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    • Cushion Cut Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 17,800.00
      Simple, stunning, and simply stunning. This contemporary-design pendant boasts a Cushion-Cut Tanzanite set in 4 the claws of a 9 kt White Gold frame. Tanzanite Stone of 1.65 ct, with a size of about 7mm / 0.27 inch. Comes with a verification card.
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamonds Frame and Square Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 81,580.00
      it is chic to be square! Unusually stunning, this gleaming, deeply blue Tanzanite is perfectly cased in a White Gold frame boasting 28 flashing Diamonds. Such a statement piece.  18 kt White Gold  Tanzanite Weight 2.68ct 28 Diamonds Totaling 0.28ct Price excludes the chain
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    • 18 kt Diamond and Trillion Shaped Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 261,180.00
      Opulence. It's a feeling. And this is a feeling you will know, when you don this prize Trillion Tanzanite. Set in a White Gold Pendant, it is a stunning item that imbues feelings of sheer splendor.  You wear it well.  18 kt White Gold Diamond  Tanzanite Weight 11.44ct 19 X 0.04ct Diamonds Totalling 0.76ct 12 X 0.24ct Diamonds Totalling 0.02ct  All...
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    • 18kt White Gold Pendant with Diamonds and an Oval Tanzanite
    • R 80,570.00
      Perfectly regal, this Oval Tanzanite sits in a setting crafted of 18kt White Gold, set with a ring of superior Diamonds. It is a gorgeous piece, reminiscent of an elegant era, that carries a retro charm that will never fade.  Oval Tanzanite 0.48ct  Diamonds totaling 0.48ct Price is excluding the chain.
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    • 6.02 ct Tanzanite Stone in a Halo style Pendant
    • R 91,930.00
      Liz Taylor would love this Tanzanite Pendant, with it's glittering, brilliant diamonds surrounding the lustrous blue light. Feel the celebrity beauty!  Tanzanite 6.02 ct Stone Diamonds totaling 0.28 ct. The Pendant is 18 kt White Gold. The price excludes chain.
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    • Halo Round Tanzanite Pendant
    • R 10,100.00
      Delicate and detailed, this lovely 9 kt White Gold Pendant is set with a luminous Round Tanzanite. A special piece for a precious person.  Tanzanite 0.63 ct Diamonds totaling 0.18ct  Price excludes Chain
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    • Halo Pendant Pear Shape Tanzanite and Diamonds
    • Sold Out
      Beware, this pendant comes with celebrity status! The chic and sophisticated curves of this piece will make you feel as lovely as you look, magazine-ready.   The bail holding this 18 kt White Gold Pendant has a certified Pear shape Tanzanite stone and brilliant Diamonds. The Tanzanite is 3.45 ct 25 diamonds totaling 0.25ct. Price excludes chain.
    • White Gold Halo Pendant with Diamonds around a beautiful Cushion cut Tanzanite Stone
    • R 23,950.00
      Classic elegance and eternal appeal, this Tanzanite will bring out the grace and beauty you love to show the world.  14 kt White Gold Pendant set with an exquisitely colored, Cushion-Cut Tanzanite Stone of 0.78 ct Surrounded by Hand-Polished Diamonds totaling 0.15ct. Price Excludes Chain.
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    • White Gold Southen Star Pendant with Tanzanites
    • R 12,600.00
      You may not have the world on a string, but you can have the stars on a chain! Feel sky-high with this stellar Southern Cross pendant. Sometimes it's good to have your head in the clouds.  18 kt White Gold Southern Cross with Tanzanite stones totaling 0.25 ct. Price excludes Chain.
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    • Tanzanite and Diamonds Pendant
    • R 9,630.00
      You little vintage vixen! So cute, but with a lovely retro feel. This 18 kt White Gold Delicate Blue Tanzanite Pendant features a 0.30 ct Tanzanite, and Diamonds  totaling 0.02 ct. Measures 17mm long x 9mm wide, from bottom Pendant up, excluding the bail on top.   0.68 inch long x 0.35 inch wide Price excludes Chain. Matching Earrings SKU #...
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    • Equilateral Triangle Pendant of White Gold with a Tanzanite center stones and Diamonds around
    • R 9,850.00
      Such a mesmerizing little piece! This 9 kt Fancy White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Pendant makes a wonderful gift for a loved one... or for your fabulous self! Diamonds totaling 0.10 ct Tanzanite stone is 0.30 ct equilateral triangle: 10mm / 0.4 inch 
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    • White Gold Octagon Shape Pendant with Tanzanite
    • R 14,300.00
      Pert and flirty, don't you just want to slip it around your neck and feel the fun? 18 kt White Gold Octagon Shape Pendant with a Round Tanzanite, weighing 0.26 ct. Price excludes Chain. 0.37 inch long x 0.37 inch wide  /  9mm long x 9mm wide Matching Earrings SKU # 18WET89
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    • Tanzanite Pendant of 3 size stones with a small diamond on top
    • R 17,200.00
      So spirited! That's how you feel when you wear this 9 kt White Gold Pendant. The intensely colored, round Tanzanites, topped by the Diamond, just have a way of making the wearer feel special - and when you feel special, you look special.  Tanzanites totaling 1.24 ct. Diamond 0.04 ct  Pendant length: about 18 mm / 0.7 inch, measured from...
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    • Halo Pendant of Tanzanite and Diamonds
    • R 84,500.00
      Time-honored and tasteful, but completely modern, this necklace is a stunner and will have you turning heads. This flawless, intensely colored Oval Tanzanite will make you will feel like royalty... so feel free to wave! 18 kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite Halo Pendant with Diamonds. Oval Tanzanite weighs 4.19 ct EGL Certified. It has 24 Round Brilliant Diamonds all around...
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    • Teardrop Pendant, White Gold. Diamonds and Tanzanite
    • R 8,800.00
      Because you love timelessly beautiful things, you will adore this 9 kt White Gold, slightly vintage looking Teardrop Pendant, with its stupendous Tanzanite and diamonds. Oval Tanzanite Stone 0.11 ct 3 diamonds 0.005 ct The height of the pendant is 23.5mm / 0.9 inch The width of the pendant is about 8mm or 0.3 inch . The price includes chain....
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    • 6091e0_6d04d18276954662abe329598435d07d~mv2.jpg
    • R 9,200.00
      The delicately retro look of this rectangular pendant with its  Emerald-Cut Tanzanite makes a lovely glow against the skin. Feel pretty, while you take over the world! 9 kt White Gold 10 small Diamonds totaling 0.04 ct. Tanzanite stone 0.29 ct, set in tube setting  Tanzanite measures around 10mm x 8mm / 0.37 x 0.3 inch  Price excludes chain.
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    • 6091e0_e182a0f79a7f41078d25c8fc953bd1d3~mv2.jpg
    • R 5,900.00
      An adorable and unique Cross pendant made out of Tanzanite Stones, this is a really attention-getting piece! 6 round Tanzanite Stones totaling 0.72 ct are set in round claws, making a real style statement.  Comes with a certificate. Cross size without the bail is about 14mm by 11mm / 0.6 inch by 0.46 inch. Price excludes chain.
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    • 6091e0_d763de9d530a47789eda3062ff2037e7~mv2_d_1708_3024_s_2.jpg
    • R 10,900.00
      The blue shimmer of this 9 kt White Gold Emerald-Cut Tanzanite pendant will draw every eye to you. The Tanzanite stone is 1.20 ct,  in a classic 4-claw setting. Size of stone:  7mm x 5mm / 0.27 inch x 0.2 inch. Comes with a Verification card
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    • 9 kt White Gold Pear Shape Tanzanite and Diamonds Pendant
    • R 13,900.00
      Radiant jewels make the wearer feel radiant! Like this 9 kt White Gold Pear-Shape Tanzanite and Diamonds Halo Pendant, that envelopes you in its sparkling glow. Tanzanite Stone is 1.32ct There are 20 diamonds totaling 0.12 ct. Comes with a verification card.
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