Elephant Front-Facing Pendant

R 10,320

Elephant Front- Facing Pendant

Elephant Pendant has a front-facing elephant. The elephant is showing off its impressive tusks with its trunk tucked back.

This piece of jewelry will result in a jaw-dropping experience regardless of the venue it is worn at. The marvel of the design lies in its purposeful detailing.

Imagine the honor you feel when you are in proximity,  sighting of one of the most highly revered animals in the world.  Who can contend with this?

This pendant is unisex and can be worn by him or her.

Purchase it for yourself or as an African keepsake so that the recollection of your journey remains unparalleled.

This pendant has a matching pair of earrings. Click here to check it out.

The price does not include the chain, but you can ask us about the chains we have that can fit the pendant.

This pendant can be made in any metal of your choice (9kt, 14 or 18kt white, yellow or rose gold, and silver or platinum). This is upon request and customized to your wishes.

Check out a variety of other bangles that one can order and will complement the range of other elephant hair jewelry. check the one here.

There is another similar pendant, you might want to look at it too.

When ordering, please take into consideration (10) ten business working days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us below by WhatsApp to start a conversation where you may ask any questions you might have and or ask us for a quote of your chosen metal.


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