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    • 14 kt Gold Diamond Ring, a combination of small Diamonds to give an illusion of a big Diamond.
    • Sold Out
      This is an Illusion Ring, which means that several small diamonds are grouped together, to create one big sparkler. Everyone wants a big diamond, and this is a showpiece item that will make you stand out in any ritzy crowd! This 14 kt White Gold Illusion diamond Ring combines 9 small diamonds in a special setting to create the illusion of a...
    • Yellow Gold Men's Ring
    • R 26,450.00
      The stamp of boldness! This 18 kt Yellow Gold Men's Ring boasts a a 0.03 ct Diamond to give it that extra richness. Wear it like you wear your successes.  Ring size is R 1/2 
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    • Full Diamond Eternity Ring
    • R 39,600.00
      An Eternity also known as an infinity ring , is a woman's ring  comprising a band  of 18kt Yellow Gold  set with a continuous line of identically cut  diamonds right around the ring to symbolize never ending love, usually given by a spouse to their wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary, or even a special day. Diamonds Totaling  0.72ct Ring Size...
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    • Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 239,400.00
      This is perfect for the woman who loves her jewelry to reflect her inner joy. Like the 3 little words you speak to her, the trio of diamonds will last forever. Six Claws carry the three winking White Diamonds as they sparkle merrily against the 18kt Yellow Gold. Pure happiness!  2 x Diamonds Totaling 0.14ct 1 x Diamond 0.91ct Ring Size N
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    • 18kt White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring
    • R 19,200.00
      18kt White Gold  Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring. Diamond 0.20ct Ring Size L
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    • 18kt White Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring
    • R 59,800.00
      Half Diamond Eternity Ring.  The Setting is in 18kt White Gold. Eternity Rings for Woman are Always Forever. 6 Diamonds Totaling 1.00ct Ring Size L
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Buckle Like Ring
    • R 36,800.00
      If you like to feel utterly, elaborately fabulous, you will be in your element wearing this ring. The Buckle is crusted with glittering diamonds, perfectly offset by the 18kt Gold of the funky band. The pattern etched into the  sides of the ring adds further texture to this ornate little piece.  27 Diamonds totaling  0.30ct Ring Size M
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    • 18kt White Gold Tube Setting Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 9,030.00
      18kt White Gold Diamond Tube Setting Engagement Ring, with side shoulders for extra detail. Diamond Totaling 0.05ct Ring Size M
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    • 18kt White Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring
    • R 56,300.00
      An Infinity Ring well know as a Eternity Ring Comprising a Band. The Metal is White Gold With A Line Of Identically Cut Diamonds To Symbolize Never Ending Love. 8 Baguette Diamonds Totaling 0.80ct Ring Size P
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    • 18kt Two Tone Diamond Eternity Ring
    • R 23,400.00
      Such a distinctive item, this is really a stunning take on the everyday eternity ring. The Two Tone Diamond Eternity Ring holds 14 flashing diamonds that are set in a unique formation. A strong look, for a wonderfully strong woman!  14 Diamonds Totaling 0.36ct Ring Size R 
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    • 18kt White Gold Six Claw Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 13,700.00
      Chic and twinkling, this 18kt White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring holds its light-catching diamond in a Six-Claw setting. A perfect balance of delicate beauty and integral strength. Just like your lady-love.  Diamond 0.16ct Ring Size N
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    • 18kt Yellow Gold Dress Diamond Ring
    • R 48,300.00
      This stunning 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Ring holds it's Diamonds in a Swiss setting, meaning the diamond is set inside a hole in the metal band. While it is a gorgeous design in itself it also has the added benefit of being wonderfully secure, as the gemstone is held within the metal, protecting it from chipping or from falling out. For the woman on the move! ...
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    • 18kt  Two Tone Lace Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 27,500.00
      This whimsical, romantic design comes in 18kt Two-Tone Golds; the band in Yellow Gold and the Top of White Gold. A delicious combination that makes the perfect Lace Friendship or Engagement Ring. The stunningly set, scintillating Diamonds will elegantly illuminate any union. 9 Diamonds Totaling 0.28ct  Middle diamond is round, set in a square setting.
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    • Platinum Engagement Ring With Diamonds in Four Claw Setting
    • R 106,500.00
      For someone who knows how to make a style statement, while remaining true to a  classic aesthetic. Fierce without being flashy, the gorgeous design of this magnificent Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring is truly a cut above.  Twelve Side Diamonds Totaling 0.22ct Centre Diamond 0.72ct Ring Size N
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    • 9 kt White Gold Baguette Diamond Ring
    • R 6,100.00
      Oooh-la-la, this 9 kt White Gold Baguette Diamond Ring is so simple and elegant one may almost call it divinely French!  It takes a woman of true style to carry it off, and any woman will feel truly stylish when she does.  Diamond 0.12ct Ring Size P
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    • White Gold Diamond Full Eternity Ring
    • R 43,800.00
      This  Sparkling Full Eternity Ring with beautiful Diamonds Set In 18kt White Gold Diamonds Totaling 0.72ct. Diamonds are set right around. Ring Size O
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring
    • R 44,200.00
      Sparkle all around the clock, with sparkles all around your finger! We love the word Eternity, and this 18 kt White Gold Eternity Ring encapluates that word. With its Round, Brilliant Diamonds, it will reflect the light you give off, endlessly.  20 Diamonds Totaling 0.92ct Ring Size M
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring.
    • R 15,700.00
      A modern look ring for a girl who keeps things simple but with a sense of chic style. It is an exquisite Diamond Engagement Ring, created in a tube setting, with 18 kt White Gold. Ask her: she will say Yes!  Diamond 0.15ct Ring Size M  
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    • 18 kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring in Four Claw Setting
    • R 25,650.00
      Ooooh-lala! This Beautiful Sparkling Diamond Engagement Ring is so pretty, with a  White Gold band showing off the Side Diamonds and a center Diamond showing off its lovely light from its Four-Claw Setting. Middle Diamond 0.24ct 8 Side Diamonds Totaling 0.04ct Ring Size P  
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    • 18 kt White Gold Four Claw Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring
    • R 35,330.00
      This exquisite Princess Cut Diamond sits in a simple, super-elegant Four-Claw Solitaire setting. The Ring is fashioned from 18 kt White Gold and has a timeless appeal. Wear it every day, feel like a queen every day. Why not… Princess Cut Diamonds Totaling 0.33ct Clarity: SI1 Color: E Ring Size L      
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Curved Ring set with Diamonds
    • R 9,100.00
      We love a fortunate twist of fate, and a twist of gold is even better! This Intriguing Diamond Ring has a wonderfully unusual design, raised slightly off the finger but still discrete. And of course Yellow Gold is always in style. Diamond Totaling 0.12ct Ring Size P
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Bow Ring Set with Diamonds
    • R 4,350.00
      So charming, so cute! every gift should have a golden bow on it.... like this Yellow Gold Ring, crafted with a delicate bow, and set with 2 glittering little Diamonds. Give a gift of love, for a lady of any age.  Diamonds Totaling 0.02ct Ring Size M
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Groove Ring Set With a little Diamond
    • R 4,000.00
      A delicate band of 9 kt Yellow Gold forms this delicious Diamond Ring. The slim design holds fine diamonds that twinkle up at you. This ring can be easily worn as a Wedding Band! Two Diamonds Totaling 0.01ct Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt White Gold Diamond Four Claw Engagement Ring
    • R 27,620.00
      9 kt White Gold Diamond Four Claw Engagement Ring Diamond 0.32ct Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt Eternity Ring with Diamonds set in White and Yellow Gold
    • R 5,100.00
      With the diamonds deep-set into this stylish Yellow Gold band, this classic design is one that will last forever. Some styles just last forever... and this is a lovely, perfect piece to pass down to your daughters! 9 kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds Totaling 0.04ct Ring Size P 1/2
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    • 18 kt Eternity Ring cast in White Gold and Diamonds
    • R 38,320.00
      18 kt White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring Diamonds Totaling 0.75ct Ring Size O  
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    • 18 kt White Gold Four Claw Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 217,600.00
      The gleaming White Gold claws hold the perfect Diamond alight, and raises it to show off the delicious sparkles. You can always only go right with classic design and pure simplicity. Perfect!  18 kt White Gold  Diamond 0.90ct Ring Size M  
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    • 18 White Gold Fancy Flower like Ring with Diamonds.
    • R 99,350.00
      So alluring, as the detailed design of this lovely ring comes alive with a sparkle of one hundred diamonds. Be intrigued, be beguiled...  18 kt White Gold   Centre Diamond 0.62ct 108 Diamonds Totaling 0.66ct Ring Size M
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    • 9kt Yellow Gold Ring with Grooves and Diamonds
    • R 5,700.00
      Do you love Deco design as much as we do? And does this not remind you of those gorgeous flowing curves? This gold ring has a sweet appeal and a retro feel. A perfect present for a woman who enjoys the romantic feelings of a by-gone era.  9 kt Yellow Gold  3 Diamonds Totaling 0.03ct Ring Size P
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Fancy Diamond Ring With Bars on the sides.
    • R 6,800.00
      This is such an interesting, stylish ring! The 9 kt Yellow Gold is crafted into two semi- circles crusted with scintillating Diamonds. Arty yet timeless, this is a really eye-catching piece.  8 Diamonds Totaling 0.08ct Ring Size O
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    • 9 kt Yellow Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring
    • R 5,880.00
      Just the light you want to bring into the world! This 9 kt Yellow Gold Diamond Half- Eternity Ring carries 10 sparkling diamonds that throw lights all around you, every time you move your hand. Feels good, yes? 9 kt Yellow Gold  10 Diamonds Totaling 0.10ct Ring Size P
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    • Half Eternity Ring
    • R 28,300.00
      When you look into her eyes, you can see eternity. This 18kt Yellow Gold Half Eternity with its four Diamonds will be her reminder every time she looks down to her finger and smiles, thinking of you. 18kt Yellow Gold  4 Diamonds: 0.10ct each, totaling 0.40ct Ring Size N
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    • White Gold Diamond Ring with Diamonds on Side
    • Sold Out
      An engagement ring is not always easy to choose... but when you both see this one with its gorgeous Center Diamond and Diamonds down each side, the choice will have been made! Bring your love to sparkling life with this finely detailed 9kt White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring  9kt White Gold Centre Diamond: 0.61ct 3 side diamonds: 0.06ct each - totaling...
    • Diamond Square Shaped Ring
    • R 16,800.00
      A slim but bold piece, this Yellow Gold Diamond Ring has one square set into another, set at an angle and fabulously filled with diamonds. One the move, but still want to make a statement? This ring is perfect for you!  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds Totaling 0.24ct Ring Size N
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    • 9kt Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,380.00
      The deep Yellow Gold of this Heart Shaped Ring shows off the Diamonds and Rubies, which give off a gorgeous display of light. Yes, this heart IS made of stones... but it burns brightly with the warmest love!  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamonds totaling 0.05ct Rubies totaling 0.12ct. Ring Size is M Hight of ring: 22mm or 0.86"Width of ring: 19mm or 0.74"
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    • Rubies and Diamonds set in a Heart Shaped Ring
    • R 3,980.00
      We have our hearts set on this Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring Heart Shaped Ring! Wearing it means feeling the sweet touch of romance no matter where you are, or who you are with. A perfect gift.  9kt Yellow Gold  Diamond Totaling 0.01ct Rubies Totaling 0.12ct  Height of ring: 20mmWidth: 18mm  
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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Ruby Ring
    • R 7,260.00
      Imagine looking down to see a Ruby and Diamond flower sparkling up at you from a golden heart... it can only make you feel wonderful, right?  An undeniably special gift.  9kt Yellow Gold Diamonds totaling 0.03ct Ruby flower with five petals totaling 0.10ct The ring size is = M    
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    • Heart Shaped Diamond and Sapphire Ring
    • R 6,690.00
      Retro romantic, this Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring is fashioned into a heart shape, pressed with deeply glowing sapphires.  Perfect for the woman who carries love with her wherever she goes!  9kt Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring. Diamonds totaling 0.04ct  Princess Cut Sapphires totaling 0.68ct Ring Size is M.  
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    • 18kt White Gold 0.51ct Solitaire Diamond Ring
    • R 64,300.00
      18kt White Gold 0.51ct Solitaire Diamond Ring. Diamond is SI1 Color K Ring Size N
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    • 18kt White Gold Halo and Tanzanite
    • R 68,450.00
      Royal. Fabulous. Two words that perfectly describe this piece. Oh, and perfectly exquisite too ;}}.  This White Gold Ring has a lower level of Diamonds in a Halo setting, beneath the heavenly Cushion Cut Tanzanite. 18kt White Gold Cushion Cut Tanzanite Stone of 2.61ct 52 Diamonds totaling 0.82ct  
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    • 18 White Gold Ring with an Oval Tanzanite and Baguettes
    • R 40,710.00
      An absolute cut above, this White Gold Ring is set with an Oval Shaped Tanzanite, decorated with 16 Baguettes on the sides. It is a piece of jewelry for the woman who knows how special she is... but doesn't mind being reminded ;}}.  18kt White Gold Oval Shaped Tanzanite of 1.21ct 16 Baguettes totaling 0.86ct. Ring Size N
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    • Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
    • R 5,900.00
      This ring brings a 'V' for Victory! In fact, it brings two! Win the day with this Yellow Gold Ring, flashing your fashion savvy from the diamond in each of the V's.  9 kt Yellow Gold Diamonds of 0.01 ct, totaling 0.02 ct Ring size M
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    • Ribbon Silhouette Design Diamond Ring
    • R 6,100.00
      Isn't she lovely.... with this Yellow Gold Gold ring, beautifully formed into the Shape of a Ribbon Silhouette design. And those 12 diamonds will light her way forwards, forever... A gorgeous gift idea.    9 kt Yellow Gold 12 Diamonds totaling 0.09 ct Ring Size N 
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    • 7 Diamonds Eternity Ring
    • R 12,700.00
      Do you know why they call it an Eternity Ring? Because you will never want to take it off! Especially this sleek item with it's 7 diamonds in white gold... you will seriously want to wear if forever.  9 kt White Gold 7 Diamonds totaling 0.20 ct  
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    • Dainty Engagement Ring
    • R 11,300.00
      Dainty Engagement Ring, from 9 kt White Gold, with a center diamond of 0.15 ct. Ring size is N.
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    • Square design diamond Ring with a center diamond
    • R 19,200.00
      So chic, with just a touch of cheek! This White Gold Ring has square Halo design featuring a Princess Cut Diamond set in 4 claws in the middle, with round diamonds framing it like a sparkling line of city lights.   9 kt White Gold  Center Diamond weighing 0.22ct 20 small diamonds totaling 0.08ct  Ring Size M    
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    • Platinum Pendant with Diamond in the front
    • R 19,750.00
      A tiny flight of fancy... that's all it takes to make a girl feel sweet in this world again! This little vintage dream comes in the form of a Platinum Pendant with diamonds down the front, and a smoothly gleaming back. Price excludes chain.
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    • Men's Ring with a center diamond
    • R 78,200.00
      The name's Bond. What do you think of my ring? Classic-shaped Men's Ring, also worn brilliantly by women. The Diamond is held in place by 4 claws, in a square shape setting; a distinctive design crafted to make the diamond appear even larger.  18 kt White Gold Ring with a center diamond of 0.55 ct S13 Color G Ring Size...
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    • split band Ring with a Black Diamond
    • R 26,800.00
      Sculpted simplicity. Some things need nothing but their stark beauty, and this 18 kt  White Gold Millennium Ring with a Black Diamond of 0.72 ct is no exception. A stunning item!    Ring Size is L
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    • Black Diamonds set in a Pave setting style
    • R 11,200.00
      So French! Feel the international elegance with this 9 kt White Gold Ring with its 6 Pavé-Set Black Diamonds.   In a pavé setting, small diamonds or gemstones are held in place with even smaller metal beads. The stones are so closely set together with their almost-prongs that it creates an encrusted or “paved” look, hence the French name of pavé. Diamonds totaling 0.34...
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    • Channel Setting Black Diamonds in White Gold
    • R 11,200.00
      Black Diamonds bring drama, and a sense of relentless chic! This 9 kt White Gold Ring has stunning Black Diamonds set in Channel Setting, thus accentuated by the 'channel' formed by the two strips of white gold.   The grooves on both walls hold the diamonds securely in place. Diamonds totaling 0.34 kt. Ring size N.
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    • Pear Shape Tanzanite set in White Gold
    • Sold Out
      Some things in life are meant to bring happiness! This is a perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, or any occasion! 18 kt White Gold Halo Tanzanite Ring. The Pear Shaped Tanzanite is 3.73 ct. Diamonds around the Tanzanite totaling 0.30ct  Ring Size O
    • White Gold Engagement Ring with filigree
    • R 204,700.00
      Heirloom quality, retro beauty! This 18 kt Diamond Ring with a Center Round Diamond has 7 Diamonds on each side. The ring features a high band in which the small diamonds are set, with a delicious filigree on the side. The Center Diamond is 0.92 ct SI1 color J. 14 small diamonds totaling 0.28 ct. Ring Size N  
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    • Asscher Cut Diamond Ring with side diamonds set in White Gold
    • R 240,900.00
      Feel the luxurious beauty wash over you, with this stunning Asscher Cut Diamond Ring. It has 4 diamonds on each side, bringing the light and reflecting it beautifully.  0.93ct VS2 Color G. Diamonds totaling 0.42. Ring size L.
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    • Platinum Engagement Ring
    • R 44,900.00
      An exceptionally crafted Platinum Engagement Ring for an exceptionally happy fiancee! Beautifully burnished, it really has a feeling of 'rightness'.  Center Diamond: 0.33 ct, color F. 2 side Baguette-Diamonds totaling 0.52 ct. Ring size M.
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    • White Gold Combination Trilogy
    • R 80,800.00
      A rare Trilogy combination of Diamonds. White Gold Ring with a center round Diamonds and set on the side are Princess Cut Diamonds. The center diamond is 0.40 VS1 color G Side Princess Cut Diamonds are totaling 0.30ct  Ring size is M  
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    • White Gold Ring with a Round center Diamond and side Baguettes
    • R 174,600.00
      18 kt White Gold Ring that has a center diamond of 0.80 ct SI1 color I. It has 10 Baguettes on the each side totaling 0.60 ct. Ring size is T 1/2
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    • Princess Cut Diamond Ring
    • R 93,500.00
      Bold, streamlined, and thoroughly modern! You will feel the beat of the city with this 18 kt White Gold unisex Ring.  0.61ct VS2 color G Certified Diamond. Ring size is O.
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    • Platinum Men's Diamond Ring with a center diamond and baguettes on the sides
    • R 180,250.00
      This Platinum Diamond Ring with a Center diamond is a real treat for the man who wants to spoil himself. You deserve it, man! Center Diamond 0.90 ct Color E and clarity of I1. Side Diamonds are 7 baguettes on each side (14 in all) totaling 0.48 ct.   Ring size is N 1/2
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    • Halo Oval Tanzanite and Diamonds Ring
    • R 115,600.00
      Grace Kelly would have been proud to wear this ring. It is crafted from 18ct White Gold, with a 4.70 ct EGL certified Oval Tanzanite stone surrounded by 26x 0.01ct diamonds. Movie star quality, at your fingers... Ring size O  
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    • White Gold Engagement Ring
    • R 72,000.00
      Utterly spectacular, eye-catching design; this ring stands out from all the rest with its superb design and sense of timeless elegance. Feel like a million dollars PLUS! 9kt White Gold Ring with GIA Certified center Diamond 0.61ct SI2 I. Round Brilliant Diamonds on either side. Ring Size N
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    • White Gold Ring with Fancy Diamonds
    • Sold Out
      Uber-ornamental, yet classically elegant, this one-of-a-kind ring is for someone who loves to show their individuality. You don't often see such a combination of fancy shape diamonds in one Ring. This 18kt White Gold Special Diamond Ring has 10 Baguettes, 7 Heart shaped Diamonds, and 7 Oval shape Diamonds which total 0.48ct.  Ring Size N
    • Black and White Diamonds Ring
    • Sold Out
      Life is full of zigs and zags, so it's nice when some things are just consistently fantastic! Feel the joy of beauty with this 9Kt White Gold  Black Diamond Zigzag Ring set with White Diamonds totaling 0.06 ct and Black Diamonds totaling 0.48 ct. Ring Size N
    • White Gold with Black and White Diamonds
    • R 16,230.00
      Dynamic! This unusual design, with it's slight inward curve, is perfect for the woman who has a bit more 'nerve' than others. Some women were born to stand out; are you one of them? 9kt White Gold Black Diamonds totaling 0.16 ct White Diamonds 0.10 ct.    Ring Size O
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    • White and Black Diamonds Ring
    • Sold Out
      Such sophistication, in this half-dome, masterfully designed piece... this 9kt White Gold Ring is set with Black Diamonds totaling 0.43ct and White Round Brilliant Diamonds totaling 0.10ct.   Feel your individuality shine clear!  Ring Size N
    • 14 kt White Gold Ring with Diamonds
    • R 25,000.00
      If you like attention, this elegant piece is for you! Appearing as one big diamond, these are actually a dense collection of brilliants that will have all eyes following your every gesture. Simply loving it! Hand crafted in 14kt White Gold, set with Round Brilliant Diamonds totaling 0.28 ct. The ring has lots of small diamonds, giving the illusion of one big...
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    • 18 Kt Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
    • R 13,200.00
      Curves in all the right places. A simple yet sensational ring, this 18Kt Yellow Gold Diamond ring is a classic piece that will never date.  Round Brilliant Diamond weighing 0.09ct. Ring Size N and a half
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    • Yellow Gold Ring with a Round center diamond and side Princess cuts
    • R 185,900.00
      The Fancy Diamonds in this magnificent ring are softly set with a double claw, which imbues it with an especially sophisticated look and feel. Yellow Gold fancy Diamond Ring, center Diamond weighing 0.75ct VS1 G 8 Princess-cut side Diamonds totaling 0.80ct  Ring Size N
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    • 6091e0_659f2dbf7de04ef284e895a6289ee518~mv2.jpg
    • R 30,500.00
      A ring fit for royalty, and perfect for you! Brilliant and bejeweled, this is a ring that will make you happy just having it on your hand.  18 kt Yellow Gold Center diamond weighing 0,37ct SI3 P EGL certified, with 28 Diamonds totaling 0.30ct. Ring Size is L and a half
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    • Asscher Cut Diamond Ring
    • R 50,700.00
      Super-smart, and right on the money! Show you mean business, with this 18 kt White Gold Classical Design Diamond Ring. Center Diamond 0.45ct VS2 G certified Asscher cut Solitaire. Ring Size K
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    • Yellow Gold Tanzanite and Diamonds Ring
    • R 47,590.00
      This ring is a work of art, with 100 diamonds and a startlingly blue Tanzanite bringing it to brilliant life! Feel what it means to own something absolutely unique... to suit your personality. 18 kt Yellow Gold Tanzanite Ring with 100 cushion cut diamonds on the sides. Each diamond is 0.02 ct totaling 2.00 ct Diamonds for this ring. Center...
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    • Special Design Diamond Ring
    • R 141,060.00
      This ring is like a flash of good memories, and will certainly make you smile. Each Diamond in this 18Kt White Gold Diamond Ring is handset. Because some things in life deserve that extra touch.   Center Diamond 0.68ct VS2 G 48 Diamonds totaling 0.18 ct. . Ring Size M and a half      
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    • 14kt Yellow, White and Rose Gold Fancy Diamond Ring
    • R 29,600.00
      Don't you love a retro feel on a modern gal? The magnificent setting of this graceful ring will take you straight back to the future! Each and every move catches a ray of light to give a special sparkle. 14kt White,Yellow and Rose Gold ring with a vintage, classical Design. Diamonds totalling 0.26ct. Settings of small, clustered Diamonds give the illusion...
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    • Princess cut Center Diamond in a Yellow and White Gold Ring and diamonds on the side
    • Sold Out
      This bold and opulent ring makes a statement, and that statement is: "I am here to win!". Go ahead, stake your claim, with this beautiful handmade piece, designed to  look rich. Princess cut center diamond of 0.19 ct with 6 Diamonds on the sides 0.01 ct each totaling 0.06 ct. Set in a 18kt Yellow and White Gold.  Finger size O...
    • White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 72,000.00
      This inspired and inspiring 9kt White Gold Ring has a scintillating Center Diamond with small Round Brilliants on either side. It is a  ideal gift for any occasion, and will have the happy recipient over the moon with joy!  Center Diamond 0.61ct SI2 color I Ring Size N
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    • White Gold Trilogy Diamond Ring
    • R 236,600.00
      You deserve to be lavished, and this 18kt White Gold Hand-Made Trilogy Diamond Ring makes you feel like the royalty you are!  The ring width and diamond diameter are both about 6.4mm / 0.25 inches wide. This Trilogy Diamond Ring has 3 Diamonds totaling 1.56 ct. Clarity is SI2. Color is H.  Ring Size O.  
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    • 6091e0_6eec75fe527b466a9971c0b048ad2b18~mv2.jpg
    • R 12,360.00
      An intricate leaf-design makes this 9kt Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring an exceptional jewelry item. It looks wonderful, and will fill you with wonder!  16 small Diamonds totaling 0.10ct Sapphire size 0.48ct Width: 8mm / 0.3 inch  Two rings are available: Size M and size L and a half Matching Earrings are available SKU # 18YEDG1
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    • 6091e0_369da656ec084ec7a13065ad015f48d0~mv2_d_1266_1533_s_2.jpg
    • R 5,200.00
      A deliciously ornate 9 kt Yellow Gold Amethyst and Diamond Ring, just the perfectly suited piece for someone who loves to see beauty all around her.  Amethysts totaling 0.65 c Diamonds totaling 0.02 ct. Width: 0.3 inch / 7mm  Ring Size is K and a half
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    • White Gold Engagement Ring
    • R 25,700.00
      This is a vivacious Engagement Ring for the woman you love! Crafted in 9 kt White Gold, it has a touch of side detail that make it perfect for someone who likes a dash of ornamentation in a classic design. Round Certified Diamond weighs 0.23 ct, clarity VS2, color E. Ring Size N
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    • White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 18,400.00
      A simple sparkle that shines far! This Engagement Ring is classically designed to suit all women, and will shine it's pure light through your unique personality.  9 kt White Gold Diamond is 0.30 ct Ring Size is N  
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    • Engagement Ring with a Center Diamond and side Baguttes
    • R 105,480.00
      Getting engaged and want your ring to reflect your sophisticated spirit? This classically splendid Engagement Ring combines a center Diamond in a 4 claw setting with 2 Baguettes on each side, set in 18 kt White Gold. Center Diamond of 0.74 ct and Clarity is I1, color G. The Baguettes are 0.10 in total Clarity is VS and color is GH....
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    • 18 kt Yellow Gold Brushed finished Diamond Ring
    • R 46,200.00
      Feel your unique sparkle come out with this brushed-finish 18 kt Yellow Gold ring. The contemporary design and decorative milgrain edging makes it a fantastic statement piece. The center diamond is 0.33 ct Tube setting gives the diamond extra size. The diamond clarity is SI1, color is H, comes with a certificate. Width of the band is 0.36 inch or 9mm, and...
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    • White Gold Ring with Princess cut Diamonds Brush finish - unisex
    • R 33,060.00
      Make your mark, with this plush piece! This bold unisex ring is designed to be worn by women as well as men, with a brush finish on the 18 kt white gold that gives it an uber modern feel.  It has 2 diamonds of 0.02 ct on each side totaling 0.08 ct. The center features a square of 9 Princess cut...
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    • White Gold Ring with a Tanzanite center stone
    • R 16,020.00
      Petite and charming is this 18 kt White Gold Ring with Tanzanite and Diamonds. The Tanzanite is set in a Tube setting, making it a beautifully crafted piece. You'll feel great, whether in jeans or an evening dress!  Tanzanite is 0.40 ct with a deep purple color. There are 6 Diamonds totaling 0.06 ct, set on the sides to add...
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    • Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
    • R 237,300.00
      You, me, and our love makes 3. This 18 kt Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Trilogy Ring will see you through all the phases of your love... A stunning Cushion cut center diamond 0.91 ct with a clarity of VS1 and color G. 2 round diamonds flanking the sides add even more sparkling beauty. Each diamond is 0.06 - totaling 0.12...
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    • Engagement Ring with a center round diamond and two side baguettes
    • Sold Out
      This superb diamond ring is a cut above! The center diamond is elevated, giving it a rare sophistication. The side diamonds are baguettes, that adds to the rarity of design. It is unsurpassed, just like you.   18 kt Yellow Gold Centre Diamond is a 0.42ct, having SI3 Clarity and J Colour. Certified by EGL This ring is available in White Gold...
    • Trilogy Engagement Ring
    • R 42,550.00
      This Classic Trilogy ring is beautifully designed in 9 kt White gold, and made with the woman in mind who loves to wear something deliciously sparkly, but with a bit of an understated, wear-anywhere look and feel.  Center diamond 0.40ct, clarity SI1, color K, comes with a certificate. The 2 side diamonds are 0.12 ct each. Total of diamonds is...
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    • White Gold Trilogy Engagement Ring
    • Sold Out
      You belong on a magazine cover! This 9 kt White Gold Trilogy Ring sparkles with panache - set with soft round White Gold claws that show off the sparkling brilliance of the 3 splendid Diamonds, making it a really Wow piece!   Diamonds together totaling 0.95 ct. Ring Size O.  
    • Pear Shape Center Tanzanite Stone Tube setting Ring
    • R 39,150.00
      Breathtaking! A 18 kt White Gold Pear shaped Tanzanite and Diamond handcrafted ring to make your heart race (and maybe someone else's, too). The sleek Tanzanite Stone is 2.07ct and comes with a Certificate. Stone is set in a tube setting. There are 6 small diamonds of 0.01ct each. Size of the ring is N 1/2.
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    • Oval Shape Tanzanite Ring and Diamonds on the side
    • R 43,260.00
      Deliciously delicate, and exquisite formed, this classic ring is destined to make you feel like you can do anything! After all, dynamite comes in small packages, right? 18 kt White Gold Oval Tanzanite and Diamonds. Oval Tanzanite center stone of 1.53 ct 14 diamonds of 0.01 totaling 0.14 ct Ring size is N
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    • White Gold Ring with a Round Tanzanite center stone and Baguettes
    • Sold Out
      Feel the glowing beauty of Tanzanite wrap its healing light around you. This gorgeously crafted 18 kt White Gold Tanzanite and Baguette Diamond Ring is more than a piece of jewelry, it is a stone with mystical qualities as well. Some things in life are more than beautiful!  A stunning Center round Tanzanite stone of 2.57 ct. On either side...
    • Diamond and Tanzanite Ring
    • R 49,900.00
      Impressive sophistication, and international glamour! You wont find a ring to match this, anywhere on your travels.  20 sparkling diamonds totaling 0.42 ct decorate the side-bands with a slight knife edge shape. The deeply gleaming Tanzanite is held in position with a 4-claw setting. 18 kt White Gold  Tanzanite stone is a Cushion cut of 1.72 ct with certificate Ring size N
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    • Eternity Ring
    • R 9,400.00
      Spend eternity loving this ring! It is a lovely ring on its own, or to complement others, as a stack ring. Feel the fiery flashes every time you move your hand. 9 kt White Gold 9 diamonds of 0.05 ct each, totaling 0.45ct. Ring size is P 
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    • White Gold Engagement Ring
    • R 153,000.00
      This vivacious sparkler makes an attention-getting Engagement Ring. The Solitaire Diamond set in 6 round and delicate claws will make your beloved beam for joy! The Diamond is over 1ct    Certified Diamond, 1.05 ct, color K, clarity I2. Ring size O 1/2.
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    • 9 kt White Gold Diamond Ring
    • Sold Out
      She said Yes! Or at least, she will if you bring her this 9 kt White Gold Engagement ring with its twinkling Diamond in its unique 4 round-claw setting. Because the diamond is nestled between two shoulders on each side, it appears larger than it is.  Certified Diamond is 0.36 ct - color J and clarity SI2. Ring size is M...
    • 6091e0_6a2d552ac49947f08ada345058514805~mv2.jpg
    • R 110,500.00
      An adorable engagement ring for an adorable woman! The gleaming 9 kt White Gold crown has the Diamond nestled in 4 claws. A certified diamond of 0.71 ct, color D clarity SI3. Ring size M 1/2
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    • White Gold Engagement Ring
    • R 48,000.00
      Such a scintillating White Gold Diamond Ring! It has a 9 kt. Diamond that sits in between two hugging gold arms that make the dazzler appear even larger. Feel the brilliant sparkles light up your mood.  Diamond with certificate, size 0.36ct, color F, clarity SI2. Ring size M 1/2  
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    • 18 kt Diamond Ring
    • R 91,050.00
      You will wear this forever and it will go with you everywhere, so it needs to be utterly gorgeous! This classic 18 kt White Gold Engagement Ring is conical, with its breathtaking Diamond set in 4 claws. Diamond is 0.59ct Color I, clarity is VS1, comes with a GIA certificate. Ring Size is M 1/2.
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