Rock Art Elephant Hair Elephant Pendant

R 3,650

Rock Art Elephant Hair Elephant Pendant

This Silver Elephant Hair Pendant consists of a silver frame with a matt finish rock art on the top half with an elephant etched at the bottom half of the pendant set with strands of Elephant Hair is rugged in appearance making it a great addition to your travel souvenirs, the silver frame rounds off the look of the pendant giving this piece its unique characteristic, whether your a traveler or a local looking for something meaningful this pendant is the ideal gift, furthermore, the chain is not included in the price and is sold separately

Rock Art in Southern Africa

San or Bushman rock art is perhaps the best known of the southern African rock art traditions, indeed, it is amongst the most famous rock art in the world. Although well known, misconceptions about the art abound. There is a lot more to it than many people realize. The San were not merely painting pictures of what they saw in everyday life. On the contrary, the art is replete with representations of San religious beliefs and practices.

It is a fascinating subject and if you wish to read more about it, you can continue to read the article, from 

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