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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Zig Zag Ring
    • R 30,950.00
      18 kt Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Vintage Zig Zag Ring Diamonds Totaling 0.06ct Rubies Totaling 1.20ct Ring Size N
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    • 9kt Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,380.00
      The deep Yellow Gold of this Heart Shaped Ring shows off the Diamonds and Rubies, which give off a gorgeous display of light. Yes, this heart IS made of stones... but it burns brightly with the warmest love!  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds totaling 0.05ct Rubies totaling 0.12ct. Ring Size is M Hight of ring: 22mm or 0.86"Width of ring: 19mm or 0.74"
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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,260.00
      Imagine looking down to see a Ruby and Diamond flower sparkling up at you from a golden heart... it can only make you feel wonderful, right?  An undeniably special gift.  9kt Yellow Gold Diamonds totaling 0.03ct Ruby flower with five petals totaling 0.10ct The ring size is = M    
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    • Yellow Gold fancy Brooch with Rubies and Diamonds
    • R 15,200.00
      Feel like a gorgeous present, about to be unwrapped. This twinkling Bow Brooch is a gift-box of 9 kt Yellow Gold filled with Rubies and Diamonds. Perfect for a gift for someone else, or to spoil yourself!  1.82 ct of Rubies. 0.12 ct in Diamonds. Size is 26mm width and 18 mm in length. 1.02" width and 0.7" length.
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    • Yellow Gold Tiger's Brooch with Diamonds and Rubies and Onyx
    • R 58,600.00
      This brooch is fierce! But you will tame the tiger and make it purr against your chest. A superb piece made of Yellow Gold with Onyx, Rubies and Diamonds; it has a bail so can be worn as a pendant too. Diamonds totaling 0.96 ct Rubies totaling 0.92 ct. 27mm (1.06") from head to neck  25mm (1") from mouth to back...
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    • Brooch with Rubies and Diamonds
    • R 8,800.00
      9 kt Gold Bow Brooch with Diamonds and a touch of Rubies in the middle and at the fringe.  Diamonds are 0.17 ct and Rubies are 0.10 ct.  18mm by 22mm  0.70" by 0.86"
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    • Elephant Pendant with Diamonds and Ruby eyes
    • R 71,840.00
      Elephant has a lot of meaning in African culture. They are respected for their exceptional valor and bravery in war.   The irresistible charm of this eye-pleasing little elephant owes its  sparkle to it's pave-set round brilliant diamonds, all hand set! Such a darling little piece with it's twinkling Ruby eye, it will lift the mood of anyone who sees it -...
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    • Yellow Gold, Diamonds and Rubies Tennis Racket Brooch
    • R 25,800.00
      9 kt Yellow Gold Tennis Racket Brooch with Diamonds and Rubies. Tennis Ball in the form of a diamond on the Racket. Diamonds around are 0.46 ct, middle diamond is 0.10 ct (0.56 ct diamonds total) and Rubies totaling 0.12 ct  45mm (1.77") length and 17mm (0.69") the widest point. A variation in Stock is the same Tennis Racket Brooch...
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    • Yellow Gold Bracelet with Diamonds and Rubies
    • R 123,500.00
      This 18 kt Yellow Gold Rich Bracelet with Diamonds and Rubies is one of our favorite pieces! It has a really world-class Wow factor... same as you :}}.  Diamonds totaling 1.08 ct Rubies totaling 1.44 ct. 9 mm wide or 0.4 inch wide.
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