Elephant Hair Choker with Lying Leopard

R 42,000

Elephant Hair Choker with Lying Leopard

Elephant Hair Choker has a lying leopard featured in the front of the thickly bunched elephant-haired links connected by metal caps. The midpoint metal of the laying leopard details its distinctive attributes.

The leopard is believed to have special powers and is widely admired for its wit, ferocity, and nobility in African cultures. The skin of the leopard is also worn as ceremonial attire by royalty or as a sign of worship.

Channel your inner leopard when wearing this single piece of jewelry - it screams bold and indestructible! The choker can only solidify your strong and unwavering personality - no one will be able to contest this. It is a gender-neutral item you may pair with any article of clothing easily. Seriously wearable day or night.

This choker can be made in any metal of your choice (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, platinum). This is upon request and customized to your wishes. You may even choose or design your own metal cap.

When ordering, please take into consideration (10) ten business working days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us below by Whatsapp to start a conversation where you may ask any questions you might have and or ask us for a quote of your chosen metal.



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