself with the diamond that gives off a brilliance and fire perfected for YOU.
The diamond purchased can be set in our setting or we can custom-make a piece special for you.
All our Diamonds are certified, with a laboratory certificate from the European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
If you need more information about diamonds, your can read our article "About Diamonds".